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23 hours ago

Nice short rocky uphill trail. One tiny boulder scramble.

1 day ago

Just a walk on an asphalt sidewalk.

trail running
2 days ago

I live on Church lane nearby and run here basically everyday for 2 years. Great woods trails along with open flat loops that can be used for intervals. All around 10/10 would recommend

2 days ago

Considering I live literally two minutes away I take my dogs here a lot. Have been coming here since I was born!

Only giving 3 stars since it is my first trail in USA. Laurel ridge route took me 40 minutes, very relaxing, easy enough. Only negative is views looking towards Rumson are blocked by the woods.

trail running
3 days ago

Great trails- Ran long shoots (over 8 miles) with my over active pup. .
*Keep in mind where you left your Car. Many ways to get lost.
*Makes for a great Sunday adventure.

Great hike. Very challenging. Awesome views...really about 11miles...but worth it!!

1.13.19. This is a really great hike, tracking the Rahway River for the first part and then looping back via the fabulous Lenape trail (yellow blazes). This part of the Lenape gets you to what seems like the top of the ridge and the walking here is wonderful — some ruins, racing brooks and a more open feel. There is no major effort required to walk this, but when it's over, you'll have travelled a fair distance and climbed a decent amount. Of the 5 trails you'll be on, River and Lenape are the longest (and prettiest). My stats (per All Trails app) as a guide:

Distance: 4.6 miles
Elevation gain: 666 feet
Moving time: 1:50:47.

3 days ago

Spectacular views. Great hike!

Njhiking.com and AllTrails give the distance for this hike at 6.2, but it is actually a bit longer. Between 6.6 and 7.5 miles depending on if you do any little side trips to the ruins. That being said, it is quite beautiful, with some really cool stone ruins and varied terrain. Thankfully it was cold and the ground was frozen while we were there, as much of the trail seems like it would be quite muddy in warmer weather.

Trail is open again. There is a large section of it that is pretty messed up from the loggers rolling through. There are two trails that run next to each other and connect here and there. the higher up one they made into the logging road and is pretty muddy but the lower one next to the river is alright with some down trees only.

Cold day, I’m freezing! But worth it!!

5 days ago

As was stated in an earlier review this is a very popular area for people on bicycles, almost dangerously popular. Loses points for the horse and dog droppings. Also the low flying planes create noise. If you are willing to look past those things it is a decent hike close to the lake.

Plenty of parking, almost litter free (only a few discarded water bottles), well marked trails. Could use some more maintenace with the downed trees and erosion. Looks like some clear cutting of trees and brush is happening in one section of the trail.

Interpretive signs are a nice touch, but need updating. The trail as shown on the map is good for most skill levels. There are many intersecting paths yet it is easy to stay on course. Would recommend to check it out, although I will not return. Better options nearby.

This takes you to Bayville Mountain as well

Excellent hike on a blustery day. A little bit of everything.Bouldering, stream hops, muddy morasses, tight to no paths and wide gravel paths. Boots an absolute must. Highly recommend a trekking pole if doing the complete route. Beware near the end of the blue trail false blazes in blue spray paint.

5 days ago

Small half grassy , half paved track circling a hillside field. Several poems extolling nature and butterflies line the trail.

1.11.19. Fine, short hike with some great views and features. Starting from the (very large) parking lot, I went counter clockwise via the following combination: Falling Waters (blue blazes), Patriots Path (white/blue), Bee Line (yellow) and Grand Loop (yellow). Probably easier than its moderate designation suggests — except for the first part of the blue trail that tracks Electric Brook flowing from Lake George. Exhilarating views of the rushing waters here but while the trail is well marked, the path itself can sometimes be hard to discern and there are parts which are very rocky. Other than that, a straight forward hike: I climbed a total of 679 feet over about 3 miles, and it took me an hour and a quarter.

7 days ago

Small trail with a large vista. Gravel roadway/path takes you to the top. Several side trails for extra hiking.

Very challenging loop for NJ - might be the toughest NJ trail I've done when you include the amount of water still present from the rain in 2018 (and presently 2019). Was more like 11 miles as everyone says - I unfortunately added 2 more miles after mistakenly missing the last trail and bushwhacked to a local road. Made it harder than it should've been, but oh well, it happens.

Try it out and challenge yourself.

The views at the end make this easy trail a 5. Great place for a picnic.

I had little bit of time during my business trip, and I’m glad I got my early morning exercise and relaxation done . Nice view where red and blue dot meets.

Absolutely beautiful! So many different beautiful views until you get to the actual 360 view!

Very nice hike. Challenging in spots and a good workout. Nice views with beautiful streams and waterfalls.

1.9.19. An easy forest loop with some nice views of the Orange Reservoir through the trees. We climbed a little less than 400 feet in a little less than four miles, so not really a physical challenge, but the trail is interesting and well marked (orange blazes). We did this loop counter-clockwise and the first part runs a little too close to South Orange Avenue for me, so if you have dogs, leash ‘em there. The final part, with the Orange Reservoir behind, runs alongside a delightful stretch of the Rahway River. We took a detour early on, but I think this walk could be comfortably completed in about 75 minutes.

Pleasant trail. A lot of up and down. Good hike. Quiet.

This place is a gem!!
Has a little bit of everything,will really get the blood flowing as you ascend.I did the 3 mile loop CCW from Dennis RD trail head!!
This is my new favorite spot being it's only 7 miles from home.

We had a great hike! I recommend finding another trail soon after it’s been raining. There were parts we had to go around because huge puddles and a couple stream crossing were difficult.

Overall a relatively easy and enjoyable trail - a nice mix of walking through forest and walking around the lake. As other reviewers said, trails are NOT well marked and we took the wrong path a few times. I would rate this as an easy hike -- maybe "moderate" due to the confusing trail markers - but good trail to bring along young kids, beginner hikers, etc.

Very nice trail that we will definitely do again. We hiked the Blue trail which was clearly marked and very easy to follow. A large part of the trail hugs the water line and there are only a few low lying areas that had a bit of water after a day of rain less that 24 hours before we were there.

The only caution ... if you use the AllTrails app to send the location to Google Maps, it will send you to a starting point that is down a "not very car friendly" road that is too far past the trail head. I would suggest parking just outside the entrance at the State Park sign.

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