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great local hike especially if you live in NYC (and have a car). great workout, lovely views and lots of seating areas on flats boulders. I initially missed the stairs on right that take you into the Giant Stairs area (through a fence) so keep an eye out as there are trails that lead elsewhere. very well blazed. not scary or too technical at all and good sneakers were sufficient on a sunny day. took 3.5 hours with a half hour lunch break.

I did this trail in combination with Forest View Trail. Started with Forest Trail and connected with this trail on the way back, which is what I would recommend to do if looking to connect the 2. Really nice views and hike along the river.

13 days ago

Combined this trail with the Huyler's Landing and Closter Dock Trail loop which came to all together nearly 9.5 miles. Other reviews are true in so at the beginning yes you do hear the car noise at first/near ending the loop, but do not let that stop you. If combining both trails I do recommend starting with Forest trail, there are some steep steps which are pretty sketchy especially if it is damp out which you will have to go down. Though it is rated as easy I would say it was a little more than just that. The midpoint where both trails meet is a large picnic area on the water which probably does get busy as it is a very nice area, where most likely ppl go to take pictures and all. To me however it is nice to see so many ppl taking advantage of the area. The hike along the shore is just as awesome as hiking above for the views. Very worth it.

Great hike but very strenuous. Make sure you’re in shape for this one!

Amazing and exhausting trail. Completely the whole loop and sweated a good 5lbs. Next time I'll be better prepared with more water and hiking gloves

Both scenic and challenging. Greenery and trees along the NJ/NY border. Challenging rock climb & descents at “The Giant Stairs.” Bring a backpack: pack water & snacks. Don’t be a litter bug :)

really challenging hike but felt so good to finish!! definitely need to be in good shape to navigate all of the rocky terrain. great views of the hudson river!!

If there was a higher classification than hard I would give it. We were not prepared for the difficulty of the scrambles. It had rained on and off recently and they were very slick. We encountered a rock avalanche, which we were told later is a common occurrence after and during rain. Scariest thing in my life! Luckily we did not get hurt/Hit as we were about 20 feet ahead of it. We had kids ranging from 8-13 with us. They all did well, but looking back really not for kids under 12. And they need to be athletically inclined.

Rock scrambling and steep climbing. I had an amazing time. Don’t forget to visit the women’s federation monument. It’s a beautiful structure. I loved this hike. This will be my second time. It took me 3 hours and 4.5 miles because I stopped to enjoy the scenic views and walked on unmarked trails. The waterfall was sad this time. It needs to rain more. Enjoy!

Its one of the hardest trails I have done in Northern Jersey, all because of the grand stair case.

Correction- I followed the map exactly as per All trails and my Apple watch says it was 4.7 miles instead of 3.7 miles. Took me exactly 3 hours at a leisurely pace.

Caution - I started this loop at 6.15pm in mid July and it got dark by the time I was half way through giant stair case (1 mile shifting boulder climb) and really dark on my way back up. Kinda scary because of terrain. Try and start early in the day.

Hiking through the boulders was super fun and the stairs at the end were crucial.

The giant steps were described to me as a “unique and challenging experience”...that’s about right.

This’ll get your cardio in for the day. Woo! I’m partial to the stairmaster so this hike was right my my alley. Hiked the trail in 2 hours with my bf. Fun scrambling mixed between spacers of flat scenic intermission. Would recommend hiking shoes to prevent rolling an ankle or stubbing a toe on all the boulders. Gorgeous view of the Hudson from both river and peak levels. Would def go again. Good stuff.

Enjoyable and challenging at times, fun trail. We hiked on a Saturday, and met a few other hikers along the way. Weekdays would prob be best if you’re looking for solitude.

Beautiful views. But tough trail. Climbing back up after the Great Stairs is hard!!!!

Great views, but not an easy trail.

Good hike. Close drive. Lots of scrambling.

Had great cliff views

Great hike. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes. Not for your young kids.

Very fun, definitely enjoyed the scramble but it's not too difficult as some have said below.

Totally awesome hike! Suitable for all skill levels as long as you leave ample time to rest. For experienced hikers this trail is fantastic location for a quick day hike that’ll leave you satisfied work out wise and view wise.

As for those less experienced at the hiker game. Make sure you have proper foot wear or you will be slipping all over that rock scramble. Leave ample time to complete the hike so you can rest and even stop for lunch while taking in some beautiful views.

Be sure to bring your camera, Lots of snacks and water.
Leave your dog and young children at home. I’ve seen many falls and injuries from these populations.

Happy hiking!

Great trail! Awesome views, challenging & great areas to stop & just take it all in.

Amazing location to hike which is less than 1 hour drive from Manhattan.

this was an easy walk and also good cardio workout you have some steps to go up but I enjoyed the walk and and just looking out at the water

Also known as the giant stairs... wonderful hike but gets pretty packed

Awesome views, tough rock scrambles and some difficult climbs. Great for a quick workout.

Be careful for recent rain - rock scramble is a considerable portion of the loop and rocks can become very slick. Great local hike!

I love this hike. The 1 mile rock scramble is so much fun, and the steep ascent out is a great workout after the challenging hike. However, this hike is not a leisurely stroll. I’ve seen it make people cry.

2 months ago

Very good trail, beautiful, very good scenery, Even at one of its stops you can bbq , but no bathroom.

This is one of the best trails my husband and I have hiked recently. A super convenient 20-minute drive from the Upper West Side of NYC, this is a great trail if you don’t have time for a longer hike. It took us about 2.5 hours to hike it, including making several stops to see the view, enjoy the waterfall and hydrate! It is difficult, but very rewarding. Make sure you have proper footwear, and plenty of cold water if you go on a hot day like we did!

We highly recommend starting to the south (turning left at the first fork) and descending the rock stairs first. This will allow you to do a really fun ascending rock scramble when you get to the Giant Stairs, and puts the waterfall and a number of amazing vistas close to the end of the loop, which I prefer to have towards the end, rather than right at the beginning when I don’t feel like stopping. Plus, this is a tough trail and would have been much less fun to end it with climbing super steep stairs.

We hiked it on a relatively hot day and got a late start, but next time, we intend to go much earlier so we don’t get caught in the mid-day sun, as much of the rock scrambling is not anywhere near the shade. Thankfully, we both had climbing gloves, as the rocks got super hot and touching them was not much fun!

The trail was moderately busy for a Saturday, and people were very good about letting you pass them if they were moving slow. And a bunch of folks had dogs with them.

Two thumbs up! We will be back for sure.

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