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Well marked and trail was in decent condition considering how much rain we’ve been having.

trails are marked but no signage at cross trails to make sure you’re moving towards your starting point.

Nice view and just to rest and enjoy

Nice day hike. Dogs loved it! Lots of side trails to make it shorter or longer. Parks clean and quite.

Love the trail itself but needs to be marked. Walked in circles the whole time

One of my favorite hikes! The first time we did this hike it was in January 2016 and there was snow up to our knees. We loved it so much that we came back with friends in the spring. Although it was a lil tough getting up the mountain in the snow, it was much more enjoyable in the snow then without. We did some Geocaching along the trail as well. Going back for tomorrow for the 4th time with our friends, hoping to see the fall scenery and maybe do a little fishing in the Musconetcong River. Love Point Mountain!!

2 days ago

I was trying to figure out why this trail is labeled "moderate" instead of "easy," when I fell on a slippery rock. It had rained the night before and the whole trail is comprised of giant slabs of rock that were very slippery. It rained on my way back and it was slow moving. The top was less impressive than views of the monument from the trail.

Walked the paved loop. I really liked it. Nice open fields most of the way, little bit of boardwalk, tiny bit in the woods, tiny bit by the lake. The long stretch along E Main street was kinda lame, but the other half of the trail was very enjoyable. It could've also been that I was out on a perfect fall day and that made me like the walk more than I otherwise would.

Pleasant hike on a well marked trail. Good starter trail for an amateur. (That’s me) There seemed to be a few other trails that crossed this one, I will probably return to try some of those.

Trail markers need updating. If you like all up hill then all down hill it's for you. I personally like more variety.

Love Songbird. it,s close to home,
has varied terrain, well marked, and has easy access bailout points. Like any trail, adaptation is a must. l did it a weak ago, hot summer day, no bug spray, shorts ; ever hear of chiggers ?
My Bad. I'm paying.
Pretty crafty how they managed to get such a nice trail fashioned into an area of reclaimed land, and made it look so natural. Good work.

This isnt a hiking trail. this is really just a path in a strip of preserve woods going through Verona and Cedar Grove. You're never out of sight of a backyard. but it's a nice walk if you're in the town and want a tiny bit of nature.

This trail was ok, the markers weren’t clear or visible at times, many people walking, running, dog walking. Not very clean

Es maravilloso caminar con la Estatua de la Libertad al frente es Magnífico! la brisa, las gaviotas ,el clima, es perfecto !

Beautiful trail! Too many bikes on the trail the day we were there. Hard to relax for fear of bikes coming up behind us.

Very nice trail... all of the bridges have been replaced... can’t believe it’s right in haddonfield!!!

6 days ago

starting at the north end of the trail sucks. your crossing roads the whole time. near roads and hear roads and civilization for at least 10 miles. not secluded enough. theirs a camp ground about 8 miles in and you have to reserve a spot. didnt see any designated camp sites along the trail like on the appalacian. theirs barely any water sources for miles. its flat. not much scenery and it is so boring. we hiked so far to have a camp site we could have done right at the trail head. id suggest trying the southern starting point by atlantic city. i havent done it yet but everyone elses reviews say theirs plenty of scenery and i havent seen it on the northern end. and 10 miles in is a ways to go without anything tk look at. and you arent supposed to have fires i dont think. we had to clear out our own area to set up camp. it was a little ridiculous. i feel like we were all jus th missurable.

Overall we had a good hike. I will explain why only 3 stars below. The entrance to the park is not clearly labeled. If not for the smoky the bear fire level we would have drove right on by. Tip: entrance is after Ramapo College and has a stone entrance way. Comes up quick if coming from Rt. 17. Parking is free.

There were lots of people walking dogs and small children, which I have nothing against just felt a little stressed at first when hiking is supposed to be the opposite.

However, once we got to the Vista Loop trail (Yellow), the crowd subsided and we finally had the trail to ourselves. Parts of the yellow trail and tough. High inclines and slippery rocks. Hawks Rock is nice. Cactus viewpoint is basically the same as Hawks Rock. Ridgeview is cool mainly due to the fact you can see NYC is the far distance.

We didnt end up completing the entire Vista Loop because of the limited day light but overall what we did wasnt anything more than 3 stars.

We did see some deer which was cool and ended up getting pretty close to them while then fed.

Happy trails!

My husband and I didn’t do the whole loop as we didn’t have enough time to complete it before dark. We just went down the blue trail and back. Fun little jaunt. It is rocky in spots so be prepared and wear proper shoes. It was still wet from rain when we went so there were some super slippery parts. The falls are nice! Trail was clean and there was plenty of parking. I wouldn’t recommend this trail (at least the blue trail portion) for small/young children. There are plenty of other areas in the park for them to play and run around, though.

We come here often and its always a beautiful hike!

Beautiful even in rainy foggy weather!

mountain biking
7 days ago

Find your way to the single track mountain bike trails. Awesome! Well maintained and super fun and flowy

Great time! Five miles and lots of people.

My comments are directed to beginners, as that’s what I am :) Found this to be a fun hike, followed the red trail. If you have trekking poles, bring them, also recommend hiking shoes or hiking boots. Saw no obstacles along the trail except a few small branches. There are 2 or 3 creeks to cross with steppingstones to assist you. Some parts of the trail are narrow paths through grassy areas, and in some places, the trail is marked by logs on either side, reassuring for beginners. There are a few ‘You are here’ signs, too. Quite a few large boulders, fallen trees, wildflowers and mushrooms along the trail. I plan on going back again soon.

Short little walk, little bit of marshy area and a boardwalk. Saw some deer. Playground for the kids.

Close to home is why we love it. Have two large dogs that love the trails. Nice parking lot and location is right off main road. Some sections can be muddy but it’s nice to see streams. Can get rocky especially holding tow large dogs on leashes. Sad that a few areas have broken glass and a spot where people left lots of beer cans and smashed glass. Watch your feet and paws. Otherwise it’s a great hike.

Saw three bears on Thursday October 4th about a mile in. Two scattered and the mother grunted a few times, turned her head and walked off. I slowly backed up, turned around and went back to my car. I carry bear spray whenever I enter the woods and I highly recommend it to everyone else. I didn't have to use it but it was very happy that I had it during this encounter, just in case. I'll be back one day but I wont be hiking on trails with no cars in the parking lot any more.

10 days ago

A very tranquil trail in that no one is ever around. Fairly easy, quiet, beautiful (the paths weave around fields of wildflowers), lots of wildlife (deer, groundhogs, turkeys, birds, butterflies, etc). Probably about a 1-2 mile loop depending on which way you go. But the first two times I visited this trail I was followed by horse flies so had to bail on the walk. The third time I finally was able to take a full loop. Doesn't appear that they mow often so you are in ankle deep grass no matter what, so watch for ticks.

11 days ago

Dirty Dirty Dirty. I am embarrassed to have this trail in my hometown. Took a quick walk with the dogs one night. 20 yards into the woods, there was a spot within 5 feet of the trail where someone had taken a dump and left not only their crap, but also a pile of dirty tissues. It has the potential to be a lovely natural area. There are plenty of benches, a spot where you could allow your dog to swim, convenient parking. Unfortunately, Malaga Lake Park seems to be totally forgotten, except by the kids who party in the woods. Geese have been allowed to pollute the lake and the playground and surrounding area have fallen into disrepair. If you live nearby and don't expect much, it's ok for a quick walk, but don't expect too much.

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