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Views arent anything great and neither are the falls. Multiple trails that are shown on the maps dont exist or are extremely over grown (for example dont try to take the yellow trail loop around the pond, its overgrown from head to toe and is scarcely blazed) only good thing is this trail is pretty quiet, even for a perfect summer Saturday I had the trails all to myself

1 month ago

Very nice hike with rocky parts. Amazing view on the Greenwood lake, also lakes on the way make the trail more interesting.
Can be challenging when it's 94F ;). The hike itself is beautiful.This trail was a
little bit too crowded for me.The parking is tiny, so it's better go there early in the morning.

Trails were a little confusing and it was extremely buggy when hiked in July. Nice vista toward the end though that made up for the bugs!

2 months ago

A really nice hike. Rhododendron forest. Some rock scrambles. Some nice views. Took about 2 hours.

Not a bad hike on a nice day. The trails were kind of confusing at times, but was a fun simple place to go if you’re looking to get out.

Beautiful park. This was a lovely find for us and we will be back. We did Blue Orange Green and recommend that direction for the hike. The trails are very well marked but we also downloaded the map from the website on our phones and that was helpful. We did this trail (about 4 miles total) in about 2.5 hours with some teenagers and me (moderately in shape mom) and several stops for pictures. Trail definitely has climbing and steep inclines and declines so I would say this is a moderate not a beginner. No climbing gear needed but you need to be able to use your hands a little and pick a path. (My iPhone counted this hike as 46 flights of stairs). Tips: No facilities so bring your own water and be prepared to use nature. Also a significant amount of vegetation including poison ivy on the trails so wear long pants tucked into socks and liberal bug spray against ticks.

Awesome well marked trails!

4 months ago

Just did this hike yesterday and there was a lot of snow on the trail. It was a fun hike with several rock scrambles and stream crossings. I can't wait to come back again when the flowers are blooming.

Walked the trail this morning with my wife and two labradors. Both dogs loved all the water along the trail. And we had the woods pretty much to ourselves.

5 months ago

Gorgeous trail. Walking through the rhododendrons was surreal and the lake views were beautiful. Definitely a hard trail in some places with quite a few rock scrambles, so be prepared to do some light climbing

6 months ago

Great trail - peaceful, excellent overlooks, and enough scrambles and climbs to get a good workout. This trail unexpectedly turned out to be one of my favorites.

Trail can get somewhat confusing, but their are a lot of views and landmarks along the way that make it a great hike.

More markers needed.

9 months ago

Great hike - did the 4.1 loop. Not nearly as hard as breakneck but still has it's tough spots. Views are incredible and love the lake as well. Definitely dog friendly.

Nice moderate hike

9 months ago

NOT for beginners. It took about 5 hrs, and using a hiker's GPS, the actual distance is 5.1 miles. It is quite hilly, rocky, and there are 3 walls to traverse. You will be on all 4's, your butt, and possibly on your belly at times. Bring hiking poles, although many people do not. It is a really nice, but challenging hike, and the view of Greenwood Lake is quite beautiful. Worth it. Some people don't do the whole loop, and just go left from the blue to the yellow trail, see the Greenwood Lake view, and maybe progress to Surprise Lake which is just a bit farther. That is a much easier hike than the entire loop. Should you decide to do the whole thing, don't make the left onto the yellow trail, bear right to continue on the blue trail instead. This way you end with the spectacular views as a reward. Also, we took our dog, who does a lot of hiking, and he was exhausted. He even needed to be lifted up and down on 2 of the walls. Do it, and enjoy.

From the parking lot it's the BLUE trail that's starts and meets up to other trails. Fun hike and not too hard. Very rocky at times careful not to slip with all the leaves now. I did the blue to the red loop and back to the parking lot on the blue. Water scene is pretty. Will def do this again

Scenic trail. Did not run into many birds or wildlife beyond chipmunks and squirrels, was surprised how empty it was for a Sunday. Very peaceful.

10 months ago

Some areas with intense rock faces but all in a a great hike!

10 months ago

Park in the lot directly across from marina. Actually ended past where orange merged in the rhododedrum forest as i calleded it and returned. Beautiful views at suprise lake and amazing views from Bearfort mtn ridge overlooking Greenwood lake on yellow.

Stick to the trails located on the directory in the parking lot. I used this app to see where we were on the trail and the trail was incorrect. The trail going to and from parking lot is blue not green. The app sent us onto an unmarked area. Be careful. The trails are marked! I believe they must have changed the colors of them or added some. The view of the reservoir was wonderful!!

Fun trail with hardly any traffic on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. There are two waterfalls as the green trail swings north (walking the loop counter-clockwise). The first is beautiful, the second is a concrete wall with water dripping over its edge. If you're going to take a break, do it at the first waterfall! Much nicer view.

Good trail but we wanted to hike to see the stone living room and didn't realize you had to cross the street and hike the other side. This app brought us to a parking lot and you need to cross the street to access the trail that takes you to the stone living room.

dope trails beautiful views cool spots to stop at ..loved it!!!

It was a very nice, peaceful hike. Both the waterfalls and the ruins were wonderful. We walked blue-orange-green, and then in reverse the same way. Not too many other hikers, so it was serene. We walked about 4 miles. Please be LOUD when hiking. We ran into the SAME BLACK BEAR TWICE ON THE BLUE TRAIL around 3:40 PM. Be cautious and stay alert. It did not run even though we made A LOT of noise and just watched from afar. Also, pick up children when coming across bears. My sister is 7 and ran, we had to quickly grab her.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Tougher than you think. Lots of scrambling. Amazing topography! The views are terrific.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

It actually wasn't as rough as I thought it would be but it's really hidden which I liked. It wasn't packed with a ton of people.

Monday, June 19, 2017

The hike was an awesome experience! My friends and l might have started on the wrong end, and gotten lost a couple of times, but we were able to find our way and make it to the end! There is a great variety of landscapes and the sights of nature combined with rusted metal and barbed wire fences create an interesting story that has to be taken in! The wildlife there is also vibrant, where my friends and l witnessed the usual birds and squirrels but also saw a hawk and several lizards along the way! If you live nearby and want to experience a piece of forgotten history this is definitely a great hike to go on!!

Great hike. Just realize though the blue trail leading to the green trail is 1 mile. Its more like a 5 mile hike when all said and done.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Very nice hike, a bit buggy

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