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New Mexico Map

Get there very early to avoid bottle necks in the narrow canyons. But otherwise the hike is phenomenal. The view from the top is beautiful and the narrow canyons were stunning.

Gorgeous hike! Beautiful bluffs after you drop into little bear, and get on the river. Definitely a scenic and worth while hike! The pool is big enough to stretch out and enjoy, was tucked perfectly into the hill across the river when you get to a little camp site (look north/NE, on river bed for small trail leading up - the pool is not on the main river!).

on Tent Rocks Trail

17 hours ago

Very beautiful trail with lots of interesting geology. Challenging for us amateurs, but not too much. Go early to avoid crowds.

A really lovely hike. Great views. We keep coming back to this one.

1 day ago

The really outstanding views are blocked by trees for the majority of the hike, but if you can make it to the end of the trail, I guarantee you will be rewarded :)

The directions to the trail head goes onto private property and they have gated the access to the trail. Best to go onto the trail at the El Nogal parking area a little further up the road off of 64.

1 day ago

Great backpacking with awesome views! The trail is pretty moderate and well marked. Once you drop into the valley there are plenty of backcountry camp sites to find. Bear hangs are tricky with so many snags, but doable. Did I mention it's beautiful?
I'd also recommend continuing up the Rio Valdez. We looped over to Pecos Falls, passed Beatty's and finished up at Jack's Creek TH. So good!

1 day ago

Easy out and back. The foliage is beautiful during the summer months and hiking next to the creek keeps things cool. The cave is pretty fun and not too deep for the kiddos to explore. Parking can get crazy during the weekends. Awesome!

1 day ago

Kind of a slog...trail is pretty steep and my head was down most of the hike. The views are great on top though.

mountain biking
1 day ago

This is, hands down, some of the best downhill biking I've done! (Maybe I should get out more?) We did make the mistake of starting at the Ski Basin only to walk our bikes uphill to the Norski TH. (Hint: Just start there!) The trail is well maintained and was such a fun ride! My 11 & 13 year old loved it, too!

A beautiful mosey! Very easy hiking and beautiful flora during the warmer months. We were surprised there were no mosquitoes. If you are going counter-clockwise from the TH, it can be confusing getting back to the TH/parking on the last 1/4 mile or so. The trail gets scattered into lots of social trails. It looks like lately, they have put a better effort into marking the trail better, but it still could use some help. Great for kids!

Great trail with easy access! Can be pretty crowded on the weekends, of course. We made a loop of it and, from Atalaya, continued over to Picacho. There are some sections of the trail going up that are pretty steep, but the views and fresh air are worth the climb. The Dale Ball trail system is well marked once you drop north of Atalaya and makes looping back to the TH a breeze.

Pleasant lollipop trail through the foothills of Santa Fe. Well marked offering great views of the Sangre de Cristo range and Santa Fe. Great for kiddos!

1 day ago

Fun out and back hike. We took the high road from the TH and came back down the creek bed. The higher trail has a few sections where there is a steep drop off; just be aware and you'll be fine.

2 days ago

Easy trail to navigate. Some inclined to get your heart beating but not too bad at all. This place is great for views! Beautiful area and the trail was pretty quiet. A lot of areas are closed off but those are mostly secondary trails so it doesn’t ruin the hike.

Loved the hike.

Great way to check out the Pueblo ruins. Don’t go on a gusty day; the switchbacks can be dangerous, but a very well maintained hike and you can hit the visitors center too.

3 days ago

Climbed on April 15. There was minimal snow on the trail and I made it to the top in a pair of running shoed just fine. Coming from around sea level less than 24 hours before, the last portion of the hike got pretty difficult due to the altitude. I started at the bottom of the tram and took the tramway trail to get to La Luz. Then, I diverted off to the crest spur trail to Sandia Crest, which has a restaurant and bathrooms. From Sandia Crest, I took the South Crest Trail to the tram and rode it down. With breaks, it took me 7 hours to get to the top.

