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1 month ago

starting at the north end of the trail sucks. your crossing roads the whole time. near roads and hear roads and civilization for at least 10 miles. not secluded enough. theirs a camp ground about 8 miles in and you have to reserve a spot. didnt see any designated camp sites along the trail like on the appalacian. theirs barely any water sources for miles. its flat. not much scenery and it is so boring. we hiked so far to have a camp site we could have done right at the trail head. id suggest trying the southern starting point by atlantic city. i havent done it yet but everyone elses reviews say theirs plenty of scenery and i havent seen it on the northern end. and 10 miles in is a ways to go without anything tk look at. and you arent supposed to have fires i dont think. we had to clear out our own area to set up camp. it was a little ridiculous. i feel like we were all jus th missurable.