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Paved trail, light traffic, mostly flat for good running

Everything I expected it to be. An average hike at an average place. Nothing more and nothing less. Though, there was a nice little (10 yard) solid elevation on the back 9 of the trail which was pretty sweet. Keep your eyes peeled for it..., that felt good. Not sure about the whole run off p (pollution) in the water spring which reflected as a rainbow and gave off the illusion you could make money, here. Nevertheless, a lot of cool table top fungi, etc. and at least 1-2 very kind frogs. Definitely nothing greater than a 3 star hike, but definitely nothing less either.

17 hours ago

Awesome views of Pennsylvania from the NJ side of the water gap. The trail can be rough in some places. Check out my full write up which includes directions and things to look out for.

Very cool trail near the historic Batsto Village. Nice scenic stop at the river. The most flying insects I’ve encountered on a trail to date when in the deeper part of the woods, but sunglasses helped to keep them out of my eyes

My second trail. Very nice. So many deer. Clean picnic area. Very peaceful. There’s also a red trail.

great trail for walking or biking.

1 day ago

It’s an easy trail but a good 5 miles walk. Many chances to stop and take few good pictures. Benches on the trail helps to spend some time inside the quiet forest area. Will be back again.

first try, didn't finish , have come back :)

Cove trail was ok but there was a lot of trash.

2 days ago

There's garbage everywhere including but not limited to broken beer bottles and crack pipes.

Saw some deer though

2 days ago

Quick hike good for everyone.

Easy/Moderate trail. Beautiful dense forest, all shadowed. But really nothing special, no destination or target and I rarely met so many annoying mosquitoes!!! If you wanna hike there be sure to bring a gallon of mosquito repellent!!!
I was with my dog: just one fresh water steam at the beginning of the trail.
1h15’ the loop (because of the mosquitoes I guess)

Beautiful views definitely reccomend.

Sweet little island and very well maintained but the tick situation there is crazy. I came home and there were about 50 tiny larvae ticks all over my legs and torso. And hundreds on my dog. Barely detectable but you can feel them in your skin and they do embed. I won’t go back until winter because of this.

My first hike. Good for beginners.

I loved this trail! It’s perfect how it ends with sunfish pond before turning around and heading back. I set up camp closer to the MOC since backcountry camping is not permitted in Worthington State Forest but the hike down to the pond and back wasn’t too easy and not too difficult either. The elevations didn’t change too drastically and the views were truly amazing throughout the trail. The employee at the MOC Was extremely helpful and they allow you to park your car in there lot and have you fill out a form so they know to look if you don’t return when you said you would. This helped me feel a bit at ease since I went by myself. Overall a great experience and I will definitely be returning.

Great hike with tons of amazing views! I did come across a bear with her two little cubs but they just walked on through. It’s a rocky trail but the elevation changes aren’t too drastic. I look forward to going back!

Absolutely no rock climbing. Period. Its a walk. No rock climbing

great local hike especially if you live in NYC (and have a car). great workout, lovely views and lots of seating areas on flats boulders. I initially missed the stairs on right that take you into the Giant Stairs area (through a fence) so keep an eye out as there are trails that lead elsewhere. very well blazed. not scary or too technical at all and good sneakers were sufficient on a sunny day. took 3.5 hours with a half hour lunch break.

The full Round Valley loop is a mixed bag. Except for the long road portion that you can’t get around, in cool weather with turned or fallen leaves it’s one of the state’s ten best hikes. But summer, with ticks, heat, snakes, seasonal trail closures, and a crappy road walk, it’s a long slog to avoid.

Close to home , I take my son and his friend fishing (plenty of fish) and I will walk the dog , did 3.7 miles last visit and it was a hot day and a good workout !

Wasn't a great hike. Surrounded by tree coverage, only to end at an anti-climactic vista blocked by trees. Go to the Delaware Water Gap for better views, or just hike directly along the shoreline of the lake close by to this trailhead.

over grown and wet muddy

It wasn’t to hard but it let me know that Mother Nature can do wonders. Loved it.

trail running
5 days ago

great trail for a jog. pretty even surface with a moderate climb or two. nothing too strenuous, great for an afternoon run.

So close to home and never disappoints. Done this 4 times in different directions and for only 2 miles it has a bit of everything. Great views, steep inclines and declines (if you choose that route) and rock scrambles.

Tons of mosquitoes, TONS! At least 20 mosquitoes on me at all times. I turned back after a quarter mile. They call it “The Everglades of Central Jersey” for a reason I guess, the mosquitoes! I haven’t had so many on me since I was in the real Everglades. Also trail was wet and a little swampy. I know it’s called Dismal Swamp but this was a little too swampy and a lot too dismal.

mountain biking
7 days ago

Great trail for a beginner mountain biker. Some parts are tricky but short

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