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New Hampshire Map
12 hours ago

This was a bit confusing. It was a bit hard to find the trail head on multiple occasions. The trail was super easy though (once i figured it out), and the view at the top was lovely. It was kind of crowded even for a week day. Super super easy hike, would definitely recommend for beginners and children. Nothing super exciting for avid hikers though.

Huge bang for your buck! Great but tough beginner hike. It’s nothing to crazy, but you’ll certainly be out of breath! Very short quick trip to the beyond gorgeous summit. We were lucky enough to be able to go up the fire tower & ask the man working some questions about his job. I could have stayed on this summit forever!

Loved this trail. So beautiful. But make sure you don’t skip leg day before, it’s a thigh burner for sure!! Also kind of tricky, a lot of using your hands & getting creative!

14 hours ago

This is a quiet relatively unused trail branching off of the Greely Ponds Trail approximately one mile in from the parking lot at the Livermore Trail trailhead. The Livermore Trail and Greely Ponds Trail is a flat open gravel path until the branch trail marked by the sign noting 0.8 miles to Goodrich Rock. The Goodrich Rock Trail immediately starts a moderate climb that continues with some short steeper sections all the way to the Goodrich Rock. About a half-mile in you come to the huge geological features named Davis Boulders and maneuver around those through the deep forest setting. At the Goodrich Rock a ladder built of natural tree branches is provided for about a ten foot climb up to the top of the large boulder comprising Goodrich Rock. The ladder is well built and stable (might not be ideal for those afraid of heights) and well worth the climb to a good view south into Waterville Valley and the Sandwich Range and off to the southwest to Mt. Tecumseh. The top of Goodrich Rock is a flat open area ideal for a quiet rest stop or picnic lunch while taking in the view.

Full range of landscape's to enjoy as you hike, not heavy foot traffic (several times have had the trail to myself!), and some excellent views. Can do all seasons, although the upper areas get a bit icy. Good conditioning hike.

Challenging trail, given the snow. Even though it was around mid May, we were underprepared gearwise (no snow shoes, no trekking poles). We decided to turn back during the descent towards Mt Blue since the trail was fully covered in 2-3 feet of snow. Got ~10 miles under our belts, and will return to complete it when it is warmer.

Great. I'd definitely do it again. nice hike.

Awesome views and great hike. Take your time on a nice day and it is beautiful!!

Great hike! Ted’s trail follows a stream and has a small waterfall. When you get near the summit there are multiple vista points and good spots for sitting to have lunch. If you bring binoculars (or have good eye sight) on a clear day you can see Boston from the Southeastern vista point. There are wild blueberry bushes at the top that will probably bear fruit by July/August. Carolyn’s trail is easier so make sure to take that one back down.

Great trail. Might have been a bit aggressive for the first hike of the season but very doable. By doable I mean Hard but not dangerous. 8 plus miles so - the miles add to the difficulty.

Not too busy today but nice level of activity. Great weather day. 75 at the bottom and sunny. Windy at the top but I suspect it always is. We had a layer we added for that part. Pretty dry today but I could tell some parts would be tricky after a rain.

Took the loop counter clockwise starting with Falling Waters Trail. Lots of running water and falls along this trail. Pretty! You cross over the water 5 times as you head up. Pretty easy to cross today. That might be tougher when the river has more volume after a rain. If you are looking for a short hike with a great view you could just hike along the river and head back when the trail leaves the river. Probably 3 miles and relatively easy.

Took the Shining Rock Spur near the top. It’s a cool rock face with a thin level of water running on it. Interesting to see. Not a long spur 2/10th long but you do go down and have to come back up.

The ridge line part of the hike is Amazing!! Just views everywhere for 2 miles. Really just amazing to be walking on top of these mountains for 2 miles.

From the time you get to Mt. Lafayette it’s all down hill. But it is long way back to car. About 4 miles. Nice little break at the Greenfield Hut though and that helps.

If you are a regular hiker expect it to take 5-7 hrs depending on your pace. Longer with less endurance and hiking experience. Took us 6.5hr with time enjoying the top and a break in the Hut. We passed maybe 15 groups up and down and were never passed to give you an idea of our pace.

Some snow at top of Falling Waters Trail but easy to get around.

Bring lots of water and snacks to power you through it. Enjoy.

