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A nice easy short hike with rewarding views of the Presidentials. Unfortunately the 3rd weekend of October has already passed the peak of foliage, but we still had a nice hike, summiting both Cherry Mountain and Cherry Mountain-Owl’s Head.
I personally liked the view from Owl’s Head better than Cherry, which is only 0.8 miles extension. Cherry Mountain also has another view point that has the view of Twins, so don’t forget to follow a small trail at the top of Cherry Mountain!
It was an easy hike for me, may be 3.5h with ample time at each view point, though the last stretch towards Cherry summit near the trail junction may be strenuously steep for some people.

11 days ago

This old lady took 4 hours to get to the top on a very cloudy/overcast/foggy day. Some of that time included my son stopping to take pics and the two stop-offs on the way (recommend both) . I liked this trail as it was variable terrain. There were a few level spots where one caught their breath and hard spots that you had to climb by hand (near the.top). it was very pretty. It was cold and windy at the top which was a relief. bring bird seed for the friendly grey Jay's. Benefit of going on a cloudy day was that we only saw about 8 people on this typically busy trail.

Went hiking on this trail when the rain was heavy and the summit was cloudy, didn’t make it to the summit but made it to both of the other caps. Will definitely pack lighter next time and bring a buddy, but overall, a great and challenging hike!!!

Started trail around noon, completed trail around 5/530 Dog was able to do it but needed to be assisted up boulders and down boulders. 75 lb dog but his feet were beat up after. Reallllly muddy, recommend waterproof boots. 3 decent waterfalls/rivers. Awesome view. But very windy on top.

14 days ago

This was a tough hike to do yesterday, Sunday, October 7, 2018, but the feeling of accomplishment was worth it! I am 56 and my husband is 59, and we just started back on the 4000 footers. Why tough? It was rainy, foggy, muddy, slippery and steep - sometimes all at once! The slick ledge scramble at the top was a bit scary- both up and down. We took 6h to get up and down. Others seemed to sail by us both going up and going down, though, and we saw plenty of four legged hikers enjoying their hike, so it might just be we are still out of practice. Still, I'd recommend doing this hike on a day without rain when you the rocks would not be so slippery and you would get the benefit of a summit view!

18 days ago

Nice short hike with big views.Can get up bit over crowded

19 days ago

Nice bolder to bolder hike, with a fairly steep rock climb the last 600 ft to the peak. It rained on us so the last bit was slick, use cautious.
Over all, moderate to slight hard hike, more technical than hard due to ricks the entire way up.
Great hike!

22 days ago

Trail is typically pretty rough above tree line. At times lost the trail between cairns. Lower section is due for some maintenance. Still beats driving to the top!

27 days ago

Beautiful! Hiked on September 22, 2018. We did a longer hike - we started at the parking lot off of Base Road (instead of COG railway) in Thompson and Meserves Purchase, NH (see this trail on 4000footers.com). $5 cash parking. We started at 10:30 am and did the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail up to Lake of Clouds hut (closed for winter) and got up to top of Monroe at 2:15 pm. The wind was NUTS between Lake of Clouds and top of Monroe but the views from the top were expansive in every direction. You are right next to Washington on one side and on the other side you can see the ridge trail going to Eisenhower. Would be good to have a hat, gloves and an extra layer or two at the top as it was very cold and windy. The first mile of the trail is flat, then you start to climb some step boulders and rocks (next to a stream) and then closer to the alpine zone you start to climb steep slabs on rock. Some of the rock stretches are pretty serious so if it’s being hiked when there’s even a possibility of ice, definitely bring spikes etc. Trail and rocks were a little wet from the night before. We got down to the parking lot at 6:20 pm. Only a few other groups of hikers along the trail. There were a few stream crossings throughout the trail. Think the trail we did was between 7 and 10 miles (phone died).

