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Great hike with tons of amazing views! I did come across a bear with her two little cubs but they just walked on through. It’s a rocky trail but the elevation changes aren’t too drastic. I look forward to going back!

Great views for an easy hike, not much elevation gain and its very gradual. Trail is extremely rocky though, which is expected on the AT, so wear sturdy hiking boots. September I believe is the busiest time of the year do to nesting and trail being overcrowded with birdwatchers.

Started at the Douglas trailhead lot which had a decent amount of parking. Headed up the Douglas trail which was a pretty steep climb but the trail was wide and we took it at an easy pace. Connected with the AT and followed that to an area with a very nice overlook of the valley. Continued on the AT until we got to Sunfish Pond where we scoped out a shady spot for some lunch. Found a shedded snakeskin near our lunch spot which was neat. After lunch, got back on the AT and hugged the shoreline of the pond where we saw a few salamanders and a bunch of frogs. At the far end of the pond we came to the Garvey Springs trail which headed back down the mountain. At the junction with the Rockcores trail we went right which seemed to be a less traveled trail and it definitely paid off. As we made our way down we came across a young black bear digging through a rotting tree stump. Upon noticing us, the bear calmly ambled up the mountainside and out of sight. A short distance further and we were back to the parking lot. All in all, a nice 5 mile loop for a late morning / early afternoon hike!

Nice view without a huge elevation gain. Saw my first “wild” bear back at the trailhead near the AT hut.

Great hike! The MOC was also a great spot. Only problem was that we got turned around well before reaching even the merge w Kaiser because we walked right up on a very large bear standing just off the trail while coming around a bend. I was with my two young kids and dog (on leash) so didn’t want to take the chance of waiting it out and continuing on. The bear didn’t seem afraid and just kept doing what it was doing even though we were making plenty of noise. As soon as it turned away from us we slowly backed off and then hiked back down. The kids were psyched because we went and swam in the lake for a while instead. Which was a great way to end the outing. Will be back to do the full route ASAP!

The pond is very nice, there is a very large camping area with nice views, lots of fire rings in the camping section though fires are not allowed according to signage, i recommend you stick to the AT around the pond (white blazed) instead of taking the bypass trail so you dont miss the rock art, only down side is it seems to get very busy during the weekend, oh and make sure you stop at Llama ice cream after your hike, youll thank me later!

Nice views around the lake, otherwise mediocre views. Challenging steep uphill section to begin with for fit persons. Hiked feb 18. Took 3hr20 without stops. iPhone measured at 7 miles (?) would give 3.5 if could.

One of my favorite places to hike. The view is outstanding. To go as far as Raccoon Ridge, it's an out and back trail, But you can make it a loop by connecting the Keiser and the Copper mine Trail. Love all the trails near the Mohican Outdoor Center.

I love this trail during the week. I start in Marksboro and walk to Blairstown and back I've seen Eagles on the river. It's quite lovely.

8 months ago

The trail is not easy to find off if Shades of Death. I ended up pulling into a smaller parking area where there is an outhouse. Walking down a road and then making a right walking over and Earth bridge to the trail. It's an out and back trail. Not very exciting. I do like that you can continue on to the Summit Trail, to rest and enjoy the view.

Relatively easy trail as long as you wear boots. Expect it to take around 3 hours depending on your pace. We weren't in a hurry.

Definitely stop in at the AMC hut to get a map, they are very nice and helpful! Thoroughly enjoyed the hike up to and along the ridge, beautiful views once you reach the top! As another reviewer mentioned you'll know you're almost there when you see the Worthington State Forest sign.

10 months ago

The area is beautiful, but when entering from the entrance off Shades of Death road the trail gets swallowed up in the forest. As soon as you get past the Fairy Cave the trail isn't maintained very well and it is easy to get confused as to where the trail continues.

Trail should be rated as moderate. Throughout most of the Hike you can hear Rte 80 roaring by, definitely takes away from the experience. The lake itself is gross and swampy looking, I didn't feel that it was worth the long decline to get there and then the climb back out. The woods are pretty and there were some neat rock formations. But the loud traffic sounds really took away from the whole experience. I would not do it again or recommend it to others, there are too many other great trails in the area.

Try to go on this hike middle of September , 14,15,16,17, there will be the scientists up there doing the migrating raptor count it's very cool!

great hike. not to heavy on the beginning. if you choose to take the Coopermine Trail loop which is beautiful with waterfalls, that will work your legs. Heaviest 1.3miles part, but so worth it.

Parked at started at coppermine trailhead, coppermine trail is nice trail- not rocky. Connected to the AT and walked to catfish firetower had lunch, and turned back the same way. Great views on the ridge on the AT and a waterfall on the coppermine trail.

Great trail! Plenty of opportunities for water refills and camping if doing an overnight. Wonderful views once you reach the AT ridge line. Must pay close attention to signs and your path because it's easy to go in the wrong direction or miss a turn. Watch out for snakes sun-bathing (they are more afraid of you than you are of them). Make sure to hang food if doing an overnight. Very peaceful. Somewhat highly trafficked but never an issue, just frequently encountered other people. Even saw trail magic right before Catfish Pond, offering drinks and hot dogs.

I do 4-12 miles 3-4x a week w 30lb. daypack and burn up to 2200 calories. Not challenging, but great for jog, run, hike.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Hikers, Please be on the lookout for 2 runaway dogs - they hopefully are still traveling together but that may not be the case any longer. They left my home near the Mohican Outdoor Center on Friday 7/7 2017 and I have not seen them since. They are friendly nothing to fear but we want them home desperately. Please call/text with any info any time - 862-579-5671 - Laurie

Saw two black bears today. One a mileish in on the coppermine trail, the second no further than a 10th of a mile from the Fire Tower. Please be alert.

The hike itself was solid overall. Some nice cascades on the coppermine trail. The rattlesnake trail was overall pretty meh outside of some nice flowers here and there.

The real highlight is the fire tower and traversing the ridge on the AT. Great views.

A nice walk along the river. I personally would've liked something a little more challenging, but was nice at the time.

Saturday, June 03, 2017

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Beautiful view, can't wait to return and do it again. Wishing it was a little longer.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Awesome hike! Started at the camp Mohican visitor center where the people were super friendly and helpful. The AT is really rocky, so made sure you were good hiking boots. The views at the top of raccoon ridge are amazing; a 360 degree view. Make sure you go to the top. You'll know you're almost there when you see a worthington state forest sign. We decided to keep going towards sunfish lake but when the trail forked we went right and I think we were supposed to go left. Instead of 8 miles round trip, we ended up doing 10 and never got to see sunfish. We saw two copperhead snakes by the power lines, one of them was the biggest snake I have ever seen. Be wary of the snakes.

Beautiful not too hard but Rocky

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Definitely recommend! Easier end of moderate difficulty on the way up the blue trail with awesome views that keep getting better as you reach the Appalachian trail; soak in the view! After you're done, turn right to keep ascending and you will not be disappointed. You will know when you reach the top—the wise one will be there to greet you! Great trail!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Summit Trail rocks! Love the view!

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