Looking for a great trail near Blairstown, New Jersey? AllTrails has 8 great hiking trails, trail running trails, lake trails and more, with hand-curated trail maps and driving directions as well as detailed reviews and photos from hikers, campers, and nature lovers like you. If you're looking for the best trails in Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, we've got you covered. You'll also find some great local park options, like Hannen Park. Ready for some activity? There are 3 moderate trails in Blairstown ranging from 5.2 to 9.7 miles and from 849 to 1,597 feet above sea level. Start checking them out and you'll be out on the trail in no time!






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Blairstown, New Jersey Map

Nice trail, not too crowded. Lake is pretty. Beautiful viewpoints off the yellow trail section.

washed out
1 month ago

Easy trail overall. Very rocky but great views at the ridge. Went up AT (white) and came down blue and red. No snow or ice at the moment so no traction needed.

Great trail I enjoy sitting at the rock pile for some peace and quiet

Sunfish pond is beautiful when frozen over. Watch the rocks can be slippery. Beautiful scenery

Directions were spot on. The trail starts at a relatively high elevation, so its only a short climb up the AT (white) to the ridge. Great views of the reservoir to the south. Trail was snow covered but easy to navigate. Worth the extra 15 minutes to get to ‘Raccoon Ridge’ for the panoramic views. Saw a few hunters, so wear your orange. 3 hours of easy going rocky walking. Be mindful to take the Kaiser trail (blue) back down and join up with Coppermine (red) via the connector trail. Highly recommended for ease and views.

Took the spur to the mine and then connected up to the loop, going counter clockwise. Made for a steep descent toward the end, but otherwise pleasant. Rocky path, not too difficult.

This was a nice walk in the woods, but not a very strenuous hike. I would describe it as moderate. With the rocks buried under the leaves it was hard to navigate so for those with weak joints, fall may be challenging on this trail.

Really exceptional. Three days of heavy rain in the area and even with muddy and wet conditions, fantastic hike. Rattlesnake Swap portion was very green and lush, fun to see this time of year.

Beautiful views along the ridge (AT) with the reservoir and the fall foliage.The red trail crosses several streams, but all were dried up. Rocky. Few people compared to the nearby Mount Tammany and no highway. Peaceful.

Intermediate hike that is rocky in areas. There are some steep trails, but they are well-maintained and not difficult to navigate. Nice views from spots marked on the NYNJTC maps, but there is not much to see in between the marked vistas atop the ridgeline.

Nice rail to trail. That pretty much sums it up!

4 months ago

I asked park personnel about a 5.2 mile loop. They know NOTHING ABOUT IT!! I considered the Ghost lake out and back a casual walk in the woods , not moderate and certainly not 5.2 miles.

4 months ago

Good trail, mainly soft terrain. Some jagged descents with roots but over all very inviting. Very haunting too, definitely a great area in North Jersey.

A wonderful trail that is well marked. Fairly easy but some great views.

5 months ago

Rocky, But ok of a trail nothing really stands out.

Certainly more of a moderate Hike for those with experience. Views on the Coppermine were ok at best. They get much better around and after the half-way point on the AT. Mildly to moderately rocky at some points. It had also not rained for a few days by the time we went, so it was not so muddy. ALSO, If you go see the mine, backtrack afterwards and take the other way up, else you’re going to be hiking near vertically for a bit. Overall a nice hike.

I want to add to my review that I gave just a little while ago. we ended up walking in a half a mile and Back Again during that time we met several Runners, Walkers and bikers who were obviously locals and were enjoying themselves immensely. We learned that the River view was on the other end of the park at that entrance to the path. And a sign for the path said this was a 26-mile hike. If you Google this Trail and read about it on Wikipedia you will learn much. So, perhaps I gave an unfair report of the trail since we only saw a half mile of it.

Another track behaving me.A solid track that should be re-marked,not enough signposts to turn,it was crazy and unforgettable. Finish yesterday 9/9/2019

Great 360 view at racoon ridge. Definitely a great spot for bird watchers. We ran into a few people on the ridge bird watching and collecting data.We went up the AT and down the Blue (Kaiser) and Red (Coppermine) trails.

Went up red and down AT, nice trail very little traffic.

Not sure why this is listed as hard. It’s a mild-moderate at best. Good hiking boots recommended due to rockiness but otherwise no difficult inclines. View from AT of a reservoir was ok. Nice day out but once was enough.

6 months ago

Trail was well maintained. It is very rocky with some areas of clear trail. There are numerous locations to rest and take in the views. Before you get to Sunfish there is a stream and a camping area. We went in August. There were a few people on the trail but mostly we were alone walking. Very few bugs.

Great hike, not too difficult. Gorgeous views peeking through the woods throughout the hike up the white trail. Wonderful views all around once you’re at the top. We followed the blue and then red trails down- If you want to follow that route make sure you turn right at the sign for Copper Mine Trail to stay on it. The blue blazes continue both straight ahead and turning right into CM trail so some may get confused.

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