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Wallpack Center, New Jersey Map

very nice trail! We had my daughter and two dogs with us. The trail clocks in more miles then it says though.

Really cool trail with a lot of beautiful scenery. It was not as hard as advertised, some light inclines here and there. The pond and lake views were breathtaking, however, I hoped to see more wild life, I was definitely not alone as I heard much rustling in the brush and deep woods, but no sightings.

I hiked with my family and my dog and we did great waters beautiful and my dog did great

5 months ago

definitely not moderate, very easy. Not much to see, the lake is ok and the trail is mostly on a dirt road. good 1st hike for someone who wants to introduce little kids to hiking

This was a great trail for the family well maintained and marked

I’m not sure if I’d rate this trail as moderate as there were few inclines, no scrambles and path was well defined. With that said, we really enjoyed the hike and the surrounding area. Trail wasn’t crowded on a Sunday morning and it was quite peaceful. Recommend this trail for a leisurely hike.

Only did part of the rattlesnake trail and linked back up to the AT to get back out to my vehicle at Kittaninny Visitor Center

Highly recommend this trail especially if you have a dog. Went on 5/7 during the day and only saw people in the parking lot but not on the trail. Took my 12 year old doggo who loved to take in a dip in every body of water we found plus it was easy enough for him to complete. Saw some bear tracks and other animal droppings near the lake, lots of frogs, and the birds brought the place alive. Very well maintained and marked. Perfect for a trail run as well!

Very nice lakes to hike around. To get to the 3rd lake, Crater Lake, the Orange Trail gets very tight steep and rocky in some parts. Decided to hike to backside of the 2nd lake, Hemlock Pond, definitely saw multiple bear droppings and a raccoon remains on the backside of Helmock Pond. This is bear country, be bear aware! But over all the trail is open and well defined. Some little "bunny hills" but not too bad. Bring bug spray, lots of gnats. The dog did the 7 mile loop with us!

Nice long flat trail! Decent view, at top, of Delaware River valley. Nice lakes. Will be coming back with bikes.

Great hike. Saw a bear!

Wed Aug 29 2018

Blue Mountain Lake is a beautiful area of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. The trail winds around the lake. Starting from the parking lot, take the trail towards the lake. At the trail signs, follow the trail to the right. It's a nice walk through the woods that is very kid and dog friendly. The dogs love to swim in the lake.

Sat Aug 25 2018

There is a large parking lot at the trailhead but depending on the day this area can get very crowded. These lakes are popular for swimming and fishing. The trails are well maintained and the loop as marked on the map is easy for just about any skill level. Very flat and used by vehicles.

Nice trail. More peaceful at the lakes furthest from the trailhead. My traveling companions liked swimming in the lake, as did my golden retriever. Not very challenging, a few more gentle rises and descents. Would definitely do this one again.

This is my favorite hike in NJ. We added on to this hike taking the spur to the right, orange marked trail, to Crater Lake. You can walk all the way around Crater Lake or just go back down. We then looped Hemlock Lake. Nice rocky outcropping at the end of Hemlock for a place to rest. Love the views and not too many people.

Fri Sep 29 2017

Great trail. Hardly anyone there. A good bit of up and down, but not overly strenuous. Dog got to swim in Hemlock Lake! :)

An easy, wide, mostly gravel trail. I did find the trail markings less than wonderful.

Sun Jun 18 2017

Beautiful easy hike. Well marked gavel trails for the most part. I also went around hemlock pond which added maybe another mile.

Nice views, seems to be lightky trafficked in the winter.

The plan was to hike from the trail-head parking lot off of Rt 80, up to Sunfish pond and back. Got a late start, a few slower hikers in the group and frequent stops for pictures, we made it a few miles up the trail but didn't make it to the pond. No matter, it was a great hike anyway. Has a very nice accent from the trail-head and really enjoyed the walk in nature.

We started at the base of Buttermilk falls and hiked up and connected with the Appalachian Trail at the Buttermilk Falls trail sign. Continued along the AT until we reached the AT parking lot in Stokes State Park. 10.5 miles total. Overall the hike was great, the ups were challenging and the views of PA and later NJ were fantastic.

Very fun. started at Mohican Camp road and hiked up the mountain. it was pretty intense and I enjoyed it a lot. when at the top of the mountain, the drop off down one side was steep enough for my friend and I to rappel down. the rappelling distance wasn't too long but it was fun to still hike a couple miles and then rappel and then climb back up. the views at the top of any hill/mountain was amazing. I would recommend this trail to anyone.

One of the more strenuous parts of the AT in NJ, but lots of fun.

Great trail, awesome views. Good for beginners, as it is a lighter hike. There is a stream towards the end, and the water is very cold, but it was still fun to swim in. I recommend it to anyone looking for an fun and easy hike.

Watch out for Rattlesnakes on the open rocks and sunning themselves along the trail. I recently went through this section and as much as I love it I love it more so each time. I usually hike with one of my medium sized dogs, but of lately I have not and the bird song has increased ten fold. I, now, do longer hikes without a dog for this reason only. NJ doesn't allow fires along the trail so stop building rock fire rings people! Pick up your trash too! When you hike the Appalachian Trail (AT) and other trails, please carry a large zip lock bag so you can help others enjoy the trail. Use the bag for a place to put wrappers when you see them. If you see them others will see them and that will destroy their experience on the trails too. So, be kind and pick up what isn't natural to the trail. Please don't make garbage a regular occurrence on the trail resulting it to being 'a natural thing' to those who are used to living in a city filled with filth.

Thu Dec 19 2013

Really bear super salty lake up top along trailhead. So salty only 1 fish can survive in it! Freezes in the winter, & if it does that means it's friggin COLD! Lol. Man oh man, learned a few lessons that trip!!! Lol

Absolutely fantastic trail. When you get to the top, it's one of the most beautiful views in all of NJ. The only problem is there's a tad bit of broken glass here and there but what can you do. So don't walk this one barefoot.

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