I was curious how technically difficult it would be and how scary the trail would be but 99% of the trail is a nice dirt/rock path. At the tight zigzag in the middle of the trail, there are rocks/boulders that you have to walk over. This is where people with dogs turned around. None of the trail required any scrambling, just walking uphill. At no point did I find myself in a place where I felt that one slip could send me off a cliff. There were lots of trees and bushes bordering the trail and where there wasn't, the slope wasn't that steep and the trail was plenty wide enough for comfort.

I had cell phone reception the whole way up, though just barely. Google maps has the trail outlined on it and even if you don't have service, the GPS will still show you where you are via the blue dot. I used it to make sure I stayed on the path.

Be sure you're up for the challenge, as it's a long way down if you get near the top and realize you can't make it. The altitude and length are what makes this a tough climb.

Hope this info helps. Be safe and have a great climb!

3 days ago

We walked the loop today in high wind conditions. Did not meet anyone and the weather was good. Easy trail. Not a lot to see but it was still enjoyable. Nice little 2+ mile loop.

The trail was interesting, flowering Cacti and stunning rock formations and desert landscape. Was mostly in the sun the entire hike which was as noted: moderate, it was long for me as I am not an avid hiker. Never saw rattlesnake or much of any wildlife creatures, beetles...heard an owl and until I returned near to the parking lot, was greeted by cows' and a bull blocking, for a moment... the path. Some areas of the hike slowed me down as it was more difficult terrain, and on the way back lost the trail but after testing a few I found my way. at what I understood to be the end of the trail, A flat area with beautiful views overlooking the White Sands base and beyond as well Las Cruces and beyond. I noticed somewhat of a trail continuing up to a higher peak and I attempted to follow, I got about 3/4 of the way up it and had to throw in the towel... UGH ! I slid coming down and scraped myself up abit. The trail going back was not much faster as it is gravelly and cumbersome. I only rested about 15 minutes the entire trail... I started at 1:20 and returned at 7:40, I'm 61 and in So-so shape...I brought fruit and water, found a hiking stick along the way. Binoculars would have been nice. Wear a hat and use Sunscreen. cell phone worked always-Verizon anyway.

Gorgeous views! Go early, as it gets crowded, but oh, so worth it! The tall walls or slots give shade too, so you don’t melt. High stepping towards the end make this a more challenging hike, but also interesting. Highly recommend!

Justhikedthis trail with my buddy from Dallas. I flew in from Austin yesterday. We hiked trails 29,30,31 and 32 for a total of 3.2 miles. It was a great day and the trail was well maintained.

It is a steeper trail, easy to get off trail (do follow the map!), in full sun. Nice views, some fun rock formations and boulders.

The eye is a little less than halfway if following the loop counterclockwise. You are looking for a very large Boulder area that has an eye painted on the side of it.

I made a recording to show Eye location. Look for the RED dot where there's a break in my recording (southern portion of loop). Zoom in, it's a pic of the area. NOTE: The Eye is itty bitty in the pic! Enlarge the pic, you'll see the eye under the large Boulder with green moss toward the center. Enjoy the hike!

Tough challenge on my MTB....but good fun

4 days ago

I would definitely rate it a moderate hike. I really enjoyed the hike it was beautiful. The hike is definitely 6 miles, not 4 as stated in the app. Overall recommend it!

Pretty much as advertised. Loop trail that’s down hill outbound and up hill back to TH. We took a few breaks on the return leg. Great workout fior my 61 yr old knees.

4 days ago

Great hike and weather. Tough going up as it’s all uphill.

I couldn't go on the trail because you have to pay cash or check and I only pay with card majority of the time so remember to bring cash or check!!

This was a great beginners trail. I took a 2 year old, 8 year old and my pregnant sister. It was a breeze.

Stellar hike on Watermelon Mountain. Do it.

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