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Absolutely beautiful hike challenging yet very worth it once you get to the top we took the dog and she loved it definitely worth the trip don’t miss this one

1 day ago

Beautiful scenery, tons of history, love it.

Mostly flat easy terrain. 25% moderate as you need to watch your footing to prevent rolling an ankle. quite muddy in second half (when travelling counterclockwise)

Reasonably well maintained trails but poorly marked for sure. Keep a close eye on you map during this hike or you’ll end up off trail pretty easily. Trail offers some nice foliage and a couple of nice views at the end, but really mostly just forest the whole way.

Nice and lovely. Not difficult but can be slippery.

The trail is across the street from the parking lot. It’s an easy trail with a few short rock scrambles but again not challenging. I would not consider this a moderate hike. Definitely take the blue trail first as it is the only real incline on the whole hike and leads you straight to a really pretty river and waterfall. The trail gets a bit funky after that when looping back. The way back is very easy and the overlook is ok. Recommend for anyone looking for an easy hike.

Very nice trail. Completed in 1 hour.

Getting to the falls isn't easy. The roads are really really really messed up. Huge potholes. I mean 20, 30 feet wide and really deep. So definitely be careful. The fall is nice. We did the entire trail loop. My wife had a really hard time in the beginning. I didn't think it was hard or even moderately hard. I did enjoy the hike but it wasn't anything spectacular. I wouldn't drive 2 hours for it again. For most people I would rate this hike as moderate. I thought it was easy. We did see a few rattle snake skins by the lake/pond area. I wouldn't advice you to bring your dogs from the falls area. It's not save for pets. If you come from the lake side, then you're ok.

3 days ago

Had a very nice walk and enjoyed the Pines. This a great walk not to long but well marked. Beautiful views of the lake. Love my Day in the Pines. We will be back again.

Some good hills and a lot of rocks. Watch your step! Trail is well marked for white blazers.

6 days ago

This is a beautiful trail. I had to drive 50 miles to get here. This is on a Sunday, two days after a rainy day. As soon as I arrived in the parking lot. There were two big potholes at the gate and there were 4 parking spaces still open but they were in huge ankle-deep puddles. Luckily, I brought my boots. I started on the main trail. I came across more huge puddles. I had to try and balance myself to walk on some fallen tree branches to avoid step in these puddles because my boots have a side zipper, therefore only mostly waterproof. I didn't want to push my luck. It's no fun hiking with wet socks, sure way to get blisters.
But because all these water and moisture in this park, I get to see beautiful waterfalls, mushrooms on trees, green moss on rocks. I don't regret it at all. I started on the dark blue trail, then red trail, then white trail. I turned back after 3 miles or 1.5 hours. I made a wrong turn and ended up returning on the Ranger's trail, it has very steep and rocky slope. I wish I had my trekking poles because I have bad knees. They hurt doing steep descent. But I managed it ok.

This park is a great place if you go at the right time of the year. Mid-fall to late spring is the best time to go. Summer months are brutal with bugs and ticks. You can spend hours on all the trails observing wildlife. You are far enough off the road that nature is all you hear. Being local I take my dog there a lot in the off season

Great short hike. Well-maintained trail. Nice views to the west and northwest. No bugs and lots of happy hiking dogs! We left before sunset, but it would have been an amazing place to watch the sun go down!

Wild nature and bears. Amazing experience

We wanted to hike up to Crater Lake this past Saturday and thanks to this app, got there. The trails are poorly marked with missing signs everywhere and access roads and other unmapped trails that made it confusing to know which way to go. We went up from Buttermilk falls which was very muddy due to rain so when the climb gets steep, especially on rocks, you’re sliding even in hiking boots. I managed to eat it in a large rock- thankfully, I wore jeans and not leggings for this hike, else- the bruises would have been worse. We made a right onto Woods Road (not intentionally) and looped around til we hit orange blazes. At this point, it got confusing with access roads so use the markers on the map (thanks to those who put pins on unmarked roads!). We also had a hard time crossing a flooded stream but luckily made it safe and dry. By the time we got to the lake, we just took a look instead of looping around due to time and the fact some people said men were dragging out a (hunted?) bear from the woods toward the back of the lake. We took the AT back and went down Buttermilk Falls trail (blue) which we then were happy we didn’t hike up that way as it was steep. Woods road was longer, but a nice long flat break and passed two pretty ponds. Be wary of the mud and wear non skid boots and bring a pole or grab a big stick for balance!

Very rocky and steep trail but worth the beautiful view you get at the top!!

Well marked and trail was in decent condition considering how much rain we’ve been having.

Nice brisk walk on the path. Not overly crowded and the people I encountered were all very nice. Great for all hiking ability levels

I will be back on my bike next.

Nice day hike. Dogs loved it! Lots of side trails to make it shorter or longer. Parks clean and quite.

9 days ago

Well maintained and relatively flat trail with a minor incline. Should be easy for most skill levels. Parking across the street from the trailhead. Trash, and bathroom facilities available.

Although the trail as shown here is very short, there are some connecting trails to add if desired. The proximity to Millbrook Village and other interesting sites in the area provide nice options for activities.

Special events are occasionally hosted at this location.

Love the trail itself but needs to be marked. Walked in circles the whole time

This was a tough hike from start to finish. The white blazers are very hard to find so you've really got to pay attention. Plan to hike this loop early. If not you'll run into early darkness. Make sure your boots are water proof. Lots of mud on this trail. The Hawkswatch is amazing and the Split Rock Reservoir is amazing. Pay attention on this trail. Trust me.

One of my favorite hikes! The first time we did this hike it was in January 2016 and there was snow up to our knees. We loved it so much that we came back with friends in the spring. Although it was a lil tough getting up the mountain in the snow, it was much more enjoyable in the snow then without. We did some Geocaching along the trail as well. Going back for tomorrow for the 4th time with our friends, hoping to see the fall scenery and maybe do a little fishing in the Musconetcong River. Love Point Mountain!!

Love Songbird. it,s close to home,
has varied terrain, well marked, and has easy access bailout points. Like any trail, adaptation is a must. l did it a weak ago, hot summer day, no bug spray, shorts ; ever hear of chiggers ?
My Bad. I'm paying.
Pretty crafty how they managed to get such a nice trail fashioned into an area of reclaimed land, and made it look so natural. Good work.

This isnt a hiking trail. this is really just a path in a strip of preserve woods going through Verona and Cedar Grove. You're never out of sight of a backyard. but it's a nice walk if you're in the town and want a tiny bit of nature.

lots of fun. make sure you take blue trail to see waterfall and lake!!!

Beautiful trail! Too many bikes on the trail the day we were there. Hard to relax for fear of bikes coming up behind us.

Very nice trail... all of the bridges have been replaced... can’t believe it’s right in haddonfield!!!

13 days ago

Easy to follow markers to guide you along the way, did it with my pet Rottweiler and I can tell she enjoyed it as well.

My wife and I parked behind the Elk Twp. Police Station at the ballfields. Very nicely maintained flat, cinder Trail. We hike out 3.6 miles past “downtown” Monroeville. Total trail is about 5.4 miles one way. Next time we plan to hike to the end and back.

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