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Great for kids! The area has many variations of this route that are mapped out at the entrance allowing from a quarter mile hike to well over 4 miles depending on the combination of routes you choose. Some decent hills as well and the trails are very well marked. In nice weather you will see quite a few bikers in the area but on the outermost loops you do get moments of solitude. Horses are also allowed in the area although we did not see any. As a plus..., it is early in the season but we left tick free! Will definitely be returning.

Fun trail for mountain biking. Started at sunrise parking lot in Lewis Morris Park out 5 miles and then back 5 miles.For the most part Trail is dirt and gravel, lots of big roots in some sections and a few bridges with no ramp on: off so had to get off Bike and walk across. Two sections where water in brook was higher and moving so again had to dismount and walk Bike through water while using the stepping stones. One very long uphill section from the Mendham police station but rewarded with coming downhill on the way back. I’d rate this as moderate because of the roots and rocks but definitely recommend!.

15 hours ago

Definitely nice scenery but do not follow the marked trail on AllTrails… It is not accurate. We had to backtrack several times because the trail had been washed out by storms in the past apparently.

You can bring dogs!!

My brother and I went on this “trail” and we got lost... not marked well at all. And the trails were all soggy and wet. Most likely won’t go back.

mountain biking
19 hours ago

Not requiring too much physical condition.

Definitely not Oregon but it was a great trail. We will do it again!!

Nice scenery for sure and flat open trails. The only thing is this advertised 4.3 mile trail is not looped. So if you walk around the multiple bodies of water which was recorded to be around 4 miles be prepared to walk directly back your original track because of the fact that it’s no longer looped. As a result total hike is 7 or so miles.

Dries really fast! Great, never crowded, and trails are easily marked.

A beautiful trail that offers continuous babbling brooks and a brief glimpse of the iconic NJ AT. The first 1.5 miles of the trail is a sharp incline and takes a lot out of you, but the rest is relatively smooth sailing. Would recommend taking the loop counter clockwise to avoid the incline. Not a lot of majestic views but you get a few from time to time. Watch out for copperheads.

This is a short loop and well blazed in the beginning but poorly blazed at the end. Rocky a muddy. Not flat when you get past Lake. This would be a 5 if blazed correctly.

Great for kids

2 days ago

I probably hike this place 5-15 times in the fall and spring. It’s a great way to spend the whole day. A handful of hidden little locations too.

One of my all-time favorite trails! The gain is around 1000 feet / mile which makes for some great leg burn along the way. The payoff is well worth the scrambling and effort, and the descent through Dunnfield Creek features super crisp air and pleasant waterfalls. The descent reminds me of Stokes State Forest (to the northeast of Tammany), where you'll see massive hemlocks, cedars, and general old growth forest!

Awesome views of Pennsylvania from the NJ side of the water gap. The trail can be rough in some places. Check out my full write up which includes directions and things to look out for.

4 days ago

A nice, quiet trail with a good climb and view as a climax.

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4 days ago

Nice flat and well marked trail. Roughly 6 miles worth of loose sand trail, rest is dirt or harder packed sand.

Peaceful. Easy to follow trail. Only encountered two people with two dogs, some deer and a few geese. The water is pretty on a nice day.

This is a combo loop made from 4 trails Hoeferlin (yellow), Macevoy (blue), Castle Point (white), and Skyline Connector (red/white)
We did this hike with 4 kids ranging from 2-6. This was not an easy hike, even if you are not with kids, there were some challenging points.
Start at the North Parking Lot. Head down the main path till it forks and veer left. Start following the yellow markers. There is one point midway it got confusing, there were yellow markers heading in 2 directions, take the markers going down. Follow the yellow trail till it meets the main path. Head on the main path till you hit the lake and turn right. Start following the blue markers.
Part way down you will see a stream coming out of the forest. We took a break here and cooled. We climbed the rocks up and followed the stream into the forest a bit, then headed back to the main path. Keep following the blue markers until you hit a fork. Take the road to the right with the 2 cement pillars. About 100 ft up is the white trail head. This part is uphill but it is not very long. About 10-15 minutes. At the end of the uphill will be the castle ruins. This is a cool spot to take some pics and hand out in the shade. Once your read to head down, on the other side of the ruins is a wide clear path, follow it down to the main path. Continue on the main path , but we on the look out for the white markers. You will pass a private house and a little after that the white markers are on your left. Follow the white markers all the way to the end. You will meet the main path again. Take a right and about 50-100 ft down veer left onto Skyline Connector (red/white) Follow that all the way back to the car.
Great Hike. Would definitely do it again

6 days ago

This is such a lovely hike, however make sure you have a good footwear! I would agree with the classification as hard.

Beautiful hike to see magnanimous Atlantic white cedars available only in this trail. Hemlocks are enigmatic too. At the fag end of the trail, I lost my way and started walking north toward NYNJ border. Soon realized and walked south to reach parking. Nice boardwalk near swamp where snow is still melting. Mosses are beautiful and form a carpet on the water. Difficult to imagine it was a 12 feet deep lake 15,000 years ago.

7 days ago

Beautiful view of New York and the George Washington Bridge. Would not recommend talking kids or dogs. Rocky trial

7 days ago

Eagle Rock has a special magic that I haven’t seen matched by many parks. It has a vast array of terrains (from rocks and boulders to manicured trails to mossy wonderlands to some of the best off-trail hidden gems). In the nicer weather, I’ll find myself here at least 3-4 times a week. Keep an eye out for stick teepees and fairy houses on the trails! In the last couple years there has been trash and graffiti problems, but unsure if it’s due to it’s rising popularity or lack of staff upkeep and/or funding.

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7 days ago

Probably the best mountain biking trail in NJ

mountain biking
7 days ago

Very fun for mountain biking

We went on this hike with a toddler and a 4 month old. It was beautiful but pretty strenuous with an extra 30 lbs strapped to your back. I would say it is big kid friendly but not toddler friendly. He was very tired on the assent and walked very little on his own. The summit was spacious and he was able to run around while we all ate lunch. Beautiful views but little tree cover this time of year and a lot of downed trees. Parking is atrocious here. If you come after 830 be prepared to be creative on where you put your car. My little lump was asleep the entire time.

It’s a great mid-distance loop. A nice mixture of climbs and flat terrain. You’ll pass hardwood trees, a flowing creek, a small lake, and some nice overlooks. It’s a great way for new high pointers to check a state high point off the list. If you are a high pointer, I recommend going clockwise on the trail so you climb into the high point near the end of your hike.

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