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Beautiful child friendly trail. About 1:45 going up and 1:20 coming down. Hiked for my first time with my two kids, 6 and 11, it went well. Much cooler at the lake than at trailhead, bring extra sweater.

Beautiful, peaceful...go on a weekday too avoid a lot of foot traffic, I’m gonna do it again!

This is my favorite trail in this area so far! Great weather today. I’ll be doing this one again.

Beautiful trail. Would love to do again on a sunny dry day.

5 days ago

Have done this in spring snow and in summer during monsoon season. Beautiful hike any time. Lake is low lately (July 2018) but still a great trek with a payoff at the end. Family friendly.

We went up Italianos for about 1.2miles until the aspen grove. It is one of the most beautiful hikes I have done. Recommended by a Taos local to us. We saw so many different types of flowers and moss. The trail crosses over the creek quite a few times. Wear good shoes it is a little rocky at parts.

First off - Great trail BUT would not say it is dog friendly - UNLESS they’re wearing booties. Went Sunday and Kals paws (my GSD) were cut badly. She’s had trouble walking the last few days. Paws are still not completely healed. Mostly my fault and I feel terrible! Just FYI for those of you who would not realize this. We were a couple miles in before turning back. Stay safe! -K

Great trail. The biodiversity between the West fork and the East fork are completely different. I did the loop backwards starting with the West fork. When you get to the divide, hike down to Truchas lake. Bring binoculars, big horns are everywhere up thier. Only saw 4 other people the six days I took to complete. The views and vistas from the divide are excellent. Seen a lot of elk up there as well. Definitely recommend to those with cardio as you will definitely need it!

8 days ago

The trail was recommended in preperation to a hiking adventure in the near future due to elevation gain.

Started out about 9 am, with expectation of rain. Definitely rained on and off. We were the only ones in the trail the entire 12 miles.

Alltrails will say 11, but we logged 12 on the Alltrails map.

The overgrowth was a frustration and hard to tackle on the the way down, again expected from previous reviews. the only thing to see up, other the the forest was a few rocks, river, up to a clearing towards the top. it was feeling long, and that's probably becasue the miles were incorrect.

With the rain, we had sit tight for a bit to see if we could continue on. We decided to go on and as reaching the top (which was about a mile or so up), the fog coming up from the rain, and covering the trees and forest to all white, and low visibility was just an amazingly view to see and have the luck to experience.

Arriving to the top the views were indeed spectacular and we were happy to reach the trailhead with all the uncertainty from the storm. as soon as we reached the top, the lightening showed face. too bad we had to head back immediately for safty and couldnt go on to the ridge and peak as intended.

Overall, if you you can navigate and head out, at both forks you will turn right, and at mile three the path continues where the fallen tree is split to the left.

Also, wildlife was plenty, at the beginning of the forest entrance and throughout if thats something that you are looking for. We did see more on the way out but plenty all over.

Great view of PTC and nice challenge with the catwalk at the end which explains the difficulty rating. Other than that the journey there wasn’t strenuous.

19 days ago

Great hike! Up, up & away! Heavenly scenery- great wildlife sightings, gorgeous life zones, water source, & solitude.

trail running
21 days ago

**CLOSED All wilderness areas (trails to the peaks)** because of drought and fear of wildfires. Shorter trails in the immediate area are open. Beautiful area, will be back for the peak. Call to figure out when they re-open

Took 4 people in Polaris Ranger. Great day trip. Went in early July 5 years ago. Preparing to take friends again very soon.

According to my Fitbit, the trail from the parking area is about 13 miles out and back. There were a lot of cars in the lot, but we had long stretches where we didn’t see anyone which was nice. Beautiful views with lots of flowers and minimal bugs.

23 days ago

It’s necessary to pack all of your water, which makes the initial ascent quite challenging. Nice trail once you’re on top of the mountain. In spring or fall, I’d recommend planning for a variety of temperatures due to the elevation differences. Climbing the mountain was boiling hot, however when camping at Tejas that night, our gallon water bottles froze solid.

Absolutely gorgeous trail. Lake was beautiful.

on Stewart Lake Trail

26 days ago

Great trail with the lake as a reward at the end.

27 days ago

We took road 207 following the recommendation done by Brenda, (thank you) we couldn't see a sign for Trampas Lake or Forest Road 207 from Hwy 76 instead it read El Valle Rd.
The scenery was beautiful once we got to Trampas Lake we also decided to go to Hidden Lake which is a mile from the Trampas Lake sign. Very nice hike

My wife, three kids (13, 10 and 6) and I enjoyed the hike. All of us were happy to reach the lake at the top and celebrated with a pre-packed picnic and quick dip of the feet in the lake. The scenery was beautiful and would highly recommend.

51st hike out 60 Hikes to celebrate turning 60. Best hike yet. Absolutely gorgeous!!

This was definitely one to put in the memory books! Definitely got cold and windy at night but I would totally do it again!

Absolutely a great hike. The sights are amazing. It was a misty rainy day which made it seem like a Magic Forrest. It is a steady climb up to just over 11,000 ft so you will be breathing for sure. The treasure at the end is well worth it.

Neat hike and destination! Be aware that there are rattlesnakes in the tall grass along the river. I almost stepped directly on one while wearing sandals, which were preferred over boots due to the numerous river fords. There is no cell service and it's a long hike back to the car and then to civilization, so it would be a bad place to get bit.

Great time. Almost died but i saw my spirit animal (Bear)

this hike is strenuous, but very rewarding when you get to the lakes. the views are phenomenal.

1 month ago

one of my favorites

excellent trail, it is important to wear long pants because there are many poisonous plants. carry more than two liters of water.

1 month ago

Very nice hike. The altitude will have you breathing hard if you aren't used to the altitude. The trail is easy to follow, just watch for the blue paint circles on the trees.
It is beautiful from start to finish, and well worth the time.
It took me 2 hours of hiking, and I took many breaks.

1 month ago

Great trail. Awesome payoff at the end.

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