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Nice quiet trail

1 day ago

Nice short flat hike. Ocean views, two different times. Beautiful area.

My wife and i did this trail with our cub scout troup and it is an excellent trail for kids. Lots of wildlife.

trail running
3 days ago

I did the blue loop. For runners: Beautiful and well-marked trail. Lots of roots and a significant- though not impassable- amount of mud, so watch your step and be prepared to get a little muddy. For everyone else: Super lush woods, great views, and lots of wildlife to check out.

8/16/2018 Orange trail completely flooded out today. At least a foot of water over the trail as far as you can see starting just past the trail head. I’ve never been here before but looks like it would be nice if it wasn’t flooded.

Cove trail was ok but there was a lot of trash.

Sweet little island and very well maintained but the tick situation there is crazy. I came home and there were about 50 tiny larvae ticks all over my legs and torso. And hundreds on my dog. Barely detectable but you can feel them in your skin and they do embed. I won’t go back until winter because of this.

Great hike with tons of amazing views! I did come across a bear with her two little cubs but they just walked on through. It’s a rocky trail but the elevation changes aren’t too drastic. I look forward to going back!

great local hike especially if you live in NYC (and have a car). great workout, lovely views and lots of seating areas on flats boulders. I initially missed the stairs on right that take you into the Giant Stairs area (through a fence) so keep an eye out as there are trails that lead elsewhere. very well blazed. not scary or too technical at all and good sneakers were sufficient on a sunny day. took 3.5 hours with a half hour lunch break.

over grown and wet muddy

Tons of mosquitoes, TONS! At least 20 mosquitoes on me at all times. I turned back after a quarter mile. They call it “The Everglades of Central Jersey” for a reason I guess, the mosquitoes! I haven’t had so many on me since I was in the real Everglades. Also trail was wet and a little swampy. I know it’s called Dismal Swamp but this was a little too swampy and a lot too dismal.

Great hike but very strenuous. Make sure you’re in shape for this one!

Amazing and exhausting trail. Completely the whole loop and sweated a good 5lbs. Next time I'll be better prepared with more water and hiking gloves

nice trail. no test rooms. small parking.

Nice walk on the beach.

This park is not exist, it took us to a residential area. Perhaps your directions are mistaken but we followed them exactly. There is a very nice bike trail park and walking Park called Sterling by drum point Road which is very nice but your directions took us nowhere.

Very clean and easy trail. Perfect to bring dogs and kids. Nothing uphill or difficult about this hike.

Both scenic and challenging. Greenery and trees along the NJ/NY border. Challenging rock climb & descents at “The Giant Stairs.” Bring a backpack: pack water & snacks. Don’t be a litter bug :)

really challenging hike but felt so good to finish!! definitely need to be in good shape to navigate all of the rocky terrain. great views of the hudson river!!

We took our dog there. Great hiking experience.

This small park is a great wildlife viewing area. Deer, groundhogs, rabbits and great blue herons are all common. I even saw a bald eagle while walking on the bank of the river.

If there was a higher classification than hard I would give it. We were not prepared for the difficulty of the scrambles. It had rained on and off recently and they were very slick. We encountered a rock avalanche, which we were told later is a common occurrence after and during rain. Scariest thing in my life! Luckily we did not get hurt/Hit as we were about 20 feet ahead of it. We had kids ranging from 8-13 with us. They all did well, but looking back really not for kids under 12. And they need to be athletically inclined.

mountain biking
27 days ago

Awesome experience On this trail. But unfortunately I have a Flat tire Twice.

Great views for an easy hike, not much elevation gain and its very gradual. Trail is extremely rocky though, which is expected on the AT, so wear sturdy hiking boots. September I believe is the busiest time of the year do to nesting and trail being overcrowded with birdwatchers.

Rock scrambling and steep climbing. I had an amazing time. Don’t forget to visit the women’s federation monument. It’s a beautiful structure. I loved this hike. This will be my second time. It took me 3 hours and 4.5 miles because I stopped to enjoy the scenic views and walked on unmarked trails. The waterfall was sad this time. It needs to rain more. Enjoy!

Parvins is a great little place for me to go and just relax. It’s about 10 min away from where I live. Awesome place to watch the sunset/sunrise. It is kid friendly and dog friendly. Also has a little park for kids.

Its one of the hardest trails I have done in Northern Jersey, all because of the grand stair case.

Correction- I followed the map exactly as per All trails and my Apple watch says it was 4.7 miles instead of 3.7 miles. Took me exactly 3 hours at a leisurely pace.

Caution - I started this loop at 6.15pm in mid July and it got dark by the time I was half way through giant stair case (1 mile shifting boulder climb) and really dark on my way back up. Kinda scary because of terrain. Try and start early in the day.

Great trail running! The course is a bit windy and has roots/uneven surfaces in some areas so keeping your eyes on the ground is key. Beautiful scenery with a gorgeous steam. Quite a few mountain bikers so be prepared to jump into the brush as the trail is one person wide in most places.

July 16th. Trails are in poor shape. Many trees, branches and growth on or across Red, White and Blue trails. Three of us came out of woods covered with chiggers and at least 25 ticks of all sizes between the three of us. Wouldn't recommend these trails until some maintenance is performed. The vista view was enjoyable with a view of an osprey nest which contained a young bird, not yet a fledgling.

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