28 days ago

I'd say this trail was on the moderate side of difficult in comparison to other difficult-rated hikes I've done out this way. The last bit of the trail was an interesting scramble which was fairly technical, but for the most part it was a gradual and rugged incline. The rocks were pretty wet which made it a bit slippery. At the summit, you get a panoramic view of the whites which is always beautiful. I reached the summit in about two hours, and took my time going down. Completed in about 4.5 hours. Overall, a good and fairly challenging hike with some nice views!

Did this trail with a 30 Pound pack, and including the 35 minutes for lunch at the summit it took us, in a group of 3 to do it in about 7 hours. We got to the parking lot at about 10, and stopped many a time along the way up for water. As there is no water source on this peak, one should expect to bring more water than you would normally think. Otherwise I had an excellent time hiking even though it was very strenuous. If you get there late bring a flashlight for hiking in the dark, as the way down can be dangerous if you can't see your footing.

I will admit, my husband and I were not completely prepared for this hike. This is a tough one. Be prepared to do some bouldering as well. I would recommend some hiking sticks if you have some as there are some spots that are tricky. If you are new to hiking I would hold off on doing this trail until you get some others under your belt. It is a beautiful trail and has some amazing views but make sure you are prepared for a workout.

1 month ago

Amazing 360 degree view from summit. Steep climbs at times. Finished in 4.5 hrs. Great views on bugles cliff half way up mountain. Very tough rock climbing right before the summit.

1 month ago

Tough, but worthwhile hike. Fairly easy ascent up until Bulge Cliff, but scrambles become steeper and more frequent soon after. Be prepared to scale some rock on the final push to the summit.

This was a truly gorgeous hike. I went along the Caps Ridge Trail and it was comfortably populated with other people, always a good thing to have company on the trails. Definitely don't go if it's rained at all as there are several bald faced spots to scramble up. Also, I wouldn't bring a dog unless your pup is well accustomed to difficult hiking. Overall I thought it was a wonderful challenge. I am a fairly experienced hiker and in moderately good shape, I completed this loop in about 4 hours. Happy trails :)

1 month ago

I always like to preface review with a description of myself in case that helps people out there! I'd consider myself a novice hiker, a bit out of shape, with arthritis in one knee and tendinitis in both ankles. This was my second 4,000 footer and it was DIFFICULT but worth it. We brought our dog with us - who was an incredible trooper - but that diminished our water supply for our descent. I wish I had packed more water and snacks. Ascent took roughly 3.5 hours and descent (because of shaky shaky legs) took 4 hours 10 minutes (partially in the dark - which was a little scary event though we had light). Despite the challenges, the 360 views up top are INCREDIBLE and our late descent rewarded us with the view of a young moose walking ahead of us as we left the access road.

Tough hike! First mile is easy but then it gets pretty steep with some nearly vertical rock scrambles. It’s pretty fun on the way up (you’ll need to climb up some rocks) but difficult on the way down. Just scooted down the steep sections on my butt! Such amazing views! Unfortunately when I went the summit was in the clouds. Would highly recommend!

Awesome hike! The trail is 2.6 miles each way and it took us about 2 hours up and 2 hours back. It was a rocky and steep hike so bring appropriate footwear - it’s easy to trip. The trail was also very muddy and wet in some areas so be aware of that. It’s mostly wooded and when it opens up, you have a bunch of big rocks to climb up. So much fun! Gorgeous views from the top. Worth it :)

This was a great hike although it was very difficult. We started at 9:30am and hiked up to the Lakes of the Clouds Hut by 12:30/1pm. We took a break and then hiked up to Mt. Washington. Did not do the peak of Mt. Monroe. The views are incredible and the waterfalls are beautiful! We started hiking back from Mt. Washington at 4pm and made it to the car by 7:45pm.

Would definitely not do this hike in bad weather. The terrain can definitely be slippery and tough to navigate. Very sharp inclines with large boulders!

My one feedback is regarding this being dog friendly. There were a lot of dogs on the trail and most (like my dog) were unleashed except when we got to the huts. The first 1/3 of the hike was definitely doable for my very fit dog, but it definitely got very difficult for him. By the time we were heading back it was obvious he was in pain and ended up hurting the pads on his paws. There was also blood on the trail when we were hiking back and we suspected it was most likely a dog. It’s a great hike, but would definitely not bring my dog again on this one.

