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Pretty good information on the app.

I have done this hike twice. Once from Middle Fork and Once from William's Lake. Great hike, excellent challenge; especially when you have to consider getting stuck above the tree line in the rain and storms.

1 day ago

The hike was challenging, but beautiful! The terrain changes significantly throughout the Trail, which keeps things interesting! I had a blast and enjoyed sitting on the large rocks at the top and enjoying the view!

2 days ago

This was a good trail but not at all accurate the lake is actually about eight miles in 16 miles round trip. Also be ready for some good inclines and lots of rocks as well as ATVs. I didn't make it to the lake but I look forward to trying again soon. Keep your eyes open for a small cave that was cool. I loved all the different kinds of flowers and the sound of the running water and birds when ATVs weren't flying past.

This is so far my favorite place I've hiked and camped at in New Mexico. So beautiful and peaceful. Hike up was not as bad as I thought it would be, took just over 3 hours; the switchbacks make the elevation gain not seem so bad. Even if there are a handful of people there it's easy to find a spot all to yourself.

The trail was great but there was no lake. I would call it moderate to challenging

3 days ago

Hiked this trail with my son up from the ski lodges. It was a final tuneup before his trek at Philmont. Lots of wildlife and incredible views. It's a hard trail but anyone with experience can make this trek. Pace and water and you are good to go. Must see if you are in this part of New Mexico.

Great hike. Trail very clearly marked with signs right from the parking area and blue blazes on the trees. Left early since afternoon thunderstorms are the norm in mid-July. Clear blue sky on the summit at 8:00 am. Lots of marmot! Must have seen 15 or more. Even got a good picture of the more elusive picas

Lots of people hiking up as I was descending. Weather held out until just after noon when the rain and thunder started if you're hiking in July get an early start to beat the rains! It's worth the extra effort.

4 days ago

Not a bad hike, don't see how it's rated moderate. This trail is very easy. The last seven miles of road are horribly washboards. Start filming for a movie 7-18-17 so check availability before you go.

I give five stars because it's a beautiful area and the springs are quite magical. There's a smaller, more shallow, warmer spring at the bottom and a bigger, less warm spring at the top that you can swim in. It's about 4 feet deep, I'd guess.
As others stated, the trail can be confusing though. You start at the east trail map and take the trail to the left of the river. Keep right. You'll eventually come to a fork, go right and follow the red trail markers. If you go left, on the edge of the mountain, you're going the wrong way and the trail will end.
It's a completely uphill trail so make sure to wear good shoes.
Overall, my friends and I loved it once we found it and it made the hike worthwhile. We had it completely to ourselves on a Thursday afternoon. We had to cut it short when it started to pour rain but it was fun! We'll definitely be back.
Also disclaimer that I did not know: It costs $5 (cash/check only) to park near the trail and that lot closes at 6. If you stay past that time, you'll have to find the woman in the RV to unlock the gate for you.

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Great views. Easy hike in most places.

Completed on July 15, 2017. Great trail but damn this map is useless if you want to do the loop. And of course you do! We went right at the fork. Very few "markers," usually just a stake in the ground, but the trail is pretty easy to follow. Well-traveled enough that you can make out sneaker prints here and there and know you're on the right track. Lots of uphill, rocky terrain and switchbacks. You'll think you're at the top at least 3 or 4 times. You're not at the peak until you see the stone thrones and the sign announcing the 8,304 ft. elevation. The way down is completely different, feels like a stroll through the forest. Although I'm sorry to say, there will still be a few brief uphill climbs even as you go down. Took us 3.5 hours to complete, but it was midday and hot, and we took several breaks and ate near the peak. Although I would agree that this trail is in the moderate category, I would also say it's closer to the hard end of the scale. Maybe it's easier earlier in the day. Saw around 3-4 other couples. We were all alone when we reached the peak and free to enjoy the view all to ourselves. All in all, incredibly rewarding climb!