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18 hours ago

First time on this trail. We have lived in Santa Fe and do hikes there. We wanted to branch out a little. On Sat June 24 th, we were actually headed to another hiking area, but the small parking lot was full. So we headed here. I have the Santa Fe Day Hike book and I had briefly read up on this hike. I wanted to go to the cave.
We started out later than we really wanted to (about 1 pm) and by 4-5 pm the news was forecasting some storms. So. We knew it was not going to be the most optimal hike.
The trail is easy to follow, we had our book, but it does have lots of large loose rock. And , it is a bit strenuous.
We met a couple early on, they were headed out, and they had seen a bear. They said it was spotted "a ways off the trail". I should have been more scared.
The hike up took us longer than I wanted it to. We stopped and rested often. We saw a lone hiker headed down and a group of younger adults with two dogs.
We marched on until you get to the first good plateau, which is where most of my photos were taken. We were going to keep going, but we could see some clouds coming our way, we weren't well equipped and we had spent almost 4 hours hiking up. So, we left that breathtaking view saying we would be back and I started back down first. Just as I rounded the first corner to the switchback, I saw a movement right down the trail. I froze. It was a bear. My husband came up behind, and told me, Don't move. To late. I started to freak out.
The bear was a honey blonde color, shining right there in the sun! My heart stopped. Rex
Kept his cool somehow. The bear took a few more steps towards us and Rex made some really loud noises and the bear ran on up the mountain.
This was our very first encounter. I was terrified.
I liked to know how often bear sighting happen on this hike.

Wheeler Peak is so far the highest point I have ever reached. It was a great hike. I started at 7:00 am to avoid the heat and possible afternoon thunderstorm. I reached the peak at 10:30 am and got down to parking lot at 2:00 pm. I took a short detour to Williams Lake, where I had some snacks. Make sure you have hiking poles. The snow covered trail after tree line was really slippery.

Great trail! Took 2hr 40min from car to summit. Then another 1.5 hours or so to descend. Had a great lunch and delicious beer at the Bavarian down by the ski lift. Back to car by 2pm with a 7:30am start. Very windy up top so I suggest bringing some layers. Saw a lot of people today with no extra clothing. Also hiking boots and poles are helpful for the talus fields and remaining snow slopes you will cross.

Bull of the woods trail is the only way to go.

2 days ago

If you hike New Mexico you will know that there is a lot of deferred maintenance on the trails. Winsor trail was adopted by the local mountain biking club and is amazingly smooth and beautiful. You will see many more tire tracks on this trail than boot . If you start at the main ski areas parking you will hike for about 3/4 of a mile only to connect with another access point for the trail from the road. This access appears to be a cross country ski track and it's about a half mile from the main entrance of the ski area. So you can start here or in the main parking lot. Finally the AllTrails app is way off on the elevation you lose about 3000 feet rather than some 300. Also an out and back on this trail would be about 19 miles.

4 days ago

Did this hike at the end of June. Really good hike. The things to prepare for are snow still in patches where you need to traverse and also a fairly steep climb towards the summit. The views are fantastic and the weather in the mornings is good for a hike. We saw many marmots, big horns, and chipmunks above the tree line. Wear sturdy hiking shoes because it does get rocky at the top. You will start around 10,000 ft and climb a little over 3,000. I live at higher altitude so the thin air wasn't too bad but you definitely need to take account of it. Rain can come in after lunch. Outstanding scenery the whole way with light foot traffic for us. We refueled at 5 Star Burgers in Taos. Great spot to unwind and reflect.

6 days ago

Yooooooo why did none of you reviewers warn me about how there's not actual signage for Stewart's? You have to follow the sign for Johnson, apparently. I'm not sure, because we never made it to Stewart's. Us passing the sign and heading several miles in the wrong direction turned this into more of a failed suicide attempt than a one-nighter, and since Stewart's is apparantley a bit beyond Johnson we just collapsed at the first lake we got to.

That being said, my review should reflect the actual trail. Which is lovely. Very gradual incline the entire way, several beautiful aspen stands, and multiple water sources along the way. The information calls this "heavily trafficked," and I would agree if you're going on a weekend. We hiked in on a Sunday and passed many groups on their way , but had the whole lake to ourselves that night. Don't trust the distance estimates of people hiking out - they've been hiking downhill the whole time!!

9 days ago