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Started at the Douglas trailhead lot which had a decent amount of parking. Headed up the Douglas trail which was a pretty steep climb but the trail was wide and we took it at an easy pace. Connected with the AT and followed that to an area with a very nice overlook of the valley. Continued on the AT until we got to Sunfish Pond where we scoped out a shady spot for some lunch. Found a shedded snakeskin near our lunch spot which was neat. After lunch, got back on the AT and hugged the shoreline of the pond where we saw a few salamanders and a bunch of frogs. At the far end of the pond we came to the Garvey Springs trail which headed back down the mountain. At the junction with the Rockcores trail we went right which seemed to be a less traveled trail and it definitely paid off. As we made our way down we came across a young black bear digging through a rotting tree stump. Upon noticing us, the bear calmly ambled up the mountainside and out of sight. A short distance further and we were back to the parking lot. All in all, a nice 5 mile loop for a late morning / early afternoon hike!

Really enjoyed this hike, even on a hot Summer day. Plenty of shade, once you are off the boardwalk. Definitely lots of rocks but not as steep as we thought it would be but a tough workout, nonetheless with beautiful views at top. Note - if you are looking for the Outlook - when you see the hug pile of rocks with the sign that says ‘View’ at the very top, move off the white trail and follow the blue trail a short way to the Outlook.

Trial blazings not well marked in some parts. Good overall for a hike.

Absolutely beautiful we got married here on the suspension bridge. Easy hike they are re-doing the wooden walkway.
Clean ... keep it that way please ❤️

Nice hike until we arrived on the boardwalk. Some stupid woman came through with a double baby stroller that took the whole width of the boardwalk., and everybody heading in had to turn around and go back just to let her pass. Stupid selfish woman!

short hike, but works you on the ascent. awesome views of farmland below and surrounding mountains. super crowded on weekends

It was a good walk in the woods, but the trails are not always well marked.

Nice view without a huge elevation gain. Saw my first “wild” bear back at the trailhead near the AT hut.

Great hike! The MOC was also a great spot. Only problem was that we got turned around well before reaching even the merge w Kaiser because we walked right up on a very large bear standing just off the trail while coming around a bend. I was with my two young kids and dog (on leash) so didn’t want to take the chance of waiting it out and continuing on. The bear didn’t seem afraid and just kept doing what it was doing even though we were making plenty of noise. As soon as it turned away from us we slowly backed off and then hiked back down. The kids were psyched because we went and swam in the lake for a while instead. Which was a great way to end the outing. Will be back to do the full route ASAP!

Great trail with beautiful views from the Mountain! 80 degrees and almost no humidity today.

Great views. Great hike. Just challenging enough for a good exercise and just gorgeous enough to wanna come back regularly.

Perfect for a Wednesday hike in June, as the trail was empty, although I can imagine how crowds could make this less enjoyable. The boardwalk is gorgeous and there is a decently sized mountain with lots of boulders to climb. Beautiful view too. Took our small West Highland Terrier and he handled the hike well, but make sure you bring water!

Great hike that would fill a morning or afternoon! We hiked it right after a thunderstorm so the bugs were awful, except at the peak because of the breeze. 100% worth it! It can be done with little to no technical gear. Athletic apparel is completely acceptable, just be carful with footing!

love this trail and hike it as often as possible. lots of exercise and picture ops.

Beautiful hike, one of my favorites in New Jersey. Some people skip the first section of the trail and just hike up the stairway. Don't do that! The first section with the boardwalk is actually the prettiest part--amazing marsh scenery and lots of cool birds. It's also super flat, so you can hike it quite quickly. The stairway has a great view at the top, but the forest around you is more typical for the area. Only downside is there are a lot of people on a nice day. Not obnoxiously many, but they're definitely there. Plenty of space for everyone at the top though.

A great hike through varied terrain. Outstanding for this area

Great day to do it today and great view from top.

The pond is very nice, there is a very large camping area with nice views, lots of fire rings in the camping section though fires are not allowed according to signage, i recommend you stick to the AT around the pond (white blazed) instead of taking the bypass trail so you dont miss the rock art, only down side is it seems to get very busy during the weekend, oh and make sure you stop at Llama ice cream after your hike, youll thank me later!

Went route 285 to Pochuck Shelter onto the boardwalk and stairway to Heaven. I hated it. The trail is nothing but rocks when you accent to the shelter. Rocks, rocks and more rocks from Pochuck to the stairway to Heaven. No real scenery until you get to the boardwalk except for the normal top of the Mountain View’s. The rocks were so miserable for miles you can’t just put your foot straight down on the trail you step and your ankle has to give to adjust. I guess it’s my opinion on the trail of course but just want to put it out there it’s rocks on top of rocks. It was a crazy two day experience but finally made it out alive :)

Nice hike that hits different sections of Stokes state forest. Starts and ends along Stony Brook with its waterfalls. In the middle it climbs the ridge to the AT and views, and stays on the ridge for a good while before heading down into the valley with its different and large trees. Before it ends it hits the historic site of a silver mine and an old dam (marked as 'dry lake' on the map). Only difficult part is the last section of the Tower trail just before the top were hands are needed to get up the large rocks. Though some sections are rocky or muddy trails, a large part is on old woods roads.

Good marked trail...did Coppermine-AT-Keiser Trail back to Copper.
steep climbs in spots and rocky..definitely a good hike/workout. Nice stream on the train for water if needed.

3 months ago

Good family trail starts off real nice hiking along a cool wooded area along the lake soon as you get to the upper area of the trail it turns into sandy wooded roads which I wouldn’t classify as a trail...the scenery also disappears in this area with no visuals of the lake

Nice views around the lake, otherwise mediocre views. Challenging steep uphill section to begin with for fit persons. Hiked feb 18. Took 3hr20 without stops. iPhone measured at 7 miles (?) would give 3.5 if could.

Great trail for unusual wildlife sighting.

As previously said, not a challenging trail, but it was a great day hike!
Due to the crazy weather, it may have been 12 degrees out but a large portion of the trail was under water.

Views (and silence) made up for it!

mountain biking
6 months ago

wonderful trail for bike riding

It is 10.3 miles and 1600 feet of climbing. Great course. I did it after snow storm and it was a lot of fun “little bit challenging but that is what we MTB like it” Highly recommended

Awesome trail

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