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2 days ago

Awe inspiring view with the Hudson on one side and a huge cliff face on the other. There was a waterfall that was almost completely frozen over which was quite a sight. The rock scrambles pretty intense and boots/sneakers is a must. Awesome hike and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for something more intense.

3 days ago

I wanted to try out a new pair of hiking boots close to home, so I headed to Tall Pines. At first I felt a little goofy wearing boots on a paved trail, but I’m glad I had them for the weather once I got into the wooded area. There were quite a few stretches that had snow, slush, ice, puddles, and/or mud. The green trail provides a nice walk, even with a few hilly sections and crossing the creek several times over foot bridges. There are a few places along the route where you are near houses or can see the road—but lots of peaceful places too.

well kept trails, can be muddy, lots of dogs, trail runners and bikers. I came during the winter and it was fine

4 days ago

great 2 miler.

Njhiking.com and AllTrails give the distance for this hike at 6.2, but it is actually a bit longer. Between 6.6 and 7.5 miles depending on if you do any little side trips to the ruins. That being said, it is quite beautiful, with some really cool stone ruins and varied terrain. Thankfully it was cold and the ground was frozen while we were there, as much of the trail seems like it would be quite muddy in warmer weather.

16 days ago

Planned to take red trail but less than 1/3 in trail was closed due to walkway being out. Took white to bypass but ran into the same problem 20 mins in. We decided to call it’s day after that. Nice people on the trail.

on Buttermilk Falls

16 days ago

Nice short trail a little challenging at spots but nothing to serious. Little children on the trail. would do it again especially for a short hike.

Hike itself was okay! Wasn't all that challenging and it was your very typical views. However, that quarry is out of this world. It's so random for the area and feels like a lot of different floras are clashing but it's awesome! Definitely recommend if you want to see something out of the ordinary.

nature trips
18 days ago

BIG TIP, go during sunset! You can definitely get it done in 1 hour so start about 30 minutes before the start of sunset. It is really beautiful to just stroll through. It really does't even feel like you're in the Deptford area! Wouldn't really consider this a hike, but if you need fresh air and the outdoors, this is a wonderful place to go.

lots of people during peak times. Dogs on leashes isn't enforced that well. However, great views, and has a water fall. There are options of easy to difficult trails. We will definitely be back.

trail running
21 days ago

My perfect running trail. 5 miles, market at one mile intervals, flat and well maintained. Go in the morning or evening since it can get crowded on a nice weekend day.

24 days ago

Pretty trail and relatively flat but it rained hard enough yesterday which flooded many sections of the trail. Not recommended after a rain. Some I could bypass through the trees and thicket, some I couldn’t, and had to double back or get off the trail completely toward the paved road. Also, lost my way a couple times due to poor signage and markings. Gorgeous lake. I must have passed over 1,000 picnic tables. I’ve never seen such a healthy amount of picnic tables in my life.

25 days ago

Nice park, almost all paved. Easy.

Only downside is that it's pretty close to some major roads there's some road noise.

Hiked this park in October. Very nice views. Use caution along river as it is very rocky. We got a good workout and our dog enjoyed it as well. I would rate the terrain as moderate. The picnic tables could use some repairs.

Easily a local favorite. Has always been well kept with easy access to other activities.

I have done this hike several times and it is a pretty hike where sections walk above the Spruce run river, or around the old swimming pond (with a lot of beaver activity to be seen). The yellow trail goes back into the woods and up hill to a very rocky area for a little challenge. I recommend this for someone who wants an easy walk in a very picturesque setting

Excellent workout. Not for dogs, small children, or a novice...your legs will be sore in the morning.. You will have to climb over large rocks/boulders. Great views. Lots of people. Wear proper shoes or boots. There is a place to eat and rest rooms.
Highly recommend.

Easy loop. Mostly level and well maintained trail.

Off path hikes are good in incline, everything eventually leads right back to the main path. Taking paths off the main will lead you to an amazing quarry which you can hike down into. Moderate off path hike.

1 month ago

This former golf course is a very nice place to walk. The trails are fairly well marked and paved. My only words of caution are there are areas along the creek that are prone to flooding. Recently, one bridge was under water and the trail beyond the other bridge was flooded. These conditions limits access to about half of the (green) loop trail.

2 months ago

I’m an older hiker and found that the steep southern ascent after the rock scramble challenged me. About 500 feet in .3 miles, stone stairs. Younger hikers should find it steep, but not as tiring as I did. Going to do it again, hopefully easier next time around. Views are ok, not spectacular, since this isn’t wilderness and you can’t get that sense of isolation from the views. The waterfall is hyped, but still nice for what it is. Best part was a flat walk going south after the rock scramble, through a field of river reeds. Beautiful there.

Very enjoyable loved this park

2 months ago

Went there on Nov 12 2018. Maybe nice park but for me did end up as terrifying day. The first one hour of hiking was very nice. On one of the trails I saw huge maybe 300 pounds black bear crossing the river toward our direction. Thankfully the bear did not see us I might think, so we run as fast as possible to the car parked 0.5 miles from the place we saw the bear. Also, my dog end up with two dear ticks crawling over his fur. I was able to remove those before they dig in into the skin. Hoping now there was no more.

Agree 100% with the reviewer below me. Awesome hike, but be careful after rain and do not bring your dog. My dog is like a mountain goat and we even had to sit down a few times to catch our breath and make a plan for our next step. Solid ground felt incredible after that hike!

It was a very nice flat and straight path. The directions are not correct. The best way to get there would be to put Roxbury Day Care in your GPS and park in the Horseshoe lake parking lot on the left before the school. The trail then starts right passed the school on the right. I walked on the road to get there but there’s also trails through horseshoe lake that lead there. It was very nice!

2 months ago

We did this hike in reverse. Going past the waterfall first. It was magnificent since we have had so much rain. We climbed up after the reservoir and headed down past the viewpoints. View of NYC is amazing. Leaves were just past prime but still very enjoyable. We ended by walking around Scarlet Pond, adding just a little distance to finish up.

2 months ago

We do talk lines on the regular. It’s a quick, easy, but beautiful walk with some hills. The dogs love it and there are always a lot of dogs on & off leash here. Also different water for fishing and dogs to swim!

Very pretty trail in the fall

CAUTION: There are confirmed rock avalanches after rain!

We started on the Long Path Trail and headed down to the rock scrambles that are over a mile long. You will climb, get on your hands and knees, sit on your behind and slide down boulders to get through. There's no question that this is appropriately marked as hard.

Please leave small children (under 12) and dogs at home. We saw plenty of both but we also saw plenty of dogs that were terrified to keep going forward and had to be carried making it dangerous for owners and their fur babies. We also saw fearless children enjoying the boulders but also some driven to tears by fear, too.

The climb back up is challenging since it is steep. We went peak fall so the leaves on the ground made everything slippery. Bring PLENTY of water and wear proper hiking shoes. Hubby went with sneakers and regretted not putting on hiking shoes.

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