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4 hours ago

A walking tour of Perth Amboys historical waterfront. A brick lined pathway . Easy for hiking,walking and biking. Informative signs along the way .

1 day ago

Blustery cold day for a hike. Completed the All Trails map. Actual trail is a loop at 4.8 miles. App would not allow recording. Scenic trail along water. Probably better in October.

I've been hiking here for several decades. If you start at the Huts parking, go through the woods, hike the Blue Loop and finish up back to the Huts, you get a nice 1 hour / 4 mile hike.
A very nice workout to start the day.

Always great views from Appalachian trail along the Kittatinny Mountain. You literally walk along the edge for a good part of this hike. Catfish fire tower has some great views, but the top was locked up. Rattle snake swamp trail was muddy and wet, some rock stepping is possible but can’t avoid it in a lot of places. Overall great day hike!

This was one of my favorite trails :) Duke Farms is like a magical storybook came to life! Everything is aesthetically pleasing and it’s so much fun to rent a bike and just ride around the whole park!

The views here are unreal. It's a really great challenge. The trails are blazed most of the way. You climb pretty fast, too. You have to make your own decision at the top to hang a left at the giant rock pile to get to the summit with all of the views. Went with trail sneakers, would definitely recommend boots. The rocks get slippery when it gets a bit colder.

on deCamp Wildlife Trail

3 days ago

Great trail , immaculate

Very enjoyable loved this park

Beautiful view! Great hike!

4 days ago

Went there on Nov 12 2018. Maybe nice park but for me did end up as terrifying day. The first one hour of hiking was very nice. On one of the trails I saw huge maybe 300 pounds black bear crossing the river toward our direction. Thankfully the bear did not see us I might think, so we run as fast as possible to the car parked 0.5 miles from the place we saw the bear. Also, my dog end up with two dear ticks crawling over his fur. I was able to remove those before they dig in into the skin. Hoping now there was no more.

6 miles is a good healthy hike with couple of steep climbs. Close to home. So finish and you can get home.

Did a five mile loop. Was good hike, unfortunately it rained a few days before so was a little muddy but it’s all good.

Went yesterday on an absolutely beautiful fall day. The two waterfalls we saw were incredible, as was most of the scenery. The trails weren’t super challenging but there were some points with steep elevation. Pretty crowded which negated any possibility of seeing wildlife. Also, we did get lost due some poorly marked trails, but we were able to get back on. Overall, if you avoid the wide heavily trafficked trails you are in for a great hike.

This is rough terrain, very hilly and rocky. It’s all uphill or down, with very few flat sections.

The surroundings are beautiful and you really a sense of being in the middle of a giant Forrest because the hills block views of anything man made for a good portion of it.

This late in the fall the leaves make staying on the trail tough, so keep an eye on the blazes to avoid missing turns.

Went up the Red Dot trail and down the Blue. I have asthma and a chronic cough and am definitely out of shape and haven't hiked in years so the ascent was extremely challenging for me. There are a couple of very difficult spots that are all rock and steep. I almost gave up but I knew the payoff would be so sweet if I made it to the top. I had to stop many times. My poor partner who is very much more fit than I was patient, however, and we made it. I am so glad I stuck with it. The top was amazing and thrilling and beautiful. You can do this! If I can do this, anyone can. Coming down was much much much easier except my toes were jamming into the front of my boots. Beautiful waterfall and stream at the bottom. I felt so accomplished and alive and the end. You must do this!

4 days ago

Short trail along a ridgeline. Can't wait to see it in the snow.

This is a fun trail with very rocky terrain and a steep incline in the beginning with a beautiful overlook. Trail smooths out for the next two miles and goes along the river towards the end. It’s beautiful with lots of bird sightings along the way. Our dog loved it too. Muddy and slippery in mid November and poorly marked in some areas. Parking lot is on Point Mountain Rd where the bridge crosses the Muscetong river.

Fun hike. Some hills some log obstacles. Trail a little hard to keep track of with all the fallen leaves.

Love this place, was here at 5am yesterday before the ice melted and it was perfect!

High pointe has a really nice view. Totally worth the effort. The trail itself is fairly a nice mix of easy plus moderate. You have times when you are climbing and other times when it’s pretty flat and you can catch a breather. The trail is very well marked and the signs are difficult to miss.

