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Little bit of everything. Easy access off the AT makes it a great place to spend the night. Crater Lake is a great place to swim and also top off your water supply.

The trail’s start was a great initial ascent and really got the blood pumping. Upon reaching the clearing at the top, the trail marker to the right was completely obscured by brush and took me a few minutes to pull out my trail map and use the GPS to get myself on track. Other than that, was a beautiful hike. As I came in mid-November, there was little wildlife to be seen, and I encountered no other hikers all morning, so was a very serene and quiet hike. I would come again!

Agree 100% with the reviewer below me. Awesome hike, but be careful after rain and do not bring your dog. My dog is like a mountain goat and we even had to sit down a few times to catch our breath and make a plan for our next step. Solid ground felt incredible after that hike!

Good trail. Lots of side trails gives you some different options. Not much traffic, went on beautiful 60 degree day in early November and had the place to myself.

CAUTION: There are confirmed rock avalanches after rain!

We started on the Long Path Trail and headed down to the rock scrambles that are over a mile long. You will climb, get on your hands and knees, sit on your behind and slide down boulders to get through. There's no question that this is appropriately marked as hard.

Please leave small children (under 12) and dogs at home. We saw plenty of both but we also saw plenty of dogs that were terrified to keep going forward and had to be carried making it dangerous for owners and their fur babies. We also saw fearless children enjoying the boulders but also some driven to tears by fear, too.

The climb back up is challenging since it is steep. We went peak fall so the leaves on the ground made everything slippery. Bring PLENTY of water and wear proper hiking shoes. Hubby went with sneakers and regretted not putting on hiking shoes.

This is a beautiful trail with many good views, but I highly recommend going up Mt Tammany and going down on the blue dot when the water levels are higher. We went a few days after rain thinking that it would be fine by then. The walk down fire road is flat and dry, but as soon as we turned towards the pond, the trail narrowed and was covered with overgrown briar patches. Parts of the path were flooded and we had to walk through water. The worst part of it was during the last 3-4 miles. We had to cross a fairly wide, fast moving stream that was 1-2 ft deep around 5 times. It was doable, but pretty miserable and there wasn't any warning about the streams or flooding before we were 6-7 miles into the trail.

I wanted to add this here because if we had known, we may have avoided the trail during this time.

Awesome hike and the description is absolutely true !!!

Would definitely do clockwise, great views from cliffs as you walk down . Those views won’t be there on hike up unless trees are bare . Hiking shoes a must for rock scramble. Definitely add the women’s federation monument. Great view and a cool little castle.

We took 2 and half hours. We could enjoy whole trail. Recommend to go in fall. trees are so beautiful :)

Was a great hike went yesterday with two friends and it was awesome -“the view”. Those boulders were tricky but if you’re up for a challenge and beautiful scenery do it.

So I started this trail as a first timer and failed to do the proper research. Went in search of a good trail run but got about half trail run half sideways rock scramble. Did have great views and did get a bit dangerous as the leaves had just fallen from the trees and it had rained the night before. Most certainly not a run unless your looking for a spartan like challenge

Beautiful trail! Well maintained and marked. Highly recommended!

Very sweet and well marked, perfect in the fall! And definitely on the easier end of moderate. We made it in 1.5h with stopping at the monument which was quite chilly and windy. The monument was closed for the day (we kind of deserved that having driven through 5 hours of rain to get there) but it cleared up nicely for the hike.

Excellent. The Copper Mine was of particular interest.

20 days ago

Not a bad little trail. It’s worth it to see the monument but don’t expect an endless view at 1800 ft. The trail itself isn’t that scenic, just typical woods besides the wooden walkway by the swamp. I drove 1.5 hours to hike here and wasn’t disappointed, but not a place I would go to twice.

Very nice hike. I would recommend it to people who have at least some experience, since the trail is sometimes very steep and rocky. Proper hiking shoes is a must! Great views and nice places to take a break and enjoy the scenery.

Really enjoyed this hike.

This was a great hike. Only problem is the Appalachian trail markers were worn off or missing in places so we made some wrong steps before find the AT again.

