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15 hours ago

Out and back to the summit – accurately described as moderate, with steep stretches, plenty of shade, and substantially better views than other reviews on here led me to believe. Really enjoyed this hike and did it in under four hours with a few breaks and a longer pause at the peak. Lotsa hikers headed up on our way down. We started our hike at 6:15 a.m. and reached the summit before 8 a.m.

17 hours ago

Did this as part of my Owls Head hike. Lincoln Woods Trail is super wide and easy to follow, but with very little to see other than some outlooks on the river. After the first 3 miles you’ll see a bridge and a side trail, take the side trail. After a short walk you’ll see the falls. The trail seems to continue off into the distance after this, I’m not quite sure where it leads. The falls have one narrow spout and a couple small cascades that connect different pools, they aren’t very deep but you can definitely swim here even in low flow. Definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area.

1 day ago

A lot easier than expected with a moderate rating. A lot of the path was paved and not difficult at all.

1 day ago

First time - lots of broken glass by ruins made me worried for my dogs feet. From there we turned back to parking lot to follow marked trail. Without knowing the trail it was like we kept going and going thinking maybe the vista was overgrown - but then it came! Nice view was a needed reward.
Went with 11 yo daughter who did well. We aren’t avid hikers - very recreational and occasional. I sweated a lot and it got my breath moving. Workout but not too much. Horse flies buzzing in ears while time so glad we had bug spray. It was 85 degree day but in woods cooler. Glad we had a snack cause we needed it. Would do it again but prob in fall. Like Pisgah more.

Took the blue trail up to the falls and the yellow trail back. The waterfalls were wonderful. However this is not an easy to do trail. Very steep in areas and the trails go up the whole time. Great trail if you really take your time and bring water, some people did not have water. The yellow trail was like climbing down a cliff. Water was very cold but felt so good on sore muscles. This one totally kicked my butt.

Nice hike with rewarding views for not a ton of effort. Up gorge and down carriage to snapper. Trail a little confusing Around the Ravine Lodge. Lots of construction on access road. Blue bird Day.

We had a great hike today with 12, 12, 6, 5, &3 year old. 3yr old was in a carrier. Everyone else walked themselves. It was our 5&6 yr olds first hike. We went counter clockwise as recommended. Great hike! Views are great.

Amazing trail, amazing views and amazing people. Looking forward to the next trip.

Ran from little sugar loaf mtn in Alexandria NH to cardigan which was 17 miles. Used the holt train. Lots of fun, extremely technical. Meant for experience hikers. Wouldn’t recommend for beginners. Very steep and rock with not much to grab onto.

Have been running these trails for 3 years, perfect technicality and elevation for obstacle course race training and beautiful views.

my favorite view of Brattleboro/New Hampshire

More strenuous than anticipated. Summit views made it worthwhile.

Great easy hike around White Lake. We saw a pair of beautiful Loons on our hike this morning.

Beautiful hike! I suggest going up Winslow and then down Barlow.

Great way to peak bag two four thousand footers. Hiking up Mt Pierce and over to Mount Jackson was steady uphill however as seasoned hikers we would rate it moderate. Coming down the Webster-Jackson trail was steep and rocky. May have seemed steeper because we were tired. It was a clear day so the views were spectacular!

Started in not the right trail head but ended up at Carter Dome & Mt Hight. A solid hike - fairly lengthy! Carter Dome was a nice area to stop and take a quick rest before continuing on - no views but still cool. Ponds next to the hut were beautiful! Great views with the mountains in the background. Mt Hight was well worth the views. Absolutely beautiful! Very windy and chilly at the top.

Loved this hike! Incredible views. Nothing too steep. A bit buggy at the top - be careful of the bees. Great view of Mt. Washington - wish we had more time to hike on over.

My favorite day hike to date. After just finishing 455 miles of the AT my trail legs were still fresh so I was able to cruise through the loop in 4.5 hours, but without my trail legs this hike would have been a real challenge.

