over grown
4 days ago

private property
23 days ago

This flat lackluster hike with no scenery. You are surrounded by pine trees private homes. Felt like we were walking in peoples backyards. The only highlight was seeing a resting deer.

2 months ago

Nice trail. Very snowy this time of year

3 months ago

Good trail. We skipped the Deer trail part because we didn’t want to walk along the roads to get to the other two trails since the roads are very dirty and muddy and we had our dogs with us. The trail was great for snowshoeing. We started without the snowshoes but later had to use them. The majority of the trail hadn’t been traveled on in a while so we had some good areas where the snow was pretty deep. There is no parking lot for the trail where we started but it’s a dead end anyways so we just parked at the end.

10-14-19 Good workout. A few places to stop and enjoy some awesome views of Angel Fire and the Moreno Valley. The top half gets Steep. The lift was closed so we walked down. Took about 5 hours total including time spent at the top.

We needed a respite from straight uphill trails and this filled the bill! We started on Deer trail and then hit Coyote, came down Bear and took Bobcat back to the car. It's mostly flat with some gentle inclines through mostly pine forest with some aspen thrown in. The trails wind through greenbelt land through some houses. It was secluded and quiet. It was also nice for our dogs to be off leash and romping around. We only encountered one other couple which prompted us to leash the dogs but never saw another person. A delightful hike.

7 months ago

We took the Chili Express to the top and hiked the small loop at the top of the mountain before coming down. Great views of the valley. A few steep and slick areas but overall doable for just about anyone. Granted that is coming down :)

mountain biking
8 months ago

Well maintained and enjoyable. Did the whole loop then stopped at the Farmers Market for some goodies at the end. The coyote part of the trail was pretty difficult for us as novice bikers, but it was still fun.

Well maintained trail. Lots of birds, deer and wildflowers! Very enjoyable hike.

Easy to moderate hiking trail. Great shade from the trees and good view of mountains. Walked about half the trail with a 4 and 5 year old no problem. If you are looking for a great view of Eagle's Nest Lake take a left, to the Ho Chin Min trail

pretty much a walk-about through woods & house, not much top it

Nous nous sommes garés au Visitors Center et le chemin se situe sur la droite derrière, il est très facile d'accès et toujours bien indiqué. Bonne randonnée de 7,5 kilomètres en passant par la Deer, Coyote trails puis nous sommes montés par la Power Line pour avoir une belle vue, cela a rendu la randonnée plus intense car ça grimpe pas mal, aller et retour. Nous avons continué jusqu'au Bear trail puis terminé par le Bobcat. Le sentier est bien entretenu et diversifié entre pentes et descentes sur les vallons, les belles prairies, les zones un peu plus sèches... Un vrai plaisir

This was a beautiful trail. The deer and bear trails are easy, they are great for beginning hikers. The coyote trail was a bit more difficult with some elevation gain. The bear trail is beautiful, through a quiet meadow.

Unable to find trailhead based on directions. It appears to be mislabeled. There is a Deerhead trail with starting point behind the Lowe’s Grocery store. (look for trailhead map) behind store). That trail is a large loop that is a part of many of the surrounding trails. Looks easy

Nice trail system and easy to access from the Angel Fire Farmers Market held Sundays throughout the summer.

no markings and lost trail many times due to overgrowth. Luckily lake is there but walked through lots if grass,stickers and had to watch constantly for prairie dog holes

The trail is great for a family hike. Did the trail today and got some rain but nothing bad.

This is a great trail for young kids, people trying to acclimate to the high altitudes or mountain bikers. It's a greenbelt trail so you're hiking through a mountain side subdivision which I really didn't like. There aren't any views unless you go to the power line for a view... but it's well marked

Well marked trail system where you can connect to several trails to individualize the length. Mostly non-technical trails with some gentle inclines, but you can definitely feel the altitude if you aren’t used to it.

Hiked the deer and cutover to the lynx trail earlier in the month, but did this entire trail just a few days ago. Trail had a few elevated paths, but the majority is easy. It is a solid 4.7 miles, so it’s a great walk/hike. Had to watch for a few mountain bikers, otherwise it was relatively quiet with the exception of passing a couple of other hikers.

Nice, easy pace. You can continue onto other trails, or you can shorten your hike at certain points. We took the Deer trail to the Lynx trail because we could see rain and eventually hear thunder in the distance. This is a nice option and allowed us to complete our hike before the storm hit. Not difficult at all. Easy with kids and our leashes dog. Pretty views.

Steep at the top but quickly levels off to moderate. Continue across Domingo to Lower Free Flight for fun rollers and curves, all the way to where it joins up with Domingo for the rest of the way to the base area.

Wed Jun 22 2016

This trail has a lot of twist and turns throughout the area. Always be on the lookout for the unexpected. Keep a close eye on bear watch because they can be just as curious as we are. Bear spray is a staple just as foods would be. Beautiful beyond your wildest dreams, with breath taking landscapes. Watch for plants that can be or will rub you and make you itch. The Cimarron Lake is spectacular. Just enjoy the hike and the skies at night light up in a way that will have you dreaming of more. Thanks Jess

Sat Mar 03 2012

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