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Did this with Bald Peak, North Kinsman, and South Kinsman. Great hike, very moderate and relatively flat until the junction with the Bald Peak spur trail. After that it gets a bit steeper (with the steepest section being right before the ridge trail junction). That last section right before the North summit was completely covered in ice which made it take way longer than it normally would have as I didn't think to bring along my micro spikes....view from Bald peak is lovely so definitely worth the very short side trip. The outlook right off of the North Peak is fantastic as well.

Great hike. Did this on 10/8/18. Intended a hike to Bald Peak, which was completely cloud covered as in you could only see about 100 feet. Decided to keep going up to the ridge and take a look. Trail was very wet, leaf covered, and slippery. View from the top was just as cloudy, but it was a nice hike nonetheless. If i had been better prepared, I would have kept going.

I think a great hike would be starting at Basin and go up to Lonesome Lake, along to Kinsman and back down, planning your return transport ahead of time.

Hiked with my 6 and 10 year old.

As of 9/1/18

Long Pond Rd is washed out and you will have to park at the end of it before the gate.

Fairly easy hike. Most of the trail is free of rocks and roots which will speed you up greatly. Peak is hard to find. If you get to the large Cairn you've gone to far. Head back and almost to the last clearing you will see small trail that heads towards a large square boulder. The peak is up there.

Also this mountain really lives up to its name. There are a lot of blueberries on the way up. Peak had minimal views but a really good clearing towards Moosilaukee. The only good views the whole hike are towards the east and directly at Moosilaukee.

We only saw one other hiker the entire trip. Makes it feel really desolate.

1 month ago

Loved this trail!

Honestly I didn’t think this was as bad as I expected it to be. Probably the easiest 4K footers I’ve done so far (for reference I’ve only done 3). I didn’t have the energy to go over to South Kinsman though that was 0.8-0.9 miles further. All and all a nice hike. Unfortunately had too many clouds for a decent view but if it was clear it would have been a pretty good view I think. But my feet do hurt.

Intense. Rewarding once you finish but it is all uphill the way up - the breaks are when it’s only slightly uphill. Coming down the quads took a pounding too, but like I said it is a very rewarding hike. It took us 4 1/2 hours to hike and we spent 40 minutes lounging at the top to recover.

It was a great evening for a hike with a gorgeous sunset!

Hiked in from tunnel brook stream parking lot. First 1.5 miles easy path following a river that had significant erosion. Tuned left (sigh posted) onto Benton trail which joins beaver Brook trail in 3.2 miles then another 0.4mile to the summit. I had one stream crossing that wasn’t difficult. The trail is a gradual uphill through hardwood forest initially and then through softwood. Most of the trail you are under canopy except one view point along the way. Nothing technical about this hike just gradually up. I met one person on the trail running down otherwise no one until I connected to beaver Brook tail. Glad I brought jacket and gloves. High clouds but able to get views. On the way out I met 3 people mushrooming- they found lots of chanterelles.

very steep, well marked trail. 700 feet climb.

This was a great little hike. I went with my wife, my 7 year old daughter, and my 3 year old son. It was doable (if with some grumbling) for even our littlest hiking buddy, and the views were well worth the effort. The one caution I will give you is that if you are allergic to Poison Ivy make sure you wear pants. The trail goes directly through some very large patches. You will be exposed, so plan accordingly.

4 months ago

FYI that High Street is not marked as such. There is a sign for Glencliff House - take that right (it's High Street on the map, but not at the street). If you get to the Glencliff Trailhead (toward Moosilauke), you went just a bit too far. Long Pond Road is on the left and not marked by name, but there is brown trail sign. A short distance on that road, there is a gate for Long Pond Road. If the gate is closed, it's only .5 miles to the Blueberry Mountain Trailhead on the left. Great hike - very easy footing. Some rock slides for the last half mile on top, but not too steep and amazing views. The leg to the summit is easy to miss. There is a large rock in the middle of the trail on top, turn to the right and follow the path to the summit. No views from there, but there is a very small area to sit. No shade on a sunny day for the top third of the trail, so carry sunscreen. I enjoyed this trail a lot. Easy footing all the way and gorgeous views.

