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Boonton, New Jersey Map

Very organized and clear view. I enjoyed this trail with my girlfriend and my hike buddies. Watch out for the descending rocks and deep mud. Very fun hike

The trail has clear marks and some interesting boulders. The level is relatively easy.

Too many people in the beginning. Awesome chicken of the woods mushrooms. Brightest and biggest we have ever seen.

I loved this trail. not crowded and off leash dogs aren't a problem.

nice trail, moderate. bring bug spray.

nice mix of easy and moderately difficult. will go again for sure

The pyramid mountain trail system is really beautiful. The trails are well marked and neatly groomed, and there are varying levels of terrain for hikers of different ability. It's perfect for hiking and snowshoeing. That being said, please be aware that there are copperhead snakes present in the area. Obviously this is not the park's fault or responsibility, hikers are guests in the wildlife's home. We were so focused on keeping an eye out for foxes, bears, and deer that snakes didn't even come to mind and our puppy got bitten by one. We got him to the animal shelter for an anti-venom treatment ASAP, and he's going to be okay. I just wanted to make people aware of something I stupidly didn't think twice about.

Full Moon Hike with REI on the yellow/white/blue trail to Tripod Rock in downpour rain. As a beginner hiker there were moments of intensity but overall excellent terrain and vista. Would love to do it again if only to see the moon without an overcast sky and rain. :)

trail running
1 month ago

went to this place to trail run. the terrain is a bit tough for trail running, I couldn't get any momentum built up because of all the rocks, tree roots, and rock scrambling. definitely not for trail running if you want to run fast, but definitely a decent hike if you're in the area. wouldn't go out of my way for it though, the views are lame and there wasn't that much to see. the balancing rock was pretty cool to see

Trail was well marked and had some good hill climbs and decents. trail was clear of overgrowth and fallen trees, easy to navigate, especially with the AllTrails map. the peak was a little lame, no view that I saw, and I didn't see the ruins. decent veiw at the top of the power line section. bugs were horrendous, spider webs, gnats, mosquito, and biting flies, but it was mid July and recently rained so it's just that season. the water fall was pretty cool, would have liked to hang out at the water fall a bit longer but had to keep moving because of the bugs swarming my head

Pretty trail through pretty woods. Nothing more, nothing less.

Fun hike , a little bit of everything

Well marked. Very nice trail.

Followed the blue trail up to the overlook and back down and it was about 2 miles! Short and sweet view for a hike w not a lot of time!

Nice loop hike some water views - good hike would go back!

Worst hike EVER!!! So overgrown and the mosquitoes are OUT TO EAT!!! Sprayed all of the bug spray multiple times throughout the hike and not one misquote or biting fly was deterred!

That being said, it might be better later in the season when they’ve cleaned up the trails and sprayed.

Very nice trails. Wide and well marked. We hiked a variation of the loop; after passing Tripod Rock, instead of going around toward Whale Rock we went down along the reservoir on the orange trail. This loop was four miles. We hiked on Memorial Day Weekend and there were plenty of maps at the trail head. There were a lot of people on the trails but it did not feel crowded. The map is also downloadable. We will definately go again and do different loops.

4 months ago

It was pretty good

Decent trail but very poorly marked. The waterfall also isn’t worth the long trek to it. Had to use my phone a lot to navigate and got lost quite a few times. Prolly not gunna go back here again

Very enjoyable!

I was pleasantly surprised with this trail ! It’s very large with all different levels of hiking trails . You’ll find rare birds , streams , huge rocks ! I mean huge ! It’s a very lovely place to visit ! As you walk down the trails every so often you’ll find rocks people stack as they go by and it’s overall very peaceful .

4 months ago

Really nice hike

Great trail!! but as the reviews said it’s hard to navigate so I brought my phone with me and used the map and gos function built into the app, which made things very easy.

I gave it 4/5 because most of the trail is great but there is a bit of walking under power lines at the end.

Take some time and enjoy the waterfall it’s the best part

5 months ago

A decent hike but makes me miss well blazed and maintained Colorado trails. Sections of the yellow trail very muddy and torn up. Several trees down across the trail. A few more blazes would be helpful also. At times you have to look back for a blaze going the other direction to be sure you’re on the right path. Typical trail for the area with lots of tree roots and rocks.

The view at the top of this is OK. Got a little lost coming down. Pay attention to the trail blazers, easy to get off course.

6 months ago

Great workout, varied terrain

Watch our for the blue trail, I ended up on a road and decided to walk back because I was confused. Otherwise great glute workout on the way up!

Hiked on 1/14 and the trail was spectacular. The frozen falls were unreal and just stunning. Highly recommend this trail.

A bit crowded at times. Pleasent enough. I liked the rock scrambles. There really were no views even in the winter. It was a nice work out.

Got lost as you have to keep stopping to check for blazes. Don't assume if the path is cleared that it's the one you want to be on. Falls were frozen over and much smaller than photos made it seem. Pretty snow and ice on the creek. Ruins were kind of interesting. Bring poles if it's recently snowed or rained.

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