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It was an easy trail for kids!! Still curious to find out how people were able to make it to the base of the falls. I did not see a trail leading down...

1 day ago

Not quite “easy” but definitely recommended!

1 day ago

Should be rated moderate. As it seems to be the case with All Trails, mileage listed is shorter than actual. I recorded something closer to ~7.7 miles. I prefer to go counterclockwise on the loop.

Nice moderate hike. We are a pretty fit couple and it took us 62 minutes up and 44 minutes down.

My daughter chose this trail for my friend from New Zealand and us today. We started late and it was very sunny and hot the first 3 miles. The end of the trail was lunch and some wading in The Gila.. Absolutely fantastic scenery and an easier hike back as it is mostly downhill.

2 days ago

As a chubby out-of-shape 30 something, I was a bit nervous to climb all the ladders up to the Alcove House, but I'm glad I did. It gave me and arm and leg workout and it definitely was scary at times, particularly when going down the ladders. But it was worth it to say that I did it and enjoy the view at the top.

Stop by the cave dwellings on the way to the Alcove trail, which are fun to climb into and sit inside.

Must wear a hat on this trail. There is little shade.

2 days ago

This is a really nice hike that starts at the Santa Fe Ski Area parking lot. Look for the Windsor Trail sign and there is not a Nambe Trail sign at the start point. The trail starts off with a moderate incline along a well-maintained trail through the woods with Aspen and Pine trees. At the first intersection of another trail, there is a fence that you go through straight ahead to stay on the trail. The trail then starts a long slight decline towards the Nambe Creek. Again, mostly shaded with the same trees and some views of the valley and Mt. Baldy. As you get to the botton and to the creek, there is a sign that states Nambe Lake. Veer off to the right just past the sign and the trail starts uphill. if you go left or straight you will be off the trail. The trail at this point is more difficult to follow so bring AllTrails along. You will be gaining elevation from this point on and it does get steep. At the top is Nambe Lake which is rather unimpressive, small, shallow and greenish, but it is a good workout to get to this point. We are a mid50's couple in good shape and the hike was a great workout!

Hiked this middle of September and enjoyed it very much! Great views! Distance out is about 2.2 miles and a little steep in places. Nice shade through the trees which is a must when it's 85+ degrees and sunny!

on Tent Rocks Trail

2 days ago

The gate was open so we took our Toyota RAV4 but half way through the road we had to turn back. Lots of big pot holes filled with water blocked our way. Since it rained the day before, the road was very rough. I didn’t want to get stuck in a mud with my 3 year old kid with no cell service. I’m okay paying for an entrance fee so they can fix the damn road. Very disappointing trip indeed.

the trail is fairly easy but kinda hard to tell where you're supposed to go in certain places, the cave is very, very underwhelming, but I saw deer on this trail so that gives it some bonus points.

loved this trail, a new favorite. i love trails that run along side water. watch out for bears, ran into a big black male!

Stunning views... I have not made it all the way yet, but plan to here soon. Love the outdoors and My Fathers creation. Bring sunscreen

My favorite trail in the Sandias. I usually take it up to the 10k, then to the ski fields to the top of the mountain, then back down.

4 days ago

A pretty trail, for sure. We went on a Monday, so there wasn't a ton of traffic. We took the more difficult "alternate" route on the left-hand side. If you're a hiker, it is nothing that I would consider hard. No summit or specific end-destination, but beautiful flowers and trees throughout.

it's a nice, easy walk but you do have to pay to get in

Great hike. Well worth doing....

Beautiful trail. As mid-westerners, the altitude of the climb made us a little winded but the summit was worth it!

Perfect area for a morning walk. Arrived at 7:30 out by 9:15.

I only went halfway up but it was easy to stay on trail and find your way . I would recommend doing in the early morning as the first 2.5-3 miles of hiking is on the west side which is very sunny in the afternoon. Great for those wanting variety in elevation and not afraid to climb around rocks on switch backs.

Very nice n lots of shade in the early am

This trail (along with Main Loop) are definitely more enjoyable on a cooler or cloudy day. The first part of my hike was 90 degrees and sunny, and even this Texan was hot! Got cloudy and was much more enjoyable. Views from the top are great. Some of the paths in between ladders are fairly narrow, which would make it slow going on a crowded day.

7 days ago

My buddy Danny and I reached the summit 9/15/18. We made it to 7,300' feet the first day, just past the highest "campsite." Took us 3 hours with ~40lb backpacks. Made it to the summit the following morning in 2 hours. So 5 hours up, 3 hours down. If you're considering this hike:
1. Don't wear shorts, you will regret it.
2. This trail is not for dogs.
3. Bring at least 5 liters of water.
4. Expect no trail the last mile or so.

The overgrowth and lack of maintenance made for a grueling final ascent. Expect to scale multiple walls. Don't expect water. Watch for snakes. Great hike. However, I will not do it again!

I thought this hike was very challenging but not one of my favorite hikes around Cruces although it did offer beautiful views. The hard part begins once you go past Baylor Canyon Pass and start up the peak. The way down is even more difficult because of the steepness and loose rocks. I was really wishing I had trekking poles. Bring lots of food and water and wear long pants. There are plenty of cacti just waiting to stab you especially going up the peak.

I started from Aguirre Springs and my fitness device read the distance as closer to 8 miles round trip, not 5.5 miles like this app says. It took me considerably longer than I thought it would. Start early. The trail was difficult to follow at times. Be really careful at the rock scramble toward the end. A lot of those large rocks are not stable and could fall on you if you’re not careful. I was about 0.5 miles away from the summit and turned around because a large rock almost fell on me. Do not underestimate this hike. It’s one of the more challenging ones I’ve done in this area.

I only gave it 3 stars because of the cacti, the trail being difficult to follow, and the steepness.

A well maintained and marked trail. Definitely a moderate trail. It gets your heart rate up.

Great training trail for me up-and-down Burns of 1000

on Nambe Lake Trail

8 days ago

Beautiful hike! Not too difficult; just right on the legs. There are a lot of user-made trails to distract you once you leave Winsor Trail, but keep going up and stay near the creek all the way. There are also some cairns occasionally if you doubt. Took me about 4 hours total. Ran into some cows on the way down.

Would be difficult to follow without the excellent cairn work

8 days ago

This is two separate trails. The Cave Loop Trail is an easy 1.2 mile trail along the tent rocks, and can be completed separately from the other trail. The Slot Canyon trail is a bit more difficult. The 1.5 mile (one-way) trail is rocky and requires a bit of scrambling to reach the summit, lending the "moderate" rating on AllTrails.com. I definitely recommend the Slot Canyon trail, at least through the slot canyon itself and just a bit further to see the tent rocks up close. The summit is also worth the effort. * bring a little cash for the entrance fee

8 days ago

We did this hike in April , great scenery with the rock cliffs , we did see a mountain goat high above looking down at us . Pretty good grade coming back up out of the canyon . Will probably do this one again during cooler months

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