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1 day ago

This is a beautiful trail. I had to drive 50 miles to get here. This is on a Sunday, two days after a rainy day. As soon as I arrived in the parking lot. There were two big potholes at the gate and there were 4 parking spaces still open but they were in huge ankle-deep puddles. Luckily, I brought my boots. I started on the main trail. I came across more huge puddles. I had to try and balance myself to walk on some fallen tree branches to avoid step in these puddles because my boots have a side zipper, therefore only mostly waterproof. I didn't want to push my luck. It's no fun hiking with wet socks, sure way to get blisters.
But because all these water and moisture in this park, I get to see beautiful waterfalls, mushrooms on trees, green moss on rocks. I don't regret it at all. I started on the dark blue trail, then red trail, then white trail. I turned back after 3 miles or 1.5 hours. I made a wrong turn and ended up returning on the Ranger's trail, it has very steep and rocky slope. I wish I had my trekking poles because I have bad knees. They hurt doing steep descent. But I managed it ok.

This park is a great place if you go at the right time of the year. Mid-fall to late spring is the best time to go. Summer months are brutal with bugs and ticks. You can spend hours on all the trails observing wildlife. You are far enough off the road that nature is all you hear. Being local I take my dog there a lot in the off season

Great short hike. Well-maintained trail. Nice views to the west and northwest. No bugs and lots of happy hiking dogs! We left before sunset, but it would have been an amazing place to watch the sun go down!

nice and easy trail to get started. take the red trail to warm up. take the yellow or blue for a bit more elevation and views.

Very rocky and steep trail but worth the beautiful view you get at the top!!

Well marked and trail was in decent condition considering how much rain we’ve been having.

Wow what an amazing hike! Definitely recommend taking the red dot trail going up, as it takes 1300 feet elevation in 1.2 miles, which is very adrenaline pumping. Lots of rocks, but not too difficult to do.
And omg, what views from the top !
You get to see the gap and mount minsi and beyond.
If you want to soak in the beauty, go early, and choose less crowded days.
At the summit, don’t forget to go down the rocks little, it’s not visible from top, but that’s an experience u ought not miss.
Took the blue dot trail on descent, though equally rocky, it was a gradual one.
And there s a beautiful little cascade down that trail.
Hike takes 2.5 to 3.5 hours depending on ur time spent on photo ops.
Parking was overflowing when we came back by noon. So once again, go early.

If you want to avoid the crowds, and get a parking spot, I suggest getting there early in the morning. Other than that the trail is perfect. Good for kids,adults and even pets!

Nice view and just to rest and enjoy

This was a fun trail to hike. However, if you’re looking for the fairy cave, it is not on this trail. Park in the lot to the right of the lake and follow the lake line to get to the cave. There isn’t really a trail for it.

Nice walk if you like historic sites. There is a trail that cuts through the woods which leads to Finns Point National Cemetery

4 days ago

Muddy. Slippery. Smelly. Barely any views of the pond. The area is full of invasive grasses obstructing all views.

Nice day hike. Dogs loved it! Lots of side trails to make it shorter or longer. Parks clean and quite.

5 days ago

Well maintained and relatively flat trail with a minor incline. Should be easy for most skill levels. Parking across the street from the trailhead. Trash, and bathroom facilities available.

Although the trail as shown here is very short, there are some connecting trails to add if desired. The proximity to Millbrook Village and other interesting sites in the area provide nice options for activities.

Special events are occasionally hosted at this location.

The view was amazing but highly trafficked is an understatement. We went on one of the first nice days in April so I can understand why it was crowded but I personally like a hike with less people. I highly suggest wearing appropriate foot gear (I saw some people going up in sneakers and flip flops), there is a steep incline! If it’s your first trail it might be best to go another route.

Walked the paved loop. I really liked it. Nice open fields most of the way, little bit of boardwalk, tiny bit in the woods, tiny bit by the lake. The long stretch along E Main street was kinda lame, but the other half of the trail was very enjoyable. It could've also been that I was out on a perfect fall day and that made me like the walk more than I otherwise would.

Great spot. Decent amount of hills for South Jersey but not too challenging. Nice views of the water and interesting wildlife along trails. One part of the trail is closed from January until August (I believe) due to endangered birds mating in the area.

Cute little path however, it rained the two days prior so the path was quite wet in some areas.

Nice nature trail.

No biking or pets.

Pleasant hike on a well marked trail. Good starter trail for an amateur. (That’s me) There seemed to be a few other trails that crossed this one, I will probably return to try some of those.

Love Songbird. it,s close to home,
has varied terrain, well marked, and has easy access bailout points. Like any trail, adaptation is a must. l did it a weak ago, hot summer day, no bug spray, shorts ; ever hear of chiggers ?
My Bad. I'm paying.
Pretty crafty how they managed to get such a nice trail fashioned into an area of reclaimed land, and made it look so natural. Good work.

This isnt a hiking trail. this is really just a path in a strip of preserve woods going through Verona and Cedar Grove. You're never out of sight of a backyard. but it's a nice walk if you're in the town and want a tiny bit of nature.

lots of fun. make sure you take blue trail to see waterfall and lake!!!

Awesome views of Pennsylvania from the NJ side of the water gap. The trail can be rough in some places. Check out my full write up which includes directions and things to look out for.

This trail was ok, the markers weren’t clear or visible at times, many people walking, running, dog walking. Not very clean

Es maravilloso caminar con la Estatua de la Libertad al frente es Magnífico! la brisa, las gaviotas ,el clima, es perfecto !

We were camping at Worthington State Forest Campground this past weekend, so why wouldn't we do this trail. The trail head is literally right from the campground. The weather wasn't perfect, it was quite misty and chilly, but we were itching for a hike. The fog transported us into a really cool, eerie wooded environment. There was something awesome about seeing the different shades of fog signifying the distance between the trees. It was nifty feeling like we were in our own tiny world of clarity as opposed to feeling like a small little part of the massive woods that surrounded us. Up at the pond there wasn't much of a view either, but seeing the clouds of fog hang low just above the rippling water was a peaceful experience in itself. This whole trip just goes to show that there is no "perfect hiking weather." We'll definitely be doing this trail again when we can see further than 20 feet ahead of us. lol

Beautiful trail! Too many bikes on the trail the day we were there. Hard to relax for fear of bikes coming up behind us.

It’s a beautiful place to hike and enjoy the forest and view.

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