Great trail! Not many trails are this gradual and lead to such a beautiful summit. It's not hiked a lot so if you're hiking in the winter, be prepared to break in the trail with snowshoes. Only downside is the fact there there are no marking the entire trail. Also, Alltrails lists the wrong trailhead directions that leads to someone's private property. Use Google's trailhead marking instead.

Great snow shoeing, hard to follow trail near the top

The first mile or so is gradual, mostly on old logging roads. After that there is a fairly steep section, about one third of a mile long. The remaining mile to the summit is moderate, and there is good footing for nearly all of the trail, almost no rocks. Black Mountain’s location on the far western side of the White Mountains means that it not only has vistas of New Hampshire peaks, but also long range views into much of Vermont. Less popular and easier than the Chippewa Trail, the Black Mountain Trail is truly an undiscovered gem.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Did the White Cairne Trail to the Blueberry Ridge Trail, then came down the Shell Pond Trail to the Stone House Trail - 4.1 miles total. It was a nice hike on a Sunday morning while in the area. There were better views on the way up than there were at the top, but the top offered a nice little loop overlook trail, and there were plenty of areas for groups to sit without being on top of one another. There is a small parking lot about a half mile from the trailhead, but most people parked along the road. As others have mentioned, you need to walk down Long Pond Road a bit before getting to the trailhead, but it's a nice field area with a rock/dirt road.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

I am a true novice as this is my first significant hike. I went up from the Page Rd. side. the beginning (first 1/2 mile or so) is not too bad as you walk along old logging road at a steady incline, however once you hit the trail (which isn't marked as good as one would hope being new at this hiking thing) it narrows and climbs steadily up for the next mile or so. When my Fitbit read that I'd reached 2.18 miles I was almost ready to quit thinking this is far from easy! However I pushed on for another .82 miles if narrow pathway of roots, mud, water and rocky terrain to the summit! I personally would call this a moderate hike not easy. However I am 50, overweight and haven't really hiked much at all. I do walk trails daily, between 3-5 miles so I'm not completely out of shape. Anyway, I made the summit and the views were beautiful. I will do this hike again and hope to not have to stop and rest as much. A note of caution, the last 1/3mile is very slippery due to the steady stream of water running along the rocks.

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Nice quick hike that is not difficult. It's a nice walk in the woods and a lovely view of Wells River and Woodsville when you get to the top. We saw no other people. Peaceful!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

A great hike for kids and dogs. The only exception is the top. There is a pretty steep cliff area, not too much room to sit (worrysome with little kids). We hiked with our 4 and 6 year olds who did awesome! We only saw 1 other group of people, so very quiet hike.
My only complaint is that the trail map on this site did not match the very well marked trail. We had no problem finding our way though, the trail is marked perfectly.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Amazing swimming hole @ rattlesnake pool along the hike

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

What an amazing view!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Awesome trail jest kinda hard to see the view due to the trees but had an amazing time with my family

Friday, June 16, 2017

Nice trail but disappointed it just ended in a bunch of trees . There was no meadow or view or any decent expectation after hiking mostly uphill on this trail. Everyone writes about a view ; what view? I followed the blue markings and there was no view.. ?

Friday, June 16, 2017

Great little hike. Just an FYI long pond road is gated on rt 25 and it's a .6 mile walk uphill to the trail head (adds about 250 ft) Haven't tried the ascent from Page Rd yet but that could be alternative. June 2017

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Great view of Woodsville and Wells River! Short trail but crazy steep.

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Great views at the top. Pretty steep so not sure I'd call it easy. Very cool its right in town. I'd definitely hike it again.

lovely view at the top but steep and hard going for someone who is out of shape.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Very picturesque trails.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Wow! Great view from the top! We saw several flowers, 2 toads, and lots of birds. Had a short conversation with a Pine Warbler. The switchbacks are a bit slippery with leaves all over the trail, so be careful.

Just .8 of a mile one way, but it was steep. Was my first hike of the year so maybe a bit out of shape

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I absolutely love this hike! It's one of my all-time favorites with an amazing view!! Did it 5 times last year! :)

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