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Highly recommend. Did just a portion because if time constraints. However will return and complete.

1 month ago

Nice hike with uneven terrain but a great hike

did it late Summer 2017. Rock scrambles. if you come early you can find parking on Warwick Turnpike in West Milford/Hewitt near White Road. Be equipped - hiking shoes, sticks, water, and be aware.

Wonderful hike just an hour drive from NYC. Proper hiking shoes definitely help with especially climbing or walking down the rocks. The yellow trail has the best views. The trail has minimal traffic and is very quiet and peaceful.

2 months ago

A nice, quiet trail with a good climb and view as a climax.

Top 5 views for an nyc area hike

Challenging, but not too taxing. A steady pace uphill. Good for a nice day trip. You can hang up around the lake with a hammock.

Beautiful area, easier travel. Some spots are steeper, but nothing of much difficulty. Can't wait to see it in early spring/ summer.

Took the white trail up to lookout then yellow trail to surprise lake. It was one of the best hikes I have taken this year and sure to go again. Was unable to pick up the orange trail to get back so ended up on blue trail to Greenwood Lake which was worth the extra hike yesterday.

One of my favorite hikes! Great workout (initial hour or so is all uphill and pretty rocky. Doable, but we take breaks), gorgeous views including NYC skyline and an expanse of GWL, and not many people on the trail. There are two spots that I've found more difficult with my large dogs (one involves lifting/ lowering dogs and requires two adults) but there may be walk arounds - that I haven't found. Love reaching the highest point and having lunch while feeling accomplished.

So pretty amd good views throughout.

A quick and easy hike up to the summit from Burnt Meadow Rd.

8 months ago

I hiked this trail two times this summer. Once in early June which was easily 5 stars, and once in late August, which was 1 star. Over the course of the summer the kids destroy this trail. Very sad actually. You can party and be stupid, and still respect nature.

5 stars for the trail, Negative a million for Humanity :/

Man I love this hike.

This hike is located right by the more popular Terrace Pond hike, and offers all the positives of that hike, but generally with way less people.

The beginning of this hike is the hardest part, and is no joke. The first hour is steady steady elevation gain. Once you get to the first viewpoint you level off a bit however. While the ridge along the bear fort trail is less inclined, it is very interesting with light scrambling throughout.

I highly recommend turning left once the bearfort trail ends and taking the yellow, Earnest Walter trail. A stop at West Pond is a must. I like this spot more than the popular Lake Surprise which will come later.

Continue the loop connecting with the AT and Stateline (blue) trail before some more scrambling on the Earnest Walter. The amazing views as you climb the mountain on the EW looking to Greenwood lake are unbelievable.

Surprise lake is a nice spot to take in some more awesome scenery. Then head to the Orange Qual Trail and head back. Keep a heads up on the Orange trail here. It can be very tough to follow if you aren't paying serious attention. The quai trail, while much easier than the other trails, can be very rocky and at this point you are most likely a little fatigued. Be careful on the rocks, as they can be some serious ankle turners.

Eventually meet back to the bearfort trail and head back to your car. What a hike!

Beautiful trail! The trailhead is right on the road, but the sign is slightly set back so you might not see it at first. The beginning has a few tough climbs and rock scrambles, but totally manageable. Highly recommend taking a quick look along the yellow trail after Surprise Lake, there are two beautiful vistas there. A few nice views, lots of cool changes in terrain, glacial erratics and hemlock groves. Beautiful foliage in mid-October.

half way through(yesterday).

i think we accidentally went right after the white blazes ended (we started on Warwick, took blue blaze to white, and stayed on white. instantly was a bit challenging. First year hikers). So we may have missed out.

i think i will do this trail again but start on Orange, get to yellow, and loop yellow. Just to enjoy more.

Excellent trail with beautiful views.

Easy trails, but the map from the office isn't the best. Great place to go hiking alone because it is moderately trafficked.

Sterling Ridge Trail and Long Pond Iron Works. Lots of history to be seen. Pre civil war furnaces and water wheels easy to find as well as garbage and broken glass by the mine hole from teens. Rest of the trail is immaculate.

10 months ago

The dirtiest most disgusting trail I've ever seen in my entire life!!! Local people just can't keep this place clean!!!!

10 months ago

Great hike and views. Just wish people would clean up after themselves.

Pond was refreshing - keep an eye out for snakes

10 months ago

Boardwalks over wet areas need better maintenance since the wet summer created quite a bit of muckiness. Trails are well marked and rocky with some strenuous climbing. Exquisite views of the skyline and the pond from rocky outlooks. People need to haul out their trash!!

Quiet trail and good exercise for a half day hiking.
The view fir Greenwood lake is wonderful.
If you want to save time, start from Lakeside.

11 months ago

The trail has been trashed by kids that go up to party and go cliff jumping. There's broken glass all over the place, old clothes lying around, and the smell of old cheap beer is everywhere at the top. Don't get me wrong I love to party and have a good time but if you hike for the soul purpose to enjoy the beauty of nature then you will not have a good time on this trail. It felt like I was at a water park full of people who have no respect for nature. This place needs to be cleaned up! Here's two stars for the exercise I got.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Charming and a little bit challenging - be prepared and use NYNJ Trail Conference pdf map 116 for easiest navigation :)

Nice trail you need to pay attention so you catch all the turns but had a great time launch by the lake

Sunday, April 09, 2017

The rock looks like marble. Not many views, just a small lake. I don't quite like the long downhill, which hurts my feet, especially my toe so much that the hurts last more than 1 week....

Great hike! Was quiet when I got there about 9 am on a Sunday morning. By about 12:30-1 pm as I was coming back down the trail started to get busy. Challenging but fun hike. Will be even more beautiful in the summer and fall when the leaves are on the trees. It's a bit soggy and slippery in place so wear good hiking shoes/boots.

Great trails, with varied terrain. Rock scrambles, ridge lines, intersects the AT, great views of Greenwood lake, many streams to cross. About as good as it gets for a hike! Excited to do this again in the summer when everything is green. We parked at the coordinates provided by this All Trails map, and did Orange>Yellow Blue>White. Orange was pretty swamped in places after all the rain and melting snow, but still manageable. Boots recommended. Took about 4 hours, not rushing and stopping for lunch.

Saturday, April 01, 2017

Beautiful hike... there was flooding on the majority of the trails but were still passable. We started on the white trail, challenging but fun. Then the yellow to Surprise lake and the orang to the end . Most of the orange trail was flooded and there were areas where we have to take a detour but they were passable.

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