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A great hike through varied terrain. Outstanding for this area

Good marked trail...did Coppermine-AT-Keiser Trail back to Copper.
steep climbs in spots and rocky..definitely a good hike/workout. Nice stream on the train for water if needed.

Great trail for unusual wildlife sighting.

As previously said, not a challenging trail, but it was a great day hike!
Due to the crazy weather, it may have been 12 degrees out but a large portion of the trail was under water.

Views (and silence) made up for it!

I love this trail during the week. I start in Marksboro and walk to Blairstown and back I've seen Eagles on the river. It's quite lovely.

Very nice views on this cool crisp November day. The trail is a little on the rocky side in some spots but that's what you get in the Delaware water gap area.

Very nice view to the reservoir from the trail

By far one of my favorite hikes! Beautiful!

This trail is not hard at all. There are a few steep and rocky parts but it was easy enough for my kids all under 8 years old.

We started on the Copper Mine Trail (red) to the A.T. then took Kaiser Trail (Blue) back down.

Some interesting old stone structures, geological features, small waterfalls, and a few vistas along the A.T. Overall it was fun for the kids especially when we surprised a timber rattlesnake.

The trails are well maintained and well blazed. There were at least a dozen other people here on a Sunday in September. Also several dogs off their leashes. Hardly any litter and lots of parking at the trailhead on Old Mine Road.

The green trail was difficult to find at first, but a great hike once you found the trail. Super steep!

Great hike. Only a few people, not that I have a problem with people, and no highway noise! The dogs loved it! The views are so so.

The gorge makes the hike worth it. Overlook is okay.

Parked at started at coppermine trailhead, coppermine trail is nice trail- not rocky. Connected to the AT and walked to catfish firetower had lunch, and turned back the same way. Great views on the ridge on the AT and a waterfall on the coppermine trail.

Great trail! Plenty of opportunities for water refills and camping if doing an overnight. Wonderful views once you reach the AT ridge line. Must pay close attention to signs and your path because it's easy to go in the wrong direction or miss a turn. Watch out for snakes sun-bathing (they are more afraid of you than you are of them). Make sure to hang food if doing an overnight. Very peaceful. Somewhat highly trafficked but never an issue, just frequently encountered other people. Even saw trail magic right before Catfish Pond, offering drinks and hot dogs.

I do 4-12 miles 3-4x a week w 30lb. daypack and burn up to 2200 calories. Not challenging, but great for jog, run, hike.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The best !!!

Saw two black bears today. One a mileish in on the coppermine trail, the second no further than a 10th of a mile from the Fire Tower. Please be alert.

The hike itself was solid overall. Some nice cascades on the coppermine trail. The rattlesnake trail was overall pretty meh outside of some nice flowers here and there.

The real highlight is the fire tower and traversing the ridge on the AT. Great views.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

The best!!!!

A nice walk along the river. I personally would've liked something a little more challenging, but was nice at the time.

There is some nice views from the 2 mile section on top of the ridge, but don't expect to see something unique because of the trails name. The hike itself is easy.

Copper mine was meh. Views on the way up the red trail are okay but don't expect anything grand (go up the blue trail for pretty views on the way up). Lower end of hard difficulty; great alternative for leg day. You know that feeling of accomplishment when you hike up a difficult trail to reach the top or something awesome? You won't get that on the red trail. Quite a bit of overgrowth this time of year so don't forget the bug spray. It gets pretty fun though after you intersect the Appalachian trail.

Perfect blend of beauty and intensity. Did it with my 12 year old son.

Has several views along the ridge. The low water makes the trail understated with ups and downs that are flat and grassy. Mines where bricked. Skippable.

Beautiful not too hard but Rocky

The historic ruins were awesome! The views were incredible. The rain however made things a tad more difficult. The whole loop is definitely not for the beginner....

Nice loop and not a lot of people... copper mine portion is more interesting with waterfalls than Kaiser Side

Also justion of AT and Kaiser trail is not marked well... kaiser trail markers are sometimes blue squares and sometime white vinyl squares nailed to trees...

copper trail is well marked with red markers and junction with AT is obvious...

i enjoyed this hike

Beautiful hike and trail. Waterfalls throughout. Easy to follow markers. Not too busy. Not really a hard trail.

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