To start, I'm from WA state, so that's my point of reference. This hike (past Pickell Park) starts on a trail that's basically a field with some flattened parts that look like a car drove over it and may be more walkable. Every so often, you end up in situations like this, or where there are fallen trees or it requires some bushwhacking to find the actual trail, which made it quite an, shall we say, interesting hike. I'm unsure if the trail is generally unmaintained, or if it's relatively new, or if it's just not very trafficked, but I'm glad I downloaded the AllTrails map before heading out there because I would have definitely gotten lost otherwise. Although the trail looks like it might get close to a lake, there aren't any great views of it. The trail itself is super overgrown at a lot of places, so I'd recommend long pants or gaiters. Lots of flat or downhill parts, so all of the elevation gain happens in very short sections, meaning they're pretty steep, and plenty of rocky parts. The path we took: Blue > Red > White > Yellow > White > Blue to make a loop from the Pickell Park parking lot.