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New Hampshire Map

Climbed Osceola and E Osceola vis the Mt Osceola trail. The grade was not too difficult on the way up to Mt Osceola.

The trail between the peaks was more difficult. The chimney between peaks was tricky.

Great views from the top of Osceola, no views from E Osceola.

7 hours ago

Very easy, flat trail (it's as wide as a road and all packed gravel). It's heavily walked so you I'll be saying hi to quite a few walkers.

The walk is best if you get off the main trail for the small side trails that bring you up to the pond. There is a tight path that brings you out to large rocks sitting in the pond, it's the perfect spot to sit and take in nature. My 6 month pregnant wife was able to do it with ease so it's not too bad.

Overall it was a little too groomed for us as we like trails in the woods, not gravel packed roads to walk on.

10 hours ago

Hiked with my pup; followed the advice to take Sandwich up and Drake's down. That was definitely the right way to go. The first 1.5m on the Sandwich trail are a steady ascent with some steep parts but no rock scrambles. After that, you walk on a magical mountain pass; many level parts with minor ascents. Don't miss Jenning's Peak. The summit of Sandwich is very understated. Drake's is a lovely walk down the mountain. Once the trail meets the brook, it levels out and widens, too. Very nice on the knees :) Definitely recommend this loop. We loved it. I would say it's a moderate hike, not a hard one. However, I hiked it in dry conditions and that made it easier for sure.

Took my three boys on their first hike, and we completed the blue trail, very friendly and family atmosphere!

13 hours ago

Nice day trip peak-bagging trip for the NH 48 4000' list. Lots of rock hopping on the way up to Osceola, with lots of slanted smooth ledge as you get closer to the summit. Glad to have done this on a nice dry day. The Summit of Osceola has amazing views. The trip over to East Osceola is 2 miles round trip. There is a detour around the "chimney", a vertical rock climb. The Chimney has plenty of hand and foot holds and may look overwhelming, but is quite doable in dry weather. Overall this was a nice hike but not one of my favorites just from the rough boulder trail.

13 hours ago

Yet another spectacular White Mountain, Presidential hike. Last hiked it in 1983 on a tour of the huts. Hiked up Ammonoosuc Ravine. Stayed at Lakes of the Clouds Hut. From there, went on Westside Trail to Mt. Clay, to Sphinx Trail, to Great Gulf Trail, to Lakes of the Clouds Hut, and back down the Ravine.

13 hours ago

Yet another spectacular White Mountain, Presidential hike. Last hiked it on August 28-29, 1993. Hiked Great Gulf Trail to Osgood Trail, to Mt. Madison. Down Daniel Webster Trail.

13 hours ago

Yet another spectacular White Mountain, Presidential hike. Last hiked it on August 28-29, 1993. Up Huntington Ravine and over to Alpine Garden Trail, then up to Mt. Washington summit and stayed the night. Next day, came down David Path to Boot Spur Trail to Huntington Ravine and back to lot.

Yet another spectacular White Mountain, Presidential hike. First snow-shoed it on December 4, 1993, from Crawford Notch up Edmands Brook Path to Mt. Eisenhower and back down the same trail. Took 2.8 hours up to the top with cramp-ons and 2 hours down. Last hiked it on June 24, 1995. Took Crawford Path to Mizpah Cutoff, to Crawford Path, to Mt. Pierce/Clinton, to Mt. Eisenhower, to Mt. Eisenhower Trail, to Dry River Cutoff, to Mizpah Cutoff, to Crawford Path to parking lot. Took 3 hours up to top (5 miles) and 4 hours down (7 miles) with several stops at river crossings to swim.

Yet another spectacular White Mountain, Presidential hike. Last hiked it on September 23, 2000. Parked on 302 and took Webster-Jackson Trail from Crawford Notch to Mount Jackson, then Webster Cliff Trail to Mount Webster, and finished the loop with Webster-Jackson Trail to bottom. Drove to parking lot across from sign that reads, “Mt. Washington State Park via Cog Railway 4 miles.” Trailhead for Webster-Jackson Trail located on East side of Route 302 between above-mentioned sign and another sign that reads, “AMC Crawford Notch Info 1000 feet Seasonal.” Watch for a bleached wooden post about 6 feet high with a small sign having no message on it. Started hike at 12:30 p.m. on Webster-Jackson Trail and reached the peak of Mt. Jackson at 1:45 p.m. View from top excellent. Took Webster Cliff Trail from peak of Mt. Jackson over to Mt. Webster and arrived on peak of Mt. Webster at 2:30 p.m. Peak was .1 miles beyond junction between Webster-Jackon Trail and Webster Cliff Trail. Peak of Mt. Webster is spectacular, cliffs. View from cliffs of Route 302 area. Returned .1 miles to junction and took Webster-Jackson Trail from top of Mt. Webster towards Silver Cascades arrow on sign. Beautiful waterfall and pool on way down Webster-Jackson Trail before it meets with junction of Webster-Jackson TraiI took on the way up. Reached junction to repeat trail to the road at 3:15 p.m. Reached Route 302 at 3:50 p.m.

beautiful, well kept trail. Took me 8 hours to do the loop but I'm not an experienced hiker and I twisted my ankle a little on the way down.

13 hours ago

Great fall foliage hike! 2 miles up took about an hour and a half. Beautiful view of the lakes and trees from the top. We ran back down the ski slopes took about 40 minutes. The doggie loved it. No streams so carry water for the puppers.

14 hours ago