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Semi hard trail, parking sucks so make sure you get there early overall a good hike but i wouldn’t consider it hard. Also sometimes the trails are not well marked so pay attention

Rattle snake warning!!! Be cautious! About 7ft long bringing of trail. This is a very hard hike lots of rocks and you have to pay attention to markings or you will get lost.

This was a tough one - definitely not "easy." I stayed on the White Trail the entire way but never came to the lake or any overlook or waterfall - perhaps I was too busy making sure I didn't turn my ankle on a rock. Went out quite far on the trail, thru a clearing, to the point where I decided I had better turn back as it appeared to be a trail to nowhere, despite clearly marked White blazes everywhere. The trail was quite rocky and steep at times. I did see the trail head for the Yellow trail, but it merged with the White trail. There was NO ONE else on the trail, as was evident by the cob webs I was walking through on the way out. Mainly saw chipmunks, and no bears, thank goodness. Had to stop several times on my way back to rest and get heart rate down to normal. I personally found this to be a difficult trail, despite some friendly flat breaks along the way. For experienced hikers only.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Unintended hike down the mountain and back up again whilst trying to find Ramapo Overlook to Lake Todd, which I now know is across Skyline road, on the other side of the mountain! The app kept bringing me out to Skyline Drive from the parking lot which didn't make sense, as I didn't realize I was to cross the road.

Nonetheless, a lovely, if not challenging on the way back up (only a "moderate" trail, but was all uphill in the woods on the Yellow trail for a full mile back to the parking lot). Used to hike all the time but haven't done so regularly for many years. Felt great to get back "in the woods" and the Lake was a special treat at the bottom of the hill. Beautiful old Tudor on the way down. Brought the family dog who had great fun smelling and peeing everywhere. Was glad to get back to car and airconditioning! Encountered several people and dogs along the way but not too many at all.

nice trail. must be great late May when wild rose bushes bloom.

Easy peaceful just what I needed after yesterday's 5 mile 600 feet climb at Stephens park

on Ramapo Mountains Loop

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Beautiful hike, however know your trails! We got lost for a bit and our 1 mile intended hike turned into 5 miles lol! The way back is mostly uphill. Lots of photo ops! Enjoy!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

This trail is easy in places but always rocky ! Provides access to many views of NYC and Ramapo MTs

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

This place is gorgeous, there aren't too many people. The trails aren't marked spectacularly so don't make the same mistake I did- leaving the trails at sundown, and getting lost ; Apart from that I highly recommend it

Great walk prepare for walking back up on the mountain. Nice view of water and mountains, great for family's with strollers.

Really bad they must have gotten rid of the trail because my girlfriend and i went all over the place looking for lake todd and each entrance says private property or we ended up at a dead end.

Monday, January 05, 2015

Great place for all levels of hiking. Highlight would definitely be the white trail up towards the derelict house and tower on top of the mountain. Enjoy the view from the top!

Happy hiking.

Monday, June 23, 2014

This hike was ok I recommend it to people that like it tough and like to figure things out because when I went we got lost twice and it was kind of hard to find a way out we actually used out GPS on the phone to get out

Monday, October 14, 2013

Really nice trail I took blue trail then red which led me to yellow. Red trail might be strenuous in some places, overall its a really good hike I recommend it.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pretty tough hike. Went beyond the 8 by taking yellow to green up through the scout camps and to eskine overlook. Back down came out to about 9 miles. Saw a big ass rattlesnake on the green/white blaze trail. Grueling, and difficult to follow at times from debris/downed trees. Had a great time. Dogs are wiped out too

Beatiful and peaceful. Hubby and I went on our first hiking trip, turned around when we spotted black bear(cub).. wasn't sure what to do. Will return to finish trail (which for beginners) was not so easy, doable but not easy! Great experience. 8/12/13

Sunday, September 09, 2012

This is another good hike in Ramapo. It's kind of a long one but not a hard hike. The hike is one of those nice walking ones. You'll climb up a hill and back down the hill and you'll do this a few times while hiking the trails. The hills are not bad ones. Ramapo Mountains are a great place to come back to and explore some new trails.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

I've hike this trail a couple of times. It is nice, but much better if you have a guide to show/explain the historic features you pass.

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