Very pretty drive with lots of interesting places to stop along Cimmarron State park.

On the long drive back to Dallas from the New Mexico badlands, this was one of a handful of scenic roads in northern NM that made the extra few hours driving well worth the detour, especially compared to the I-40 alternative... I wouldn't say this stretch stands out compared to the others in this area (As someone else mentioned, the stretch between Taos and Angel Fire is a notable highlight), but it is a beautiful drive... That said, it's just a drive, if you're not physically exploring the trails/areas, I don't really see the point...

8 months ago

This is PRIVATE property.....please remove from AllTrails ASAP.....!

We always come through Cimarron Canyon on our way to Angel Fire and it’s a real treat for your eyes... plus it’s a fun drive if you enjoy curvy sports car kind of driving. I was not aware there had been a forest fire that affected a good portion of the forest on this route. Made me sad, but also happy to see the way nature is springing back. Lots of nice pull outs so you can enjoy the scenery and take a short hike. Be aware though- it is a State Park with a usage fee if you plan a real hike here.

private property
10 months ago

This is a privately held trail. It is part of BSA property.

This is a privately held trail. It is part of BSA property. Dogs are not allowed. It is a very fun and easy hike.

Nice hike. Just hiked to Lovers Leap and back about 3 miles. Really windy at Lovers Leap. 3/9/19

private property
Sat Mar 09 2019

Drove this stretch back in late June just after the Ute Park fire burned much of the Philmont scout ranch. It was very intense and killed nearly 100% of the tree cover in areas between Cimarron and Ute Park. It will take decades to recover portions of the forest. The drive is still stunning however, and much of Cimarron Canyon State Park was spared the fire. Will be interesting to see how the area recovers in the coming years.

Great view of PTC and nice challenge with the catwalk at the end which explains the difficulty rating. Other than that the journey there wasn’t strenuous.

I grew up in northern New Mexico so I’m no stranger to scenic mountain drives, but this one really surprised me and I considered it jaw dropping in places.

I hiked parts of this trail on my 1st trip to Philmont. We were dropped at the Kit Carson Museum and stopped by Zastrow for some duct tape ball, and then hiked to the Rayado River Camp.

Did this stretch of road on our way from Taos to Colorado Springs. Typical SW canyon country driving. I think the section from Taos to the Angel Fire cut off is just about in the same category. Both nice drives.

Fantastic trek! Lots of great activities and it gets rugged the last two days. Just beautiful.

Spectacular drive! Inspiring and beautiful. Lots of trails in this area.

Tue Jul 04 2017

If your crew enjoys a lot of program opportunities and fishing cool mountain streams… this trek is a great choice! Feel free to bring your fishing equipment and fish some of the best mountain streams you will ever come across.

This is just something else!! I was in awe with the beauty of this place..

a great and beautiful hike. awesome staff run or hike.

nice drive, not a destination, but a lot of hiking in the area.

I wish that they would update this page to have the various hikes that you can do at Philmont, I did a trek to the 60+ miler and stood on top of the Tooth of Time! Haven't been back in a long time, wish I still had the time to do such long hikes

This not a destination. This would just be a morning run by those attending camp. Philmont is a beautiful part of New Mexico. Great views and sunrises.

I have made 3 expedition trips leading scouts to Philmont. Each trip was made on different trails. The length of each trip was between 50 to 80 miles and included at least one high peak. Each time it was a good test and much enjoyed!

This is the closest I found for the Philmont Trails. I hiked these mountains while in the Boy Scouts in 1972. We spent five days over 50 miles of trail. The northern New Mexico area is absolutely beautiful and the trails range from easy to hard. Bears were a problem back then. I earned my Mountain Man badge here.

Spent 2.5 weeks building trail and hiking at Philmont. Beautiful country and a great opportunity/experience. From trekking the Tooth of Time to watching fire works in Eagle's Nest from the saddle of Mt. Baldy on the 4th of July.

A nice walk to the best place I've ever been.

Been down Philmont Road to Philmont Scout Camp with a full crew. We spent 10 days traveling 75+ miles through some of the most pristine back country in the Southern Rockies. What a great place.

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