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Where’s the Damn Waterfall!!!! Lol

Well marked and is difficult after the first 2 miles. Be prepared for scambling and steps. I did this after the rain and the scrambling was very hard and slippery. Beautiful views.

Great hike, very easy, decent views on one side. We saw about 20 deers and some turkeys. Entire 3.3 miles took about 1 1/2 hr. We took our time.

23 hours ago

very nice. careful of bikers

fun short a couple of nice resting points

not hard but tricky. finished the loop with 3 other people, 1 who has never hiked before. enjoyed it immensely though. Calves were a little achy the day after climbing the grand staircase and the boulders. but nothing insane if you have some level of fitness.

Great hike, but you need to take it to Crater Lake for the reward. Like everyone has said, the first section heading up towards the Appalachian trail is the toughest. Pretty smooth after that. There aren’t really any scenic overlooks besides the lakes. The pond is nice, but Crater Lake was beautiful. Lunch and a quick swim and back towards the falls. Five hours round trip with a nice break in the middle. Went the wrong way a few times too.

Boardwalk section very easy, Heaven Hill Farm a good place to stop and get ice cream mid way or afterwards. Part after you cross the road was the busiest section for us, very steep- took about an hour to get up to the top. Very rocky but views are totally worth it! Saw quite a few snakes a long the way so just be wary.

2 days ago

I did this time Clockwise , it is much easier than counter clockwise. Beautiful views with good workout in a sunny Sunday afternoon, love it

2 days ago

very easy and short loop but leads to the bigger loops.

Easy, haha, not when you get to Tiger Woods. Overall a great workout.

It’s a joke this trail is rated moderate. The red and white trails are essentially wheel chair accessible. All the trails are muddy and ripped to shreds by mountain bikers (probably a really great place to bike to be honest). Lots of switchbacks and not a lot of elevation gained. However there are nice views and the blue trail in particular is a pretty nice hike.

trail running
4 days ago

This is a loop of Lakewood's Lake Carasaljo, named for three children that drowned in it years ago. On the south side are additional exercise stops. The north side is tight for cars if driving, but lead past the grand Georgian court College where you can view the "inlet" which I remember from the sequel film to Amityville in the late 70s early 80s

Where’s this waterfall???

It was an easy trail especially for the dogs. They had a couple water breaks in the stream. Lots of mushrooms. Many different species to look at. Wood bridges are very slippery I recommend having dogs walk through the stream instead of over the bridge so they don’t get hurt. Very peaceful in the morning.

If you plan to finish the loop, I'd definitely call it a "hard" level. I feel it hard for three reasons: 1 the white trail is very poorly marked. For several times I had to open the app to find my way back to the trail. 2 the white trail has a lot of ups and downs on very rocky surface. 3 the trail is not very popular so the trail path has not been well formed. Once you hit the blue trail, it became relatively easy.

nice trail but is narrow and poison ivy is encroaching so you need to watch. view of ocean is worth it!

12 days ago

Hikers beware- copperhead snake was hanging out on the actual beach trail. It was hidden in between rocks and could not be seen from even a couple feet away. Please keep your eyes open and look out for this snake- especially if you have dogs with you. Venomous and easy to miss. Assuming it likes to hang out on the rocks.

Trail not marked very well. Still a nice trail especially along the water.

I woke up obscenely early to get to the trail at 6:30 on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, and was very glad that I did. It was absolutely beautiful at sunrise, and I saw only four other people on the trail; one at the parking lot, one coming down the Stairway to Heaven, and two at the top. I took my time and took tons of photographs -- yes, it's as stunning as the pictures make it look. By 12:15, it was starting to get packed, particularly on the boardwalk. It wouldn't have been a bad hike with all those people, but there's something magical about seeing it alone. The view at the top of Stairway to Heaven is lovely, and good for a long rest and lunch break.

The Pochuck Valley section is very easy, and the Stairway to Heaven is a good workout; I would say it's a little less tough than I remember Mount Tammany being. (I'm in only moderate hiking shape, and do about 10-15 miles on Saturdays without much elevation--I had to take a couple of quick breathers, but saw other people taking it at a similar pace with less sweat.) The trail is well-marked, although keeping your head up on the way up will help; as another reviewer said, make sure to turn onto the blue dot trail when you see the pile of rocks and the little wooden "view" sign.

