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Great training trail for my Kilimanjaro summit. I made it! Enough steep spots to get the calves howling on the way up and the knees growling on the way back. A thirteener + with great vistas and a 3,000-foot rise from the trailhead parking lot or 2,000 from the really cool Williams Lake. Did it three times as part of my prep. Windy on top as others mentioned.

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5 hours ago

Great little loop on the lava beds. Many birds, reptiles, and insects to see. Path is paved, and you can venture off onto the beds themselves. For the experienced hiker you can consult the park staff about trekking to the vent itself.

Beautiful child friendly trail. About 1:45 going up and 1:20 coming down. Hiked for my first time with my two kids, 6 and 11, it went well. Much cooler at the lake than at trailhead, bring extra sweater.

fun, and more wild the further west you get

Beautiful, peaceful...go on a weekday too avoid a lot of foot traffic, I’m gonna do it again!

Done with kids of 3 and 9 and a dog. We had to carry the little one and the dog for a little distance but the rest of the hike is ok.
Beautiful, all the family enjoy it

Pretty views of Battleship Rock

Solid class 3 scrambling at the traverse from Deception Peak


1 day ago

Pristine wilderness. Makes you proud to be a New Mexican.
Not sure it the trail is really 6.4 miles.
Stick to the left of the Rio Nambe after the Windsor Trail forks.
Took about 5.2 miles to get there and 3.4 miles to return (following the trail to the left of the Rio).

The hot springs are amazing. Last 1/4 mile from road is not an easy trail but totally worth it. Don’t miss the cave half way.

The incline is very steady which makes this hike easier than you’d think for the elevation you gain. I backpacked there this weekend and it was beautiful. Lost Lake is a gem.

1 day ago

Hike was great all the way until the loop on top of the mesa. Trail seems to have washed away and there was a fire up there so lots of trees collapsed over what might have formerly been a trail.

Highly recommend taking a left once you get up the steep rocky portion around 3.6mi. There’s a neat rock formation over there you can catch your breath and look out across the valley. If I had it to do over again, I wouldn’t have bothered with the loop around the top, though if you do poke around up there there’s a grave site to be found with candles, tobacco cans, and booze positioned around it.

The stream at the start/end of the trail was a nice chance to take a nice cool dip after the hike.

One of my favorite all time hikes ever.

2 days ago

Did a hike here once or twice back as a kid in the 90’s...let’s just say that it’s one of my few standards for comparing hikes to now.

This is a new favorite! It’s steep but worth it. The Aspen grove is like entering a secret world. The views at the top are spectacular. We’re probably moderate in hiking ability and got to the top in about an hour and 15 minutes with a break to let the rains slow down .

Good hike with views of lake for two of us in mid 70s.

Beautiful trail. Would love to do again on a sunny dry day.

5 days ago

Have done this in spring snow and in summer during monsoon season. Beautiful hike any time. Lake is low lately (July 2018) but still a great trek with a payoff at the end. Family friendly.

First time here and it couldn’t have been better! Easy enough my wife and mother finished it, yet challenging enough that my cousin and I were able to enjoy it. We went at two different paces which makes it great for all levels of experience.

Definitely easy trail but if you’re not prepared, you’ll be wiped out at the end. This is one of the most beautiful trails me and my family has EVER accomplished. Hundreds of breathtaking views! Takes a few hours if you’re in it for the scenery... have fun!

First off - Great trail BUT would not say it is dog friendly - UNLESS they’re wearing booties. Went Sunday and Kals paws (my GSD) were cut badly. She’s had trouble walking the last few days. Paws are still not completely healed. Mostly my fault and I feel terrible! Just FYI for those of you who would not realize this. We were a couple miles in before turning back. Stay safe! -K

impassable after 5.5 miles. in effect, no trail to goose lake

FYI Carson National Forest is re-open with stage 2 restrictions starting July 10, 2018

M daughter and I went out out there yesterday with her Ridgeback dog. Got there at about 11:00am, beautiful sunny day, 77 degrees. Hiked the 4.3 miles in pure beach sand. Never found the river and turned back at the blue fence. Coming back was difficult as the temp rose to over 90 degrees. Do not under estimate this walk, and keep in mind the time of year. We thought plenty of water but because of the heat and lack of shade, we went through it fast. There is NO SHADE so be prepared. Definitely wouldn’t do it again in July, and not so sure I would bring a dog!! The canyon is beautiful, really would have liked to have found the river.

Beautiful hike... parking was a pain. first few mins is spent walking down a dirt road along peoples property. Weather was perfect we were able to go right before the forest closure. The trail was very busy with both people and fur babies. Its easy to lose the trail as you get to the falls stay left. (right takes you above the falls) We questioned if it was the trail but it sure was. Within a few mins it becomes clear again. The waterfall was freezing but beautiful. Wasn't to hard of a hike although the last part takes some maneuvering to get back to the falls or you could just walk through the stream.

10 days ago

Beautifully kept trail and an easy hike up! Took me and a friend about an hour and a half total to get up and back. Awesome views at the top! The incline at the very beginning feels tough, but after that it’s gradual smooth sailing. A must do if in the area.

It's amazing that minutes from the village you can hop on this nice trail and be in the national Forest. It's a well marked trail with just the right amount of challenge for a family or "older" person.

Great trail! Not to be taken lightly though. My friend and I took our 3 dogs expecting it to be much easier than it was and ended up using all of our water on our dogs and not much on our selves. But still a great hike and amazing views!

Wish I would have seen Andy's post earlier, drove up to Santa Fe yesterday and up to Taos early this a.m. to find it closed due to fire restrictions also...bummer because my son and I made a deal to hike the tallest points in Colorado and New Mexico in one summer. We hiked Mt Elbert three weeks ago. Hurry up rain!

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