We did eastern half of the PA side today, from the Stockton bridge halfway up and back down again. It was a very pretty walk, flat and easy, mostly firm dirt, shaded, very few mush areas, about 25 feet above Delaware River water level between the river and an abandoned canal, pretty well isolated from the adjacent River Road and very lightly traveled with a few walkers, bikers. Not too much color today but I don't think the leaves are destined for that this year. I suspect the peak may be next weekend.

I don't think the segment on the north/east side of the Delaware (NJ side) is open this time of year, it was fenced off going both ways at the bridge.

Parked on Bridge Street in Stockton, walked over the bridge, went down the stairs on the left and made a right onto the trail. There is a parking area on the PA side maybe a mile north/west of the Stockton bridge which was open with open rest rooms.

Very pretty and pleasant, esp in today's crisp air, though no to-die-for views. Definitely a 4+ star easy trail, but not 5.

We had a nice lunch at the Milford House Inn in Milford NJ about 12 miles north. The Centre Bridge Inn is right at the PA side of the Stockton bridge but it was not open for lunch today. Apparently nowhere else in Stockton for a lunch with servers. New Hope, PA is just south.

Getting to the falls isn't easy. The roads are really really really messed up. Huge potholes. I mean 20, 30 feet wide and really deep. So definitely be careful. The fall is nice. We did the entire trail loop. My wife had a really hard time in the beginning. I didn't think it was hard or even moderately hard. I did enjoy the hike but it wasn't anything spectacular. I wouldn't drive 2 hours for it again. For most people I would rate this hike as moderate. I thought it was easy. We did see a few rattle snake skins by the lake/pond area. I wouldn't advice you to bring your dogs from the falls area. It's not save for pets. If you come from the lake side, then you're ok.

29 days ago

Had a very nice walk and enjoyed the Pines. This a great walk not to long but well marked. Beautiful views of the lake. Love my Day in the Pines. We will be back again.

Some good hills and a lot of rocks. Watch your step! Trail is well marked for white blazers.

Wild nature and bears. Amazing experience

We wanted to hike up to Crater Lake this past Saturday and thanks to this app, got there. The trails are poorly marked with missing signs everywhere and access roads and other unmapped trails that made it confusing to know which way to go. We went up from Buttermilk falls which was very muddy due to rain so when the climb gets steep, especially on rocks, you’re sliding even in hiking boots. I managed to eat it in a large rock- thankfully, I wore jeans and not leggings for this hike, else- the bruises would have been worse. We made a right onto Woods Road (not intentionally) and looped around til we hit orange blazes. At this point, it got confusing with access roads so use the markers on the map (thanks to those who put pins on unmarked roads!). We also had a hard time crossing a flooded stream but luckily made it safe and dry. By the time we got to the lake, we just took a look instead of looping around due to time and the fact some people said men were dragging out a (hunted?) bear from the woods toward the back of the lake. We took the AT back and went down Buttermilk Falls trail (blue) which we then were happy we didn’t hike up that way as it was steep. Woods road was longer, but a nice long flat break and passed two pretty ponds. Be wary of the mud and wear non skid boots and bring a pole or grab a big stick for balance!

Went on a misty, foggy day so didn’t get to see a lot of the views described, but this was a consistently nice 4 mile hike. Not a lot of elevation gain and not too rocky, so pretty easy overall. Would love to go back when it’s nicer for sure.

the view was amazing

Crater lake is beautiful we parked there by putting lake success dam in the gps then walked down to the falls and back up again. It was a little hard but not bad at all . I did it with some beginner hikers and they were fine !

Short and sweet. They all decorated for Halloween. Love it.

1 month ago

starting at the north end of the trail sucks. your crossing roads the whole time. near roads and hear roads and civilization for at least 10 miles. not secluded enough. theirs a camp ground about 8 miles in and you have to reserve a spot. didnt see any designated camp sites along the trail like on the appalacian. theirs barely any water sources for miles. its flat. not much scenery and it is so boring. we hiked so far to have a camp site we could have done right at the trail head. id suggest trying the southern starting point by atlantic city. i havent done it yet but everyone elses reviews say theirs plenty of scenery and i havent seen it on the northern end. and 10 miles in is a ways to go without anything tk look at. and you arent supposed to have fires i dont think. we had to clear out our own area to set up camp. it was a little ridiculous. i feel like we were all jus th missurable.

Amazing views

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