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New Hampshire Map

I parked up by the train station and brought my bike. I rode 3.5 miles downhill to the Ripley Falls, where I had dropped off my friend. I chained my bike there. We went in where the Appalachian trail crosses the road. The cliff has multiple areas with has some great views. Even saw the train pass down in the notch. The section down from Mt. Jackson is not as easy as described. We ended up helping some people that were fooled by the moderate rating and had a hard time getting down. The rocky trail is what made it more difficult for some. For avid hikers, it’s not difficult, but there are easier trails listed as moderate.

Gorge brook & the snapper are well maintained trails throughout and offered an enjoyable hike. Most steep sections are quickly balanced with flat stretches and the summit offers some great views. Bridges are sketchy, but held up to a 200lb hiker. We hiked in on a rainy day and had no trouble. We were able to finish the loop in just over 4 hours traveling at a moderate pace.

Note to dog owners: Please read park website carefully. These directions will take you to the main park entrance, where during the summer dogs are not allowed. You have to go to the trailhead off of Reservation Rd, which is 10 miles away from the main entrance.

Great hike! Lots of trails so you can make your own adventure. Hardly saw anyone. Varied terrain. Loved it!

I've been coming here for years . pretty easy hike with beautiful view

great hike. rated hard due to distance but nothing technical about climb. gradual elevation gains and only one steep section right before summit.great views. just did Bondcliff and was out/back from visitor center in just under eight hours including a few stops and 20-30 minutes at top.

My first hike to White mountains. Not that steep and advanced compared to other peaks but it has some really beautiful spots for a scenic view. A Must go!!

Nice easy trail, good for kids, good views also.

20 hours ago

Challenging hike due to the elevation gain and terrain, but easy to follow trail. There aren't many clearings on the Tripoli Rd side of the main peak, but the view once you get there made it well worth it.

The views are not the best, the terrain is fun. A few lookouts at the top and a couple openings as you get closer to the top. The ledge portion is fun to scale. This hike is perfect for warming to to larger hikes

21 hours ago

Trail re-routing due to tree harvesting boosted this hike to 5.5 miles rather than 4. Not much to see on this hike other than a small waterfall towards the end. The trail takes you through tall grassy areas as well as quite a few prickly bushes. You also pass by a few houses, and a local cemetery.

Got so lost! we started this hike thinking it it was a loop. It's not. It was a very nice hike suitable for kids. Ponds to find and a mine to explore. pay attention to where you are. All-in-all it was a fun time.

Hiked it in the rain today, couldn’t see more than ten feet in front of you up top. I honestly loved it, it wasn’t too hot or too cold, I didn’t find it challenging either. I frequently hike Monadnock and I think that’s a more challenging hike. We did get a bit lost and did 12 miles instead of the 8.5, but it only took us 6.5 hours

Went counter-clockwise which was more steep but in the end worth it bc the descent was much easier on my knees. Great views, even overcast!

Fairly moderate trail with some steep inclines. We enjoyed the dense tree growth towards the top. Different hike, but a good work out. Beautiful views of the lakes.

Absolutely amazing. This trail tested my physical limits and mental toughness in ways I couldn’t have imagined, but it was a most rewarding accomplishment. Pay attention to the weather! The last half mile on the Rock Pile is very challenging and if you get caught in wind, fog, and rain, it becomes that much more treacherous. Pack more water than you think you need, wear solid hiking boots, take your time, and enjoy what will likely become one of the greatest moments and memories of your life. Hiked to the summit using only Tuckerman (and the current detour ski slope).

Took this trail down from Mt Washington summit last week (ascended via Tuckerman/Lions Head). Weather was perfect and trail was dry. In wet conditions, I could see where slippery rock could be an issue. Enjoyed the views. My knees got all they could handle.

Walked the yellow trail and it was fun. Very buggy. Found one nice view of the lake and the rest was beautiful forest. I’d probably only do it again if I brought a bike.

1 day ago

Very challenging, but incredibly rewarding ascent up Mt Washington. Went up with a group of in good shape, mid 30s friends, and we were all pushing ourselves to finish. First hour is below tree line and immediately grueling. Levels off a bit at tree line and then gets steep and rocky. Last leg of the hike is punishing, but you’re rewarded with some of the best 360 views on the mountain.

Did this as an impromptu hike while checking out Echo Lake. Some parts are steep but the rocks were t as slippery as I thought since it rained that morning. It was very heavily trafficked and it didn’t take that long to get to the top, and of course the views of Cathedral Ledge was the icing on top. Loved the natural stairs and the old abandoned car on Bryce’s Path was so cool to look at. Trail markers were very clear and easy to follow. Would love to attempt this hike in the winter!

Our first time here and second time hiking ever! Wonderful scenery! The river was beautiful, the dogs loved it, and the trail was great for this ok’ gal!

1 day ago

My kids really liked this short hike. Once we heard the water falls we spent most of our time playing in the water. The entrance was within a camp ground. We parked just west of the campground at a pull off and hiked in from there (just east of pea brook ln).

Went in the fall, so beautiful. Had soup up in the hut. Definitely recommend this hike!

Great hike! Elevation gain on my gps said 1,846. A bit more than what AllTrails had. My 11 yo loved this hike and we all had fun! Very heavily trafficked. Recommend and early arrival to get a parking spot.

Definitely one of my more difficult hikes in the white mountains. I’m glad we went counter clockwise as others mentioned. Awesome views to take in and worth the climb!

This is a beautiful trail with some great variety in both terrain and sites. Avalon had great views. Tom and Field weren't as open on top, but there were still some nice views through the trees. In addition to the peaks, this trail offers a few easy water crossings, some rock scrambles, and several different forest environments. For me, the highlight was the wetter sections of forest, where there was a mix of deciduous and evergreen trees, significant undergrowth, and a thick carpet of mosses, it was reminiscent of a temperate rain forest.

Hiked this down from Lonesome Lake Hut as we had parked at the Basin. I really enjoyed the technical rocky course. Do keep a look out for signage as it passed over water a few times. Great views of waterfalls and wildlife.

Hiked up with my parents who are inexperienced hikers. One used trecking poles. This was my second time doing this hike and I really enjoy the views at the top.

Great short hike. I thought it was a little more on the easy side than a moderate level. My five and nine year old did it without complaint and neither struggled at any point.
directions I found most helpful to find the yellow trailhead: park at the administrative building and wall about 1/3rd of a mile north along Lake Eileen (nice road/path). after you walk past the chapel, you can't miss it, there is a clearly marked trailhead on the right. short hike up and then if you'd like a longer, more scenic path down, ar the summit walk in the direction away from lake Eileen and enjoy a long, but nice hike down. a few creek crossings, but we managed to do so without getting wet.

1 day ago

Beautiful view of the gorge. Breathtaking!

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