Definitely recommend in October to view fall colors. Very good even otherwise.

4 days ago

Small short trail with one incline. Overlooks Hooks Creek Lake.

Good spot nice varied views

Love this trail!
It is easy to moderate. For an easy walk, you can walk through many of the garden areas and there are plenty of flat, easy areas to walk through the woods. For a more moderate hike, go deeper into Helyar Woods. There is a cool pine forest and students frequently build forts and lean tos with the fallen branches. After walking through the pine forest to the other side, the trail continues and you will walk closer to the river. There is a steep section where a small waterfall cuts through. This is what makes the trail “moderate.” It is steep and sometimes slippery. My kids love it but they are regular hikers. Children under 5 May have a little trouble and anyone with knee or hip issues may not want to do this part of the trail. Beautiful, short trail with lots to see. Bring some snacks and explore. It’s worth the visit.

4 days ago

Wonderful short trail if you follow the map. We decided to be adventurous and followed broken black lane ( trail) rationalizing that we can make a loop and end up by the parking.. Well, DO NOT do THAT... BAD idea. The broken black lane is basically two sets of 85 degrees steep hills ,followed by the deserted forest area with no trail to follow ( there is not a trail). So we basically have had to move 5 mph making our way through the bushes and ditches. We would turn back but again, hills were so steep that I was afraid we will slip and hurt ourselves coming down the hill. Long story short, when we seemingly got a little closer to Big Egypt Rd I noticed weird decoration on the bush, I have a curious mind ... I smelled it. It smelled like a horse or stable, later I noticed small liquid bottle underneath the bush. Once my bf got closer he advised that it might be deer piss . Yeah..... we r at the hunters trap area . At that point I really freaked out.... In my mind I was desperately searching for a remedy to identify ourselves as humans so hunters wouldn't shoot taking us for a deer .....I decided to sing.I went from National anthem to Feliz Navidad to Katy Perry . Somewhere near the pond I noticed a guy with a crossbow who looked at us and wondered away. Next , after we crossed creek and stepped on Big Egypt Rd we were greeted by an old gentlemen with a shot gun who inquired if we had a taizer to fight a bear. What a nice question to ask to a young unarmed couple, especially when you are holding a weapon . Walking away from that guy was the scariest thing since I felt like he might shoot my boyfriend at any time in his back and kidnap me. As we kept following an abandoned Bid Egypt Rd, we passed one of the most beautiful waterfall I`ve ever seen, several hundred feet later was the parking.

Getting through the bushes, I was thinking about innocent deer, bears and other creatures ; how terrible and unfair it is to be hunted down by the bored fat humans, how terrible would that be to fall in one of that cold bushes , be picked up and butchered for the sake of entertainment of that “evil called humans” .

I`m giving this trail 4 stars since it was our personal choice to go off the trail, forgetting that it`s hunting season. I would give 5 starts but the original trail is very short and has nothing to see

We live near here and it’s one of our go-to family trails with the kids. Tea Cup is great in the summer for cooling off!

Stunning views from the summit. Very cool variety of terrain on the way there! Only negative is that certain areas flood quite heavily so you have to trudge through water and mud. Rather than soak our socks we went barefoot through the water so if you encounter that I recommend the same!

Great trail for the whole family and dog friendly. Some moderate terrain to keep it interesting. Great scenery!

Beautiful falls but park is trashed. Litter and graffiti abounds. Sad to see such local disrespect for such a treasure.

Gonna be honest: in the end I loved this hike. But at first, it was VERY difficult to find the correct trail and I wasted about an hour along with another group trying to find the correct way to High Point. I’m sure it’s easier to find outside of fall, but with leaves covering EVERY path, it’s super hard to determine what’s actually a trail and what isn’t. I would recommend just walking up Snake Den rd until you get to the trail head which is an Info Stand (not the one in the parking lot). The actual hike can be treacherous if you aren’t skilled at climbing over rocks and definitely wear good shoes or you’ll have a rolled and/or broken ankle in no time (especially on slippery leaves or mud)

Took my kids on this hike and they loved it. My daughter was so excited she went ahead and eventually out of range of our radios and lost cel service. Thankful for the Vernon PD who quickly found her, on the other side of the mountain. Never a dull moment.

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