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Bloomingdale, New Jersey Map

Nice hike overall - great views from the top on the Wanaque reservoir. Little confusing at itmes as the rout uses few different trail colors - thank god for the All Trail app with nice tracking feature.

So close to home and never disappoints. Done this 4 times in different directions and for only 2 miles it has a bit of everything. Great views, steep inclines and declines (if you choose that route) and rock scrambles.

Conditions were very wet and rainy today. I pieced together a route very similar to this offering and found that while there were some stretches of great singletrack, the majority is very rocky and highly technical for trail running. This park is, in my opinion, great for hiking and seeing the views (we ran into two very brave deer towards the peak) but it is not a highly enjoyable trail run. It may be more enjoyable when dry as slipping on the numerous rocks would be less of a concern

Beautiful hike. Lots of views at several different points. Rock scrambles. Lots of up steep up hill and down hill rocky climbs. Several streams, ponds and waterfalls.
We almost brought our two younger kids with us 2 &; 5 bc we normally bring them when hiking back home in VA. I’m so glad we didn’t. We never could have made it with them. Excellent workout! We saw NYC from one of the peaks. If this is moderate, hard has to be mountain climbing. Be prepared. Bring more water than you think you’ll need. Lots of spiders and bees also. We sprayed several times... hopefully no ticks.. headed home now.
We also came across 5 snakes . All slithered away from us. Certainly a true adventure for our family!

This trail is great! Moderate is a good rating as you don’t really have too many strenuous spots but overall just very consistent rocky uphill/downhill terrain. There is a part where you can select to go the more difficult steep part, and I chose to go the easier alternate route because I had my dog with me who occasionally struggles with big rocks. You have plenty of great areas to rest with beautiful views!! I will definitely be doing this hike again.

great hike
scenic views, nice peaks
pay attention to trail colors

Great hike, one of my favorites.

Really enjoyed this hike! Waterfalls were gorgeous and the high point had amazing views. There was some confusion with the trail markers not being the most obvious but we adapted.

quick hike with amazing views (can see nyc on a clear day) , not too difficult, i would say moderate at the most, unfortunately people cant respect our parks (trash thrown around)

So I haven’t been hiking in a long time but this was a good challenge for my first time back. I loved every moment of this trail! I would rate it more stars if I could ! The views are awesome and it gets rocky which is so much fun !

Loved it - great mix of flat trails, hills and a bit of steep rock. Great views!

A little tough to follow the route without knowing you have to switch from HB (blue trail) to the very top, then take CH (yellow) down to PB west (white) back to HB (blue), but nice tough beautiful route. Looks like the pool under the falls would be a great refreshing swim in summer.

Went on 3/30 and could not cross with our small dogs because it was totally flooded from melted snow. Others could cross but the water was a river and about 6-12” deep... will return someday!

Such a great trail. Went 3/30, some parts were flooded but easy to move around. Nothing really blooming, but deserted and peaceful.

Nice hike. I wish that the all trails map showed the other adjoining trails

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Did this a few months back without Osio rock. Today did the whole hike in reverse of how i did it last time. A bit of a challenge going the opposite way with rock scrambles Again great panoramic views and 360 view from Osio rock.

Trail was awesome definitely one of the best in NJ...High Point makes the hike and is a feature point for the trip.

Monday, September 04, 2017

Wife and I had an amazing hike on this trail. It has a bunch of interesting things, including waterfalls, log crossings over streams, narrow paths, minor scrambling, and AMAZING views. Probably one of the best views on Wyanokie High Point that my wife and I have seen in NJ. Trail is moderate with lots of rocks and some decent elevation gain. We started at Otter Hole and followed Blue/Green to Wyanokie and then came back on White, which is a little easier and less steep. Trails are very well marked and cared for. We plan to come back in the fall to see the foliage.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Made a short loop going Northwest. Green to Red to Orange to yellow and back to green and out.

Fire road in from Glenwilde Rd to waterfall an easy 2 miles back and forth with great views of the falls. Cross post brook and meet up with white blazed trail if desired.

on Caris Hill Trail

Sunday, July 23, 2017


Saturday, July 22, 2017

Follow the black on blue blazes once past the stone living room to join the red blaze bearing right. If you bear left it dead ends not far from where they both meet. Great hike but doing the complete loop past the peak can be difficult at times.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

I walk this area several times a year with friends and family and we enjoy it every time. This is such a great hike if you are in the area or even if you're willing to drive out. It has a wide range of sights, climbs, and wildlife that will make you want to come back in different parts of the year! The view of the skyline and the area alone is worth it. i really cannot recommend this hike enough!!

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Great hike - - nice challenge. Views were great and the stone living room is real cool! There's a beautiful breeze at that location.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Great hike, very exciting and adventurous for kids! We recommend taking the blue trail (w views) to Oslo Rock and the red trail (shorter, no views) back.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Awesome hike. barely saw anyone. Can get a distant view of the NYC skyline on a clear day. Waterfalls, elevation, rock scrambles.. Saw some turkeys. Loved this hike, would definitely do it again.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Great little day hike . Passing "stone living room" was a great feature as well. Rocks rocks rocks

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Very good trail easy to follow the view is gorgeous but it is VERY LONG and TIRING . You can see the NYC skyline from the top. I do not recommend for older people (60+) as I personally think it is a harder trail.

I thought it was a moderately hard hike with a lot of uphill hiking, but then balanced out with downhill parts too. It is dog-friendly though since my dog was able to make it the whole way. Definitely bring a lot of water.

Thursday, June 02, 2016

But forgot to mention that you have to make it to Osio Rock to make it amazing.

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