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20 days ago

Why does the map show s residential neighborhood with a lot of dead end streets? This is definately not a trail

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1 month ago

One of my favorite spots to go for a nice run, but only during late fall, winter, and early spring!!!! Once it starts to get hot out the horse flies and other bugs come out! I made the mistake of running in late June, one of the worst experiences. I’ve never run so fast to get out of there. If you go during the other seasons it’s great. It’s a flat easy marked trail with beautiful scenery.

This park is not exist, it took us to a residential area. Perhaps your directions are mistaken but we followed them exactly. There is a very nice bike trail park and walking Park called Sterling by drum point Road which is very nice but your directions took us nowhere.

Very clean and easy trail. Perfect to bring dogs and kids. Nothing uphill or difficult about this hike.

6 months ago

The description is wrong, there is no trail here, it can only be traveled by boat.

9 months ago

I did this hike after reading the weird review from another hiker who thought it was a shady place. Well There was a lot of traffic on this place New Year's day. The early birds with their dogs were leaving by the time I got there at 11 and I must of been in the middle of the afternoon hiker shift change as I had the trail mostly to myself. Exquisite pine and holly trees dot the trail and perfectly placed national park like signage. I had my camera and binoculars for the easy walk out and back. Peaceful leisurely walk that is dog friendly and clean. Don't forget to look for the birds. I saw owl boxes at spots along the trial but did not see one. I did get a nice shot of a Hermit thrush and missed a photo op given by 4 golden crowned kinglets as I had my camera packed at the time.

I paddle this about once a year. There are always a few blowdowns but the creek is passable up to Chambers Bridge Road and a bit further upstream. It would be great to be able to paddle from Lake Shannandoah to Forge Pond but the number of really big trees across the stream make that exceedingly difficult so the out and back route from route 88 is the most practical.

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Monday, August 14, 2017

This Historic area was used by the Native American Lenni Lenape Tribe as a summer meeting place. The beautiful natural lake Leeds into a gently flowing river. As you paddle upstream you will see an abundance of wild life, including fish, turtles, ducks, Osprey and much more . This quiet and beautiful area will provide a great day on the water. Bring plenty to drink, this is an undisturbed nature preserve. Leave no trace.

Monday, July 10, 2017

I originally thought this trail was a part of the Brigantine unit hiking trails (i'm from PA so I didn't know) I found the trail very easily. There is a nice decent parking lot. When I got there, there was another car parked. No one in the car but it was just that car and mine. I was looking something up in my car when the other cars driver came out of the trail. After a few minutes the other hiker went back into the woods. I then packed my stuff and started walking. About a quarter of a mile in I saw the guy now coming back twords me to go out of the woods again. He was texting and looked up, said it was a nice day for a hike and went back to texting. This guy was limping and didn't seem like someone who would be walking this trail. I continued a little further and became "freaked out". It seemed eerie and something didn't seem right so I booked it back the half mile i was now into the trail. I swore I could have heard someone behind me but didn't see anyone. I was in sheer panic, got to my car and checked and saw that not many people had used this trail. Unfortunately I didn't finish this trail at all...too scared. Looked beautiful though.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

A very easy walk on a well-cleared trail with no incline. You can proceed as far down the trail as you like before heading back. Informational signage dots the trail.

I discovered this hidden gem while searching for Ingress missions in Ocean County. The missions on this trail are named after the green headed horseflies which come out in the heat of summer and have a nasty bite. It's primarily a refuge for migrating birds, so summer isn't the best time to come.

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Monday, June 20, 2016

Had a great time kayaking! Rented from Midstreams in brick. Great prices would def go back.

10 days ago

Saturday, September 16, 2017

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Monday, July 04, 2016

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