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Take the green trail top the top... see the cacti...

Cove trail was ok but there was a lot of trash.

great local hike especially if you live in NYC (and have a car). great workout, lovely views and lots of seating areas on flats boulders. I initially missed the stairs on right that take you into the Giant Stairs area (through a fence) so keep an eye out as there are trails that lead elsewhere. very well blazed. not scary or too technical at all and good sneakers were sufficient on a sunny day. took 3.5 hours with a half hour lunch break.

Great hike but very strenuous. Make sure you’re in shape for this one!

Long hike- prepare for about 45 minutes with a real rough terrain. Well worth it once you get to the top!

Amazing and exhausting trail. Completely the whole loop and sweated a good 5lbs. Next time I'll be better prepared with more water and hiking gloves

11 days ago

Brief summary: a relaxing hike with a difficult rock scramble in the middle.

We parked by the docks as suggested but FYI there is a $5 fee per car, and there are clean bathrooms to use.
It’s flat terrain alongside the shore. There is a rock scramble to go up on top of the cliff which was difficult but fun! Then you loop back at the top with a few nice scenic views. Also FYI map says to follow blue/white trail but it’s marked green. We saw two deer and a lizard and only a few people despite being a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The hike is mostly in shade too so even though it was 90degrees it was bearable!
Have fun!

Away from the big crowds.

road biking
12 days ago

Great for biking!!

The trail for this starts in the parking lot. The trail shown on AllTrails does not include the short loop through the woods. When you enter the park from the parking lot, take the short .2 mile loop through the woods that is on the right. After completing the loop, continue on the trail as shown. It follows a concrete walkway along the inlet where there are usually people fishing. Benches are placed along the walkway. When you get to the end of the walkway, climb through the railing to continue on the rocks. These can be slippery depending on weather and tide. At the end of the jetty, the beach is on the right. It is not recommended for swimming due to changing currents caused the by tides, jetty, and inlet. All in all it's a nice walk, not strenuous, although you do need to watch your footing on the rocks. We also saw a variety of water birds - seagulls, plovers, oystercatchers, and others. Fun time!

Nice walk on the beach.

Saw some deer and some nice big trees. Pretty nice combinations of trails to be made here for trail runs

Nice wide trails on a big loop. Not much for scenery, but it's a fun trail run

Both scenic and challenging. Greenery and trees along the NJ/NY border. Challenging rock climb & descents at “The Giant Stairs.” Bring a backpack: pack water & snacks. Don’t be a litter bug :)

really challenging hike but felt so good to finish!! definitely need to be in good shape to navigate all of the rocky terrain. great views of the hudson river!!

We took our dog there. Great hiking experience.

If there was a higher classification than hard I would give it. We were not prepared for the difficulty of the scrambles. It had rained on and off recently and they were very slick. We encountered a rock avalanche, which we were told later is a common occurrence after and during rain. Scariest thing in my life! Luckily we did not get hurt/Hit as we were about 20 feet ahead of it. We had kids ranging from 8-13 with us. They all did well, but looking back really not for kids under 12. And they need to be athletically inclined.

25 days ago

Essentially just a walk around the park. Could not locate any trail from the Birch Dr. corner till past the tennis courts.

Rock scrambling and steep climbing. I had an amazing time. Don’t forget to visit the women’s federation monument. It’s a beautiful structure. I loved this hike. This will be my second time. It took me 3 hours and 4.5 miles because I stopped to enjoy the scenic views and walked on unmarked trails. The waterfall was sad this time. It needs to rain more. Enjoy!

went Friday July 20 around 6pm. the weather was perfect and the bugs we're not bad at all. we made it to the beach from the parking lot which is about a mile, the walk there I always find is harder than the walk back. it's worth it to me I let my dogs walk on the beach and go in the water it's a beautiful area. buts didn't start to get bad until around 7;30 pm when we were almost back to the parking lot the bugs got bad. I love this place I take my friends, family, and dogs here whenever I get the chance

Its one of the hardest trails I have done in Northern Jersey, all because of the grand stair case.

Correction- I followed the map exactly as per All trails and my Apple watch says it was 4.7 miles instead of 3.7 miles. Took me exactly 3 hours at a leisurely pace.

Caution - I started this loop at 6.15pm in mid July and it got dark by the time I was half way through giant stair case (1 mile shifting boulder climb) and really dark on my way back up. Kinda scary because of terrain. Try and start early in the day.

Hiking through the boulders was super fun and the stairs at the end were crucial.

scenic driving
1 month ago

summer bugs are horrendous. fall and winter, early spring are better for hikes. Alot of wildlife to catch a glimpse of, trail gets elevated quite often, nature center has some cool stuff. The wildlife drive is always nice, keep the windows up or else its greenhead nightmare!

Very good workout. We walked whole loop and enjoyed most of it. We were attacked by flies by Bear Swamp Lake. It was so many of them that we almost ran.

The giant steps were described to me as a “unique and challenging experience”...that’s about right.

My pups 1st walk & she had a blast in the lake & river

1 month ago

Great, easy hike. You can walk through wetlands woods and a sandy beach in a short time. There’s a wide variety of trees and birds. I read that there’s a lot of ticks in this area but we stayed on the main path (which is rather wide and clear) and had no ticks.

The complete ride, hike or bike is 5.2 miles just one way. At no time did I have to ride my bike on the road. You ( CAN ) ride on the Boardwalk up until 12 noon. After that you will have to ride up or down on Ocean Ave. Being a senior, I didn't complete the 10.4 miles of a total round trip. You will get a beautiful ride if you get started during Sunrise. The entire trip is all flat. Wood on the Boardwalk and concrete paths. You only have two ramps. One on each end of the boardwalk. If you plan to checkout the Observation pier down near the Wildwood Crest be sure to bring a bike lock. No bikes allow on that pier ( People ONLY ).

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