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This place is a MUST GO. The gypsum sand is beautiful and the park is so open, vast and you just get this sense of freedom. We pulled off on a side parking spot and headed out with our dogs and just found our own little spot. The dogs absolutely loved the sand and watching them run around without a care in the world gives ya a good feeling. The sky touches the sand and you can see the mountains in the far background. Absolutely breathtaking. This is by far one of my favorite parks and I’m so glad we took the time to spend a couple hours there.

beautiful hike and beautiful scenery. saw a rabbit in the distance otherwise not much wildlife. and not a particularly difficult or diverse hike. but the views make it unique and memorable. this particular trail gets you away from the crowds at the park (tourists, sledding and photog'ing) and offers off-trail opps with virgin sands and unblemished views. will remember it vividly.

22 days ago

My granddaughter Natalia and I walked this trail counterclockwise, when we finished it we noticed that they recommended to walk it clockwise, Any way you walk it you will find wonderful views. Climb the dunes is not easy because the soft sand, but going down is very fun especially if you keep standing. We did the trail the last Saturday of December, very nice weather and a lot of people enjoying this beautiful place, some sledding down the dunes and some just walking. This is a beautiful trail to enjoy and to have a nice time with the family.

24 days ago

Great hike! Fantastic and unique. Well marked, suggest cool weather only. If you are any place close make the extra time to do this.

Made it to 3.5mi marker in about 2.5hrs. Took about 1.75hrs to get back down to the parking lot. Costs $5 per vehicle to park for the day to hike. The views were great and the trail was well marked. Only ran into three other groups of hikers the whole time we were out there (Christmas Eve). There was water available in the creek by the cabin ruins (2.75mi up) if you need a spot to refill. We each brought two liters a piece and it was plenty. Definitely recommend.

29 days ago

This trial is awesome! Perfect temperature in the middle of the day when you hike in December. Not too many people! Little vegetation. Astonishing views along the trail. Highly recommended! If you are not hiking alone, get a sled board from the visitor center, so that you can have a great time sled down the dunes as you hike!

I have only been able to hike a section of this trail. Too long and strenuous for me. Very scenic.

This is a very easy but pretty walk along an arroyo. good views of cottonwood trees.

1 month ago

duuuuuuude. everyone should do this hike. It is not easy, you're going up and down very very soft sand. If its winter, its warm and then as the sun starts to go down, it gets very very cold. It took me about 2.5 to 3 hours with stops to eat a sandwich and just enjoy the view along the way. I went on the trail alone, I brought a bunch of water, I mostly had cell service the entire time, and it made me consider the world in a weird way. It's a trippy hike. I ended it at sunset and it was breathtaking.

Dang. I love this trail. I didn't make it to the end because I knew I'd run out of sunlight but it's now on my bucket list to come back and complete it. The views, the plants and landscape, are incredible. And I love the challenge of it. It's not for the faint of heart but most anyone can do the first mile and see the awesome views!

You get a little loopy after staring at white sand dunes for a while, but it’s a unique experience that you shouldn’t miss. Love this park.

1 month ago

This was a tough but beautiful trail!!! Bring lots of water and take your time to enjoy the wonder. We signed up to camp and hiked the whole trail with our packs looking for the campsite. We never found the campsite but learned later the campsites are in a different trail.

Absolutely beautiful and the dunes are amazing. Even when it was a bit chilly outside, we were pretty hot and got dehydrated. Bring lots of water and snacks! 10/10 would do again.

Great place to take your dog and let them run around. Also beautiful sunsets and you can ride sleds

This is a truly unique hiking experience. It was much more challenging than I expected due to a lot of climbing some pretty decent dunes with soft sand.

If you bring a dog, most definitely bring some poop bags with you. This isn't the place to leave pet mess.

And don't forget to bring lots of water, even if you plan to hike only part of the way.

3 months ago

One of a kind experience! Hiking in early morning or early evening in the is best IMHO due to cooler temperature, higher chances of spotting wildlife, and excellent shading on the sand dunes. We were there early September.

Easy trail moderate inclines with good scenic view into the valley and not to far off the main road of 82. Nice little waterfall to take pictures at good easy trail.

wear your sunblock!

This trail reinforces the fact that a "hard" trail in the mountains is in a totally different league from a "hard" trail where I live in north Texas. This was both the most challenging and most scenic trail I've ever hiked. If you are an inexperienced hiker wanting to push your boundaries, the first 2.5 miles of this trail will do the trick. To go beyond 2.5 takes a lot of effort.

5 months ago

We did this trail back in Feburary and it is easily one of the best hikes ive done. We drove in to the top of the mountain using backroads and left another car at the bottom. Even though we only did a straight through hike, it is still very challenging

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