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Nice hike, great views, .many dear and we were able to get very close.

Loaded with deer. Fairly flat trail. Nice city view.

trail running
3 days ago

A very easy, scenic, and enjoyable trail. The terrain changes from dirt to sand as you work your way closer to the Delaware River shoreline and if you continue on past that you can cross a bridge and work your way across several small boardwalks. The PCNT has an abundance of wildlife from birds and wild turkeys to ground hogs and deer. There is always something to see.

4 days ago

Awe inspiring view with the Hudson on one side and a huge cliff face on the other. There was a waterfall that was almost completely frozen over which was quite a sight. The rock scrambles pretty intense and boots/sneakers is a must. Awesome hike and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for something more intense.

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4 days ago

Good but short

8 days ago

Did this as part of the Village Green Loop. Summer with the ponds Hibiscus blooming would make it better.

A real gem in southern New Jersey!

17 days ago

Planned to take red trail but less than 1/3 in trail was closed due to walkway being out. Took white to bypass but ran into the same problem 20 mins in. We decided to call it’s day after that. Nice people on the trail.

Not much to hike, rocky. Awesome view.

This is me and my son’s favorite local spot. It’s marked well and there are nice surprises on each trail. It’s an easy hike that does offer a slight challenge. Definitely recommend!

Love this trail!

This trail is not well marked . You see colored blazes everywhere but I didn’t see any signs of what color goes were . If your trying to get to Apple Pie Tower you need to follow pink. I missed a right turn at one point ended up adding a extra mile . Maybe about est mile in -AFTER A BRIDGE Look to the right for a small opening in a wooded area and pink blazes . You now will enter more of a wooded area . If you see a blue blaze at any point on your left you went to far and missed your turn ...turn around . Wear waterproof shoes . I didn’t think I needed them on this hike but it rained a few days before and a lot of the trail was walking through puddles. Also, take your time on the little bridge passings as they are slippery. They look so innocent but they definitely aren’t . My hiking boots have good grip and I still managed to fall. This hike took me 4 1/2 hours -that’s including a very long lunch break at the Tower . I walked fast on this day as I started late .There was no cell service the entire hike for me and I did not see anybody on the trail the day I went . Something to think about if you choose to go solo . I enjoyed it a lot but the fact there was no service and nobody to be seen I didn’t always feel too safe . Jersey Devil could be out there haha .I think if I did it again solo I would have to bring my emergency beacon . It’s a long way out on your own if you needed help for anything .Not a difficult hike at all but if you do not hike much this may end up being a leg burner for you as it’s long . Great trail to train for harder hikes !!!

a 3.5 mile hike turned into a 4 hour 10 mile hike.. beautiful flatland meander thru the forest on Jan. 1

Patriots Path stretches throughout Morris County. Great place to start this hike is at Kay Environmental Center on Pottersville Rd. Follows signs for Bamboo Brook. Trail runs approx 4.5 miles to Bamboo Brook. Crosses River, gains elevation, lots of good wildlife along the way.

Great view which is why I’m giving it 4 stars but not too much to hike/walk around...

I’ve always loved hiking the great swamp. I know there are some areas I have yet to explore but this is a great place in the early spring and fall to explore (summer might be too hot and full of mosquitos!)

25 days ago

Pretty trail and relatively flat but it rained hard enough yesterday which flooded many sections of the trail. Not recommended after a rain. Some I could bypass through the trees and thicket, some I couldn’t, and had to double back or get off the trail completely toward the paved road. Also, lost my way a couple times due to poor signage and markings. Gorgeous lake. I must have passed over 1,000 picnic tables. I’ve never seen such a healthy amount of picnic tables in my life.

Good place to get out to the woods for a short day hike. It is what you would expect for the Pine Barrens. Relatively flat and no incredible views although the lake is nice. It is quiet and wasn't crowded when I went during the colder months. Trails are well marked.

A nice little park to walk through. You’ll get to walk along the river and past a couple of ponds. There’s a bit of a beach along the Delaware River you can walk on. There are a couple of wooden walkways over some marshy spots. A very easy walk to enjoy. We saw 4 deer this last visit.

28 days ago

This is an official Chatham Township out-and-back trail that's marked with a kiosk near the edge of Green Village Road. Parking is on the wide shoulder next to the Oak Knoll School Fields. The trail is marked and maintained, especially between the road and the pretty pond. It was constructed and maintained by volunteers in the Chathams.

One of best So. Jersey hikes .includes mysterious Mt. Korbar. and then the snow capped peak of The Apple Pie
Hill (when there's snow). way, way
too bad they blocked access to the fire tower (asshole kids). Start early in winter.

Great trail for a woods adventure.
fr/ Batsto up to the Bridge is a nice stretch, and the walk back reminds one of his or her feet. there are some really nice vistas for such a flat trail. We
flatlanders can't get much nicer
forestry places than this . Of course the trail (Batona) does go a lot farther.

Great trail, as good as a suburban park can be. Great usage of reclaimed land.
Plaudits to Northfield City Gov. for
allowing it all to thrive.

Beautiful place excellent trails well marked can spend a whole day there if you wanted too. Highly recommend for all level hikers.

great, i will walk it agin.

Beautiful location for birdwatching, quiet contemplation at the vernal ponds and wildflower gardens. Trails run along the river and through the woods and meadows. Easy to cobble together a few short walks or continue on to Patriots Path and into Jockey Hollow for longer treks. Visit the visitor's center for free trail maps and check out the many activities available. Great for kids. No dogs.

Huge parking area with port-a-potty, defined trail with blazers. Low impact, some elevation with great view of the Delaware river and Rancocas creek. Great birding with a ton of huge bird nests (Eagles and Osprey) Many meditation benches, lite trash observed. Fishing ops available. Leave footprints!

Beautiful scenery and clearly marked trails. Bikes and walkers get separate trails which is pretty nice!

Rocky little path around the parking lot followed by a short walk on a paved driveway. The views from across the street are amazing. Park has a small history lesson also.

Excellent workout. Not for dogs, small children, or a novice...your legs will be sore in the morning.. You will have to climb over large rocks/boulders. Great views. Lots of people. Wear proper shoes or boots. There is a place to eat and rest rooms.
Highly recommend.

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