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Not as great as the reviews say, the waterfall was weak and after the waterfall there’s pretty much nothing else to see for the remaining 5miles. It lacks any scenic views for a hike that climbs 1.3k feet. It’s too challenging for the amount of views on the trail, and the road leading up to the trail entrance is terrible. I will def not be going back.

Beautiful waterfall. Steep stairs to get to the top, one or two areas to rest on the way up. Our dog had a tough time with the stairs. Views of the falls from the top are nice. We planned to do a hike and went maybe 30 minutes past the falls before seeing a black bear on the trail ahead of us, just before the trail split into the loop, so we ended up heading back earlier than planned. It was busy around the falls but very quiet on the trail (this was a weekday — maybe it’s busier on weekends!) we didn’t pass any other hikers until we were almost back to the falls. Hope to try the full hike again soon! Trail seemed great.

Great quick loop!

the waterfall is nice
the hike itself is high effort, low reward

Good workout but garbage views

1 month ago

Too busy for my liking, tons of people including a bunch of children running around. The hike was ok, though Crater lake was also very busy with people blasting music. Basically if you're looking for seclusion go elsewhere.

challenging great hike.

1 month ago

This is the tallest waterfall in NJ and it is right next to the road. Next to it is a great trail that takes you through a forest and leads to the Appalachian Trail. Tough in places but cool. Check out my full review along with some things to look out for.

1 month ago

Great Trail.

Great 3hr hike! The falls did not have a lot of water so the falls were not that stunning. Took the road from the north to get to the parking lot. Was not much of a problem with a regular car. Had to evade some potholes but the road was in relative good shape.The first 1.2 miles to Appalachian Trail were all pretty much uphill and the hardest. During this part there was one point where you get to a 4 point intersection and we were not sure whether to turn right or go straight. We ended up going straight and stayed on the blue trail until the AT. Walking the AT was fun since we met many hikers with big backpacks who wanted to talk about how long they were already hiking on the trail and that thieves had stolen their food at the last camping spot :-( ! The path to Hemlock pond came quickly and was clearly marked. Along the path to the lake there were a lot of wild flowers that were blooming beautifully. These also lined the lake making the view of the lake stunning. We followed the orange signs around the lake until we got to the intersection that I described prior. This time we turned left to get back to the falls and the car. Visited the Waldeck Inn afterwards: great place for good food & drinks, and stunning views.

A very enjoyable afternoon. I took my time was out for about 5 hours.. found a very nice rock ledge area just sat down enjoyed the breeze.. The trails are marked well.

Getting to this trail was the most challenging part. The directions provided by AllTrails had us off-roading through bushes and large puddles which was in no way suitable for our vehicle. We opted to park along the road and walk down the dirt road instead. After two miles, one bridge, and three abandoned buildings, suddenly appeared the falls along with a large parking lot directly below it. Besides a sign at the lot “Buttermilk Falls,” there was no indication of any maps, trails, or visitor info. We trekked up the side of the falls and began on a blue-marked trail, which was revealed to be our intended hike. For the first 1/3 mile, it’s very steep and indeed a fun challenge. Then it levels out and snakes are your next obstacle (we spotted two, one rattlesnake).
TL;DR: Ensure you arrive at the lot directly underneath the falls to save yourself the frustration. Great trail once you’re on it!

I did this trail with my golden retriever. the first .25 mile is very challenging. once you get 1-1.5 miles in, smooth sailing! The AT and Hemlock Pond trails were a good break from the elevation. Took us just over 3 hours and had a great view at the end to have lunch by the waterfall!

Was an awesome hike. I don’t think it should be rated hard at all. Was definitely medium to easy. The first mile is pretty rough but after that it was smooth sailing. I couldn’t find the cave but the lakes and scenery were beautiful! Took me about 4 hours to do the loop but took my time and had lunch by the lake.

4 months ago

Very rewarding day hike with great views, ponds, streams and a beautiful waterfall.

looking for big foot with kids, you will see lots of natural sites for story telling and adventure making.

Great view at Hemlock Lake. But signs are not clear since then. We followed the false trail when we wanted to leave the lake and came back to the falls.

Nice hike, I did the loop around Hemlock Pond.

I've done this Trail but via the Blue Mountain Lakes trails.

Great day hike!! Extended the hike by adding Hemlock Pond and Crater Lake and AT segment. Took the falls up the blue blazes then turned right at the Woods Trail and followed until hemlock ponds. Followed around the pond until the orange blaze. Took the orange blaze up to Crater Lake. Turned left onto the Appalachian Trail for about a mile and then left onto Buttermilk Falls Trail blue blaze back down.

9 months ago

quite short but very scenic!

Great spot. Cool climb up the stairs to the top of the falls.


Hiked from Crater Lake to the falls. There are no good scenic views in between. The trails were not marked very well. My cousin and I got lost and followed the wrong trail a few times. It is possible to just drive to the falls because there is a parking lot right in front of it.

10 months ago

The hike itself is intense, hence it's rating. But all in all the most beautiful view is at the beginning. The trail was great with our 2 dogs and all in all I had a wonderful time.

This is a great hike, starts off with a beautiful view at the base of the falls where you start your hike. The first mile is difficult and where you find 95% of your vertical. But once you get through that you can enjoy an easy hike and relax at beautiful lake at about mile 2.5. The first mile of the hike has a lot of traffic but get past it and enjoy the rest.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Good hike. Caution: Don't take the south side mountain road, take the north side. The roads are horrible.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Enjoyed a great day swimming with kids at Hemlock. The hike in from the falls is fairly steep and rocky. It levels out around the lake and then becomes steep again up the Orange trail to the AT and back down to the Blue trail.

The trails in general are well marked and wide. There are a few questionable spots but we navigated without any major problems.

Cleanliness is an issue with this area as it is heavily visited by tourists to the falls. Bring a bag to help carry out empty beverage containers and other trash.

Friday, August 04, 2017

solid hike,easier than expected it to be. Did miss the turns after the lake but thanks to two ladies with a cute lab we were able to find the right trail.

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