Remember to bring bug spray, especially on wet days! If you don't have bug spray... turn around and buy some. If you absolutely have to hike without it, get your butt in gear! The second you stop to take in the gorgeous two-plank walkway, the mosquitoes will descend in droves. Even with the backwoods repellent, they were brushing against me. With that being said, I reapplied a couple of times, and didn't get a single bite. I saw a nice range of birds, a couple of chipmunks, and a common garter snake let me get a good gander at him.

You absolutely can do this one in sneakers, but I think hiking shoes are best. The rocks aren't as technical or grabby as Bear Rocks or sections of Hawk Mountain, for example, but there's a little bit of footwork on the way down the trail that might make it nice to have some stability.

TL;DR: top-notch hike, put on a layer of deet.

Very short trail but some yards crossing the road you will find beautiful views of NJ and NY city. Great place to picnic with love ones. A hidden gem.

Very overgrown and lots of bugs but very beautiful! We had some trouble finding the 4 mile loop trail.

I did it counterclockwise in about 6 hours. The weather was the worst possible, hot (90) and extremely humid (after the night rain). The first part of the hike was fantastic, relentless up and down, almost no flats. The second half (after crossing the road) was disappointing. For me, an important part of the hiking is in the esthetics of wilderness. In this case, I was always reminded that I am in the back of NJ woods: three times the trail goes under the high voltage lines (that cracking above your head is hard to ignore), most of the trail goes along the dirt roads (I heard a dirt bike for a while), also there is an abandoned overturned truck by the side of the trail. There are no vistas to speak of, a couple of spots with a view and that is it. Nevertheless, if the appearances are not important to you, you can get a brutal workout out of this trail.

Awesome spot to hike, trails were easy to read, don’t forget to put on big spray I got eaten alive haha and it does tend to get crowded with parking over there. Also after the hike there’s a farm a min away with the best Ice cream!

15 days ago

Took the blue trail up to the lookout with decent views. Took the Red trail to the peak off trail in search of the other lookout an was unable to find. Easy hike for a 90 degree day.

Filthy. Poorly marked. sudden appearance of NJ Circle tags on trees where blazes ought to be. White trail is part of loop? I still do not know. Also, on Clinton Road/ Parking Lot 7 there is a large sign for unauthorized parking. That sign only applies to overnight parking. The sign distracted me. Mosquitoes galore today. Glad to make it off that trail.

Excellent ride from Stockton, north through Raven Rock and onto Pa side. WARNING, one mile south of Stockton bridge,trail is closed, they want to push you out onto rt 611 a dangerous road for 1.2 miles or you have to turn back and cross Stockton Bridge to Jersey side then down to Lambertville, New Hope

really nice hike, difficult to drive to. first miles is difficult (And last) but waterfall is beautiful

This trail is pretty easy. I would definitely do it again. There's few trails you can choose from. I did most of them within 3 hours, looped around twice. Good day hike with your dog. I noticed some small log jumps around the paths for mountain biking. There's a small pond where few people were fishing.

16 days ago

The side road to the trail is scary for smaller cars. Half of it was washed away and the other half was covered by overgrown trees/bushes (which means scratching be belly of the car and beaches etching the doors — don’t even fathom passing someone). Find a friend with a Jeep or a truck to drive to the start point. The falls are right at the start with a nice wood stairway to a viewing platform. If you just have a day in the Gap and are working your way through, this can be an easy stop and go if you skip the test of be home. After the viewing platform there a walk along the river and a steep (steep) up with not a lot of scramble leverage (dirt and maybe a riot here and there — I didn’t mind going up, but the way back was a skid from tree to tree to avoid bowling for hikers). Ridge walk and views were low payoff — wasn’t impressed. Hemlock lake was a nice drinkable spot. My advice: if you want a hike, bring your Socrates and go out to the lake and back. If you want a photo and a waterfall, go up to the view platform and call it a day. The parking lot is small and if you’re not in a spot by 9 am you may be parking creatively.

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