My husband and I hiked this trail with our 2 kids ages 11 and 10 yesterday. Wow! We are fit adults (triathletes) but only moderately experienced hikers, and we thought we would have no problem with the trail. We did feel a bit in over our heads- the middle part by the waterfall felt downright dangerous in some places as I imagined one of us slipping on the wet rock and tumbling over the edge. But the views really were stunning. The last 0.8 miles up the rock scramble was the only really physically challenging part. The kids just bounded from rock to rock like little mountain goats but we parents were literally scrambling with hands and feet- it felt like it would never end. Beware, there are some loose rocks too which make it tough- and I can’t imagine doing it in poor conditions. (We had extra gear with us but didn’t need to put it on as the sun was shining at the top and there was little wind. However we heard that just last week 2 separate groups needed to be rescued, suffering from hypothermia after weather moved in).
Overall it took us about 4.5 hours to hike up. This was longer than we expected, and since it was getting into later afternoon we took the shuttle down the auto road ($30 per adult) which took us back to the Pinkham parking lot.
So, definitely a doable hike for a family, as long as you are prepared. Highly highly recommend.

1 day ago

Short, relatively easy hike with a spectacular view from the top. Can be crowded but plenty of space to sit and enjoy the view. Saw a moose on 302 right before the AMC center as I was driving to get to this trailhead.

2 days ago

Easy hike up to the Pinnacle, but the trail up to Coit Mountain poorly marked. Easy to get off trail and lost.

Great weather. Good company. Trails good. Up boulder trail. Down blue trail. Blue trail could be better marked.

2 days ago

One of the most difficult and most interesting adventures I’ve done in the Whites. I decided to tackle this peak is part of my NE Hundred Highest, and from what I heard it was going to be suffer fest. I found it wasn’t as bad or unrewarding as I was told it would be. You begin with Lincoln Woods, which is very wide and pretty well trafficked, with plenty of signage. After the split for Franconia Falls, there is a big bridge into the wilderness. From here there are no bridges, no blazes and no trace of humans aside from the trail. You have to negotiate many river crossings, most of which would be very difficult in high water. As of 7/19/2018 the water is quite low and you can easily rock hop. The path is very lightly trafficked and very peaceful. The beginning of the Owls Head slide has almost no indicators aside from a small “fence” made from trees. I’d suggest using the AllTrails tracker. The slide climbs very steeply up loose rock before connecting to the obvious herd path. The slide has great views of Franconia Ridge. There is no official trail to the summit but the route is very obvious, there’s one clearing where the summit was previously thought to be, continue past this clearing to the left to the true summit, which has a clearing and a cairn as well as a large fallen tree. From there, go back the way you came. If you don’t want to go down the slide, you can always take the Brutus Bushwhack down, which is a herd path that goes around the slide. This herd path is harder to follow, in fact I lost it for a while and had to search for it by following a topo line on my tracker until I hit it again. This hike would be hellish for a leisure hiker. But if you’re an adventurous hiker who finds pleasure in being deep in the wilderness, bushwhacks and scrambling. This is the perfect hike for you. Definitely one of the most remote and difficult peaks in the Whites.

Beautiful finish. Lots of roots! Be careful.


Incredibly difficult. Didn’t think I was going to make it a few times. A lot of climbing up rocks and such. But the views were so incredibly worth it!! I would do it again. When I recover. Lol

2 days ago

Great hike. Awesome views. Kids (8,9,13) loved all the rocks.

2 days ago

I grew up hiking this mountain at least every year, now I take my son up here at least a few times in the summer. He’s 8 now and we’ve been doing this since he was about 2, I had a kid carrier backpack for when he got pooped out, now he practically runs up the whole thing. The blueberries were amazing on little blue job yesterday, we picked huckleberries and raspberries too! This is a very accessible little hike for families with amazing views and on a clear day you can see Mt Washington.

Nice trail for kids and beginning to moderate hikers. Stay left which us steeper but easier footing - come back clockwise in less steep by more rocky trail.
Nice views and dog friendly with swimming hole near parking.

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