Thanks to the folks that posted about this hike yesterday. Your info put this hike on our list for the first time. We will repeat this hike many times going forward. Fantastic!

Beautiful, but not easy. Up until you hit the hut, it’s no joke... and coming back down might even be a little more difficult. But all worth it. Gorgeous summit if you don’t blow away.

Very cold and strong winds but the views are amazing!

The snow has cleared. It was a beautiful and challenging hike.

The walk was comfortable and the views were amazing.

Second time I've done this trail. The first time was on a rainy day with basically no views at the top. I decided to do it again for the views, and I was not disappointed. Hiking this loop on a clear day made the experience that much better. Gorgeous waterfalls on the way up, and absolutely incredible views at the top. Definitely strenuous for anyone new to hiking, but totally worth it! Easily one of the best and most scenic trails I've ever hiked. I will be back a third time!

Nice walk. Well maintained trail.

I really enjoyed it. The trail was heavily traveled, but it was the beginning of the holiday weekend. Hit a few spots of snow and ice but nothing unmanageable. The summit was windy. I wish I had more time I would of headed up the ridge trail. Definitely go back.

Pretty easy hike with rewarding views

I consider myself a somewhat experienced hiker having hit a few 4000+ peaks and a couple 5000+ peaks and this was one of the tougher hikes I’ve done. I was warned about the “Slide” and got up it okay but there are some areas where one slip on the slippery rock face could get you seriously injured so definitely be careful going up Flume Slide and avoid going down at all costs. Amazing 360 degree views with peaks on all sides from Liberty summit in particular. Steady climb down Liberty Springs as well which my knees weren’t happy about. The entire loop of roughly 10 miles at a steady pace including probably an hour and a half of breaks took 7.5 hours.

This was my 5th time hiking Mount Lafayette. It was my 2nd time hiking it alone.

It's a great hike and as of today other than there being a little bit of ice and snow at the top of the Falling Waters trail, it's pretty much clear of all ice and snow.

It was very windy and it is still pretty cool up on the ridge for this time of year so make sure you bring at least one sweatshirt.

Today was the 1st time I went straight up the path to the green leaf hut and then straight to the top of Mount Lafayette. For anyone who has never done it that direction, just know that it was significantly more difficult because you basically do not get a break from the moment the mountain begins to go vertical. If you take the Falling Waters trail 1st, it gets pretty tough right after the water but after about 2 hours or so of hiking, you hit the ridge and then you gradually make an ascent to Mount Lafayette. And then from there it's down the rest of the way.

But making a direct line for the summit of Laffeyette added a significant degree of difficulty to the hike. So, just be aware of that.

But I would say from this moment forward the loop at Lafayette is open for the season. Enjoy!

Great place for a hike! Took about 45 minutes and half way through the trail it opens to a great view of the water

2 days ago

Gentle even paths. We provided a feast for the mosquitoes.

Good hike nice waterfall but small.

I wouldn’t rate this as hard, more of a moderate hike. The parking is about a mile away from the trail head from the basin, (I used maps app to find the parking and it was different than listed) we walked on pavement on the bike path for about a mile. The waterfalls are beautiful, the hike is not too difficult, and the view at the top of mt. Liberty is gorgeous! Keep in mind, it’s about 0.3 more to the summit AFTER the liberty springs trail. This only takes u to the intersection of Franconia ridge. About 7.7 mi total from where we parked to the top and out. Highly recommend

They put a bridge over 101.

This one is a favorite for me. Hiked it many times and is often one of the first of the season. The last trip up was last year and crossed paths with a bear, hoping to avoid a rerun of that tomorrow.

Hiked this loop today counter clockwise. The Falling Waters Trail is as beautiful as ever. The snow and ice are almost completely gone, and no traction devices were needed. The Ridge Trail was a little windy, blowing from the west at about 40 MPH. The views from all 3 summits are breathtaking, with Lafayette the jewel in that crown. Highly recommended, but do your research first. This is known as one of the toughest day hikes in the Whites, and for very good reasons.

Great terrain clear path well maintained and gradual climb. There is a view but not a bald peak. We hiked up in 1 hour 10 minutes and down in less than 1 hour. Really good for dogs and a quick hike to keep your cardiovascular and muscles on par.

Nice trail. Fairly easy. Saw lots of squirrels and chipmunks. Wonderful evening weather.

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