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Beautiful place, natural views, is well cared for, enjoy it.

trail running
3 days ago

I live on Church lane nearby and run here basically everyday for 2 years. Great woods trails along with open flat loops that can be used for intervals. All around 10/10 would recommend

Only giving 3 stars since it is my first trail in USA. Laurel ridge route took me 40 minutes, very relaxing, easy enough. Only negative is views looking towards Rumson are blocked by the woods.

4 days ago

Spectacular views. Great hike!

5 days ago

As was stated in an earlier review this is a very popular area for people on bicycles, almost dangerously popular. Loses points for the horse and dog droppings. Also the low flying planes create noise. If you are willing to look past those things it is a decent hike close to the lake.

Plenty of parking, almost litter free (only a few discarded water bottles), well marked trails. Could use some more maintenace with the downed trees and erosion. Looks like some clear cutting of trees and brush is happening in one section of the trail.

Interpretive signs are a nice touch, but need updating. The trail as shown on the map is good for most skill levels. There are many intersecting paths yet it is easy to stay on course. Would recommend to check it out, although I will not return. Better options nearby.

Excellent hike on a blustery day. A little bit of everything.Bouldering, stream hops, muddy morasses, tight to no paths and wide gravel paths. Boots an absolute must. Highly recommend a trekking pole if doing the complete route. Beware near the end of the blue trail false blazes in blue spray paint.

With the homestead ruins and the multitude of mini waterfalls on Walnut Brook this proved to be a very scenic hike. The trail tends to be muddy so boots are needed. Parts of the path follow the overgrown driveway while the upland section is tight and rooty through a wooded section. There is also a small cedar grove.

We had a great hike! I recommend finding another trail soon after it’s been raining. There were parts we had to go around because huge puddles and a couple stream crossing were difficult.

Overall a relatively easy and enjoyable trail - a nice mix of walking through forest and walking around the lake. As other reviewers said, trails are NOT well marked and we took the wrong path a few times. I would rate this as an easy hike -- maybe "moderate" due to the confusing trail markers - but good trail to bring along young kids, beginner hikers, etc.

love everything about this place,... it helped me save my soul.

Visited in November. Very open and pretty with the leaves on the ground, but the trails were poorly marked and I ended up wandering around the woods. Pretty impossible to get lost though, it's not very big.

Hike itself was okay! Wasn't all that challenging and it was your very typical views. However, that quarry is out of this world. It's so random for the area and feels like a lot of different floras are clashing but it's awesome! Definitely recommend if you want to see something out of the ordinary.

We did the Yellow Trail instead last weekend and it was so much fun! Some parts were a little flooded from the rain the previous day, but there was always a little trail to walk around those areas. I can’t wait to do this trail again! I loved the little boardwalk parts while walking through the woods. And the beach area was beautiful!

Good trail, trail map needs to be updated

This relatively short hike will take you about an hour if you stay at the top for the beautiful views, a picnic/snack, and a trip down 9/11 memory lane (memorial). We take our Cub Scouts (ages 7 - 11) on this hike at least once a year!

There are several unmarked trails. You’ll need to use the app to navigate. We took the orange trail for most of the hike. One mile into the hike, go off trail slightly to the left and check out the view from the bluff.. Extremely muddy and swampy after a big rain. Lots of deer. Our dog loved the hike!

trail running
16 days ago

My perfect running trail. 5 miles, market at one mile intervals, flat and well maintained. Go in the morning or evening since it can get crowded on a nice weekend day.

17 days ago

Not a bad family hike. Quiet. Easy. Trail is well maintained and marked but muddy. Some low lying areas had standing water in them.

A walk along a creek. Sandy path that is very rooty. Plus the fire roads and wooded muddy pathways.

great Trail I will come here again and again and again there are so many different trails to go on especially when you get up in the higher elevations very Rocky you need to be in pretty good shape to do this

mountain biking
19 days ago

Awesome downhill mountain biking spot

20 days ago

Great trail for a leisurely walk for the entire family. One is bound to come across the Monarch Station along the path. Wonderful to see the hard work and efforts of the community in contributing to the preservation of the monarch population.

20 days ago

It is wonderful to see the improvement to the Hillside trail in Chatham; new plants, new flora, and new life. Just the accent of some new planting and a clean up can make such a difference on a trail. Glad there are folks out there willing to contribute. Wish we could see improvement like this on other trail locations. Those subtle improvements certainly makes all the difference walking a trail.

21 days ago

Nice park, almost all paved. Easy.

Only downside is that it's pretty close to some major roads there's some road noise.

trail running
21 days ago

This is a great trail, especially for South Jersey. There are several hills along the way which is a nice change from the normally flat trails in our area. You can easily take different routes to vary the distance. There are good views and lots of opportunities to see wildlife. We walk or run this several times per month from October to April. We avoid it the rest of the year as it is a favorite destination for biting insects, ticks, chiggers, etc. Highly recommended in the cooler months.

Good, well-marked trail. Views of the lake, and easy to follow. I hiked on a cold December day. A little bit muddy so you’ll want to wear hiking shoes.

Decided to get out of the house and hike on this cold crisp and sunny Christmas Afternoon. I’m so glad we decided to and to get out in nature. The trail itself is rated moderate and it really should be rated a high easy or low moderate at best as it’s not really difficult at all. It was damp and muddy in a few area but easily navigable if so desired. We hiked the loop clockwise through the bare forest and headed up to the summit where we were rewarded with spectacular unobstructed views of NYC on this clear day. Throughout the course of the hike we probably crossed over about a half a dozen little streams that were gently flowing and the last mile came into contact with a golf course for a short period and small pond before cutting back into the woods to finish out. We came into contact with 8 other people throughout the 2 1/2 hours and 2 dogs so it was nice to be basically all by ourselves for the most part. Anyway if your in that part of NJ and or just want to get out for a little bit then I would recommend this mainly leisurely hike!

trail running
25 days ago

Nice well maintained trail. I lost the yellow blazes coming from the south side, but the map was helpful for getting me back on track. Lots of water crossings and people walking their dogs.
Will come back for more trail fun!

29 days ago

Long trail. Lots of mountain bikers. The All Trails map does not follow the blazed Orange trail. Smooth mostly sandy paths that are tight. Wooded with pines and oaks. The trail overlooks the Manasquan river. Nice scenic view on the back end now that trees are leafless. Bikers we're courtious. Wish dog owners would clean up after their pets. Several piles on the paths.

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