1 month ago

I’ve hiked this trail several times.

The first time was great. The trail was well maintained and some of the stone work on the way up was quite impressive.

The last time I hiked this, about 2 months ago, I did it as part of a loop from the Highland Center. We went up Crawford path, over Pearce, to Eisenhower and then down Edmunds. The bridge was missing to cross the water and the trail almost seemed to disappear at one point. I suspect the lack of maintenance is due to the closure of the access road for the trail.

Going to wait until next year to try this one again.

Loved this trail, gorgeous views. Did this a couple weeks ago, it was a little muddy but that made for some fun.

Did the hike on a rainy day, very slippery. My bernese mt dog handled her self but afraid other dogs might not enjoy it as much.

Nice hike! Lots of rocks and roots. Difficult, but worth the view on top!

2 months ago

I did this hike on July 28th with my wife, daughter (3 years old) and 2 dogs. Pretty muddy due to rain the previous night, but the trails are marked well and an amazing view at the top! The scramble at the top is worth the work! overall a great hike!!

We took this trail down from Monroe after a very rainy day and night. It was very slippery and technically challenging and we consider ourselves capable, experienced hikers. Would do it again but would prefer dry weather.

2 months ago

Climbed Mt Washington via Jewell trail back and forth. Weather was not terrible, it did get cold at the summit from 80 at the base to 45 F at the summit. But it was August. So do bring warm gear. We were prepared for the hard hike, so didn’t come unexpected. Views are breathtaking. It’s actually 5 miles from Ammonoosuc Ravine trailhead to the summit of Mt Washington one-way. The trail is poorly marked once above tree line on the boulders area with only cairns to guide you. We were lucky there were plenty of people on the trial just to see where we need to be. Otherwise, hard to follow the trail in that area. There are blue marks on the rocks in some places, but don’t use them as your orienteer. Views are breathtaking, well worth it. Alpine area was very exposed but breathtaking.
Be mindful that there is another entrance to this trail just past Cog Railway station, but there is no bridge. And you wouldn’t want to get you feet wet before strenuous hike ahead. We wasted an hour looking for a head trail and inquiring,until we headed back to Ammonoosuc Ravine trailhead. To get into Cog Railway parking is $10, so if you at that point- you need to turn around and drive down about 0.4 miles on 302 until you see parking for Ammonoosuc Ravine on the left. Fee is $5, come early- small lot.

I hiked it 25 years ago and it started to storm. It was a very strenuous hike but very rewarding at the same time. Once we got to the top the clouds came in and we had to descend fast . Never be on a mountain during storms! However a blue sky can change fast and you will least expect it.

Mount Jefferson is tough for newbies. I hiked Mount Jefferson, then walked over to Mount Adam's via the Gulfside Trail and had lunch, then back to Jefferson, round the Cornice Trail and then back down Cap's Ridge to the trail base parking lot. That was too much and took me almost 11 hours and I broke my glasses. Don't do that.

But Jefferson all by itself via Cap's Ridge is still a challenge for those new to the Whites. Have good boots and plenty of food and water. There is some rock scrambling needed, but not too overwhelming.

2 months ago

As others have noted, this is actually a 5.2 mile round-trip, not 4.4. It's a small difference, but worth correcting.

Regardless of the distance, it's a very good trail. It's fairly short but decently steep and technical. It was a warm and humid day today, but the trail is largely very shaded, so it wasn't overly hot, despite temperatures in the high 70s or low 80s. Perhaps the thing most worth noting is the top of the trail, which does indeed have quite a scramble. It's very do-able, just something to be aware of. Once you get up, there are tremendous 360 degree views, which are well worth the effort.

Be sure not to miss the waterfall just off the Webster-Jackson split, 1.2 miles in. We found it on the way back, and it was a great way to cool off near the end of the hike. The water was more than a little frigid, but it's a pretty little and a lovely little pool. It's definitely worth the detour.

Very rocky and lots of roots. The view at the top is well worth the climb though!

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