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A lot of brush overgrown in the trail, don’t wear shorts. Also, I am fat and almost died I think. Other than that it was great!

Great hike. Easier than I thought, but still quite tough. Trail to Narrows, and after that till end of small canyon (from a big boulder with a big stone cairn, you follow the bottom of a narrow side canyon) is relatively easy to follow. From there to saddle / ridge and then to the summit is often unclear. Took 3h10 to get to summit. No other People. Most amazing views! Did this hike in August, nice cool breeze at top, while in Las Cruces it was 100 degrees. Leave early though.

Nice hike, albeit a little hot beginning August. The trail is clear and easy to follow. Climbing out of Fillmore Canyon is steepest part, most of this trail climbs gradually. Nice scenery.

2 months ago

My favorite hike so far in New Mexico. Significant physical exertion. I hiked in Early June - temperature got up to 102. I brought 2.5 liters of water in a bladder, and 22 ounces in a bottle. Due to the temperature I drank more than I planned. I cut my trip short due to shortage of water, combined with not being entirely sure how much farther I had to go. The trail is not well marked at all - but that is what I found most enjoyable. I had to pay close attention to the trail and the map - and I still got off the trail a half dozen times. Fantastic views of las cruces. One of the coolest features I made it to was “The Narrows” - where the trail goes between two cliffs with less than 20 separating them. No complaints about the trail - it was super fun. I’m gonna come back in a few weeks with more water and less unnecessary junk and make it to the peak. I went 6ish out and back and made it in under 4 hours.

very nice hike!! make sure you have shoes with good traction. the trail was a little difficult to follow, use common sense, but the views were spectacular! it was a good hard hike!!

3 months ago

Great long hike, 10 miles, 5 hours up, 4 hours down. The Narrows at the half way point could be a destination in itself. Several distinct vegetation zones.

My son and I hiked this on 03/25, not too hot and a very good hike. Once past the Baylor peak pass the trail does get increasingly difficult, only due to the rock shards that can cause you to fall. Also, this time of the year the winds are very much an issue. It can cause you to fall if you are in a situation where your balance can be compromised. All in all a great hike that will raise your heart rate.

We hadn't been here for 6 years. Found it disappointing today tho. At both the mine house & mine there was a bunch of trash, broken glass bottles, coals from people burning fires, graffiti on many of the rocks. The front of the mine looked completely different from before. Not sure if it collapsed naturally or someone destroyed it. This trail is very rocky but a steady incline up to the mine.

Beautiful Hike. Can't wait to take my mom and dad here!! Took about 2 hours.

6 months ago

Weather was great. Hike was great. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

7 months ago

It's a very nice moderate hike with good views of the Organ Mountains.

This is a very beautiful hike. Not too difficult, steady climb with very beautiful views of the Organ Mountains and the Tularosa basin. Many beautiful wildflowers at the end of the summer.

8 months ago

Beautiful Hike! It is definitely in the top two in the Organs. Just as enjoyable as the Needle but not as hard. The scenery is magnificent and the view of Needle is incredible.

nice good inclined trail, went all the way to the end of the right fork and saw the plane wreckage. ...trial got lost a couple of times .....just follow the rocks in the stream downhill......good workout, over six miles in 3 and a half hours, 2000 ft elevation

Wear pants or high socks, you will be scraped up if you don't!

The "real trail" is tough to find. Go through the Fillmore Trail gate with all the barbed wire. Continue to check your location as a reference to how far you are from the trail. It is a NARROW, small trail (probably how it earned its name). Stay alert the whole time, it's easy to lose track of where this trail goes. You will be climbing rocks occasionally and going through tight terrain (like under low trees, etc)

It took us 3.5 hours at a moderate pace to go out and back, with a 15-minute break at the "finish." Just remember to keep checking your GPS on AllTrails app to ensure you're still on the trail and didn't veer off to a more remote trail.

It's already an obscure trail, essentially a series of mini paths that lead through a Canyon.

Trail from the pass becomes difficult to the Peak. It is easy to lose trail on your way down, just maintain the cairns you followed up and you should be fine on your way back to the pass. Awesome trail! Views are tremendously beautiful!

Nice hike in Aguirre Springs nra, no real trail from pine tree loop to Indian hollow, just hike down into to arroyo, better to start from pine tree loop.

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10 months ago

A bit disappointed at how overgrown this trail is. I was hoping for a killer hike/run but only made it halfway before I gave up on bushwacking and turned around. If you blink, you'll miss the turn onto it from the main trail. It's not marked, and not on any map I found besides this one. Tracking via GPS is crucial to stay on the route.

Tough, yet phenomenal hike. Definitely recommend some kind of GPS to make sure you stay on track. As others have said the trail is very over grown with shrub and other ruthless succulents. Wear some kind of lightweight hiking pants or else your legs will get beat up pretty good. Bring plenty of water. Also as others have said if you are trying to get on the trail that takes you to the peak and you find yourself at the waterfall on the Fillmore canyon trail you need to turn around. If you blink you will miss the entrance to the organ peak trail. All Trails map was great in keeping me on track. As your walking on the organ peak trail it is not marked by anything other then piles of rocks. If you find yourself off track coming down you can follow the stream down. The stream will take you to the Fillmore canyon waterfall. Good luck and enjoy the breathtaking views from the top.

I did this loop trail in the middle of September in a day with nice weather. The trail is a little difficult but if you like the adventure and nature, you will enjoy a lot. On the way up to reach the Pine Tree Loop Trail stop and seat on a big rock, then enjoy the views of this beautiful landscape, the canyon, the Organ Mountains, the rocks, everything is amazing!

Saturday, May 06, 2017

Walking up to the Baylor Peak was a risky but interesting and beautiful adventure. Walking on the Baylor Canyon Pass Trail was easy; you do not gain too much elevation, the hard part appeared when I started to walk up from the Baylor Pass. The rocky and very steep trail was difficult to walk, especially the ridge near the peak, but it was worth the effort, being on top of the peak was an exciting experience.

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Most difficult trail i've done in New Mexico! Stash water, especially if you want to camp on top.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

One of the gems of the Organ Mountains, near Las Cruces NM, is the Organ Peak, one of the steep and expose rock crowning this range. To get there, you need to go the Dripping Springs area and with a help of a map, find the Filmore Canyon entrance. Once inside the canyon, you have the option of going straight ahead and you will get to a small water fall that is only active during the rainy season. If not, in about half a mile, you will find a trail to your right that will take you to the end of the canyon. The trail is some how marked but once in a while you need to go back into your steeps to correct your direction. Specially now. Because of the rain, there is a lot of grass covering the mountain. Once you get to a place where you can not find the trail any more, you need to identify where the Organ Peak is and from now on, the walk is out of any defined path. Please review your capabilities and if you decide that you are fit to get to the top, go ahead, the effort is worthwhile. If not, be proud of what you accomplish and enjoy your trip back on this beautiful trail.

4 months ago

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