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Really nice trail, family friendly, and beautiful scenery

Did this trail today - could be marked out better but overall a good hike and lots of things to see

Not as well marked as I would have liked but great!

You can leisurely hike the trail. the elevation inclines are not extreme. Take your time and soak in the surrounding. The only annoying issue are some of the irresponsible dog owners that do not leash their dogs while on the trail.

The lanape yellow trail was just painted but the return white trail was difficult to find. beautiful even in 26° weather!

Great hike w many scenic views! Quite long and rocky for amateurs but well worth it! Water fall fell short of expectation though.

Went off trail a little. Saw chipmunks, bunnies and foxes. Waterfall was definitely the highlight. 10/10 would recommend.

I saw pictures of this waterfall and didn't expect anything grand. I was able to find the preserve pretty easily and it had great parking areas... spread out around so you can park at different places. They have a great dog park if you want to bring your dogs. That is pretty much where the great things end. I went to the post board in the beginning to see if I could get a map... there were none so I took a picture of the one behind the glass on the board to know where I am going. There was graffiti all over the post board and the a small restroom area that was now not being used. I tried for almost and hour to figure out where to go and which way... I kept taking trails I thought were trails but weren't. I was here to see the waterfall (hemlock falls). The trails are not marked at all... the only one that was is the waterfall trail (red dot). I am not sure how I stumbled onto the red trail but I did and was very disappointed with the falls... it was a simple trickle. I knew it was nothing large so I won't put down the preserve for that. The unmarked trails makes it almost impossible to find anything. Sad to see that there is graffiti all over and that this is not taken care of. Oh well another waterfall and park to check off my list.

The trail is light but I highly suggest using the map as a reference because the markings aren't the greatest. The view & scenic shots when you get to Hemlock Falls are amazing.

Trail was ok. But it is TERRIBLY MARKED. Very easy to get lost. Overall a nice day hike if you're familiar with the trails.

Great hike, just couldn't find the overlook in the pictures

This was a nice trail. Really suggest keeping a map on you just in case you get off track.

The waterfall is a sight to see.

Good trail. Doesn't feel like you're in the middle of a city.

really great beginner trail for anyone. there are some wonderful open forest areas, along with close forest paths. A couple nice small waterfalls.

So this is my second trail. This one is a tricky one as there are multiple trails branching off of your own trail. I stuck with the yellow mark tree trail. Got lost for a good hour and i must say after getting lost i find it worth the effort to make it to end. A gorgeous waterfall. Oh and your shoes will be covered in mud!

Trails poorly marked and trail maps are few and broken. Nice area but limited parking.

Beautiful hike with some rough terrain. A good amount of inclines. Rocky trails. Really nice stretch song a ridge. Great hike.

So disappointed with this trail. Not only was the waterfall super tiny, the trail was filled with broken glass everywhere we turned. I climbed to the top of the waterfall only to find that I couldn't place my hands down because of the large amounts of glass. Hard to do when there was a scramble. Also, the waterfall had graffiti on it along with other parts of the trail. New Jersey

Blazes were very poorly marked, however the trails were able to be followed with the help of trail maps.

From the very beginning these trails have no proper direction or markings so we had no idea where to start off. But we found it and did the entire Yellow trail. It was very nice and beautiful scenery. We saw a snake, deer and lots of chipmunks. The water fall wasn't huge but still nice and relaxing. We hike around and to the top of the waterfall, sunbathed and had lunch...super relaxing. Now on the way back we got lost cuz the Markings are horrible we followed the red/white ended up by blue then all white an hour later finally found the yellow back to the car. All together like 5hrs hiking including our breaks, but still a Nice day :)

Nice trail. Markings on the trees are pretty straight forward to follow and coordinate with the South Mountain Reservation map just enough so that you can figure out where you're going. Even if you do get lost, it's an enjoyable enough hike to where you won't regret getting lost in the first place. I went in the middle of the day and there were a good amount of people around. I passed someone maybe every 3 minutes. The waterfall isn't everything you think it will be, I posted pictures to show what it looked like in July. But there is a great spot to lounge on top of the waterfall with a nice view

Nice loop with some great scenery. A nice little respite in the middle of bustling NJ. Did it on a Tuesday morning so the trail was all mine. My only complaints are that you can still hear traffic from the local roads and the trail isn't marked very well. Also, don't expect much from the "waterfall".

Really nice trail. Signs are a bit hard to follow so pin yourself to the app. Fun to get lost and find your way though.

Nice trails, lots to explore, took a different way back than we took out. Trails could be marked better but we didn't get lost and it was a nice summer Sunday afternoon so a good amount of people and dogs walking around. Plenty of options for trails to take, I could go regularly and never take the same route twice.

No bikes allowed. Perfect for an afternoon hiking experience, bring water specially for your 4 legged companion. There is a nice dog park and there is a small brook by the bridge perfect for them to cool off after a long walk. Also there are picnic tables at the beginning with charcoal grills. Perfect for grilling and relaxing moment before you head home. One thing to remember don't forget to Pin yourself on you mobile map, most of the path are lacking signs/markings, so you need to look at your phone from time to tome to make sure you are on the right path.

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