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4 days ago

From the perspective of a flatlander Bostonian who hasn't done much hiking, this is NOT a moderate level trail. I've hiked Monadnock, of which every trail is rated hard by this app, and this route makes those look like Boston's tiny Blue Hills in comparison. I would definitely rate this trail as hard if I could. The experience, though, was awesome. The app says it's a 4.4 mile route, but it's really 5.2 miles, 2.6 each way. It's a challenging and very rocky hike, but the views are absolutely amazing. The wind at the summit is refreshing, along with a couple of fast and frigid streams running along the path. This hike is a rock-filled grind, but it's worth it in my opinion. Again, the views from the top are breathtaking. Also, bring some trail mix and take out some peanuts or raisins at the summit to feed its resident Gray Jays, which will land on your hand and take the food. For me, that was the most memorable part of this hike.

Just got off Mount Jefferson. My “Father’s Day hike” We loved the Caps trail but thought it was a bit tough on the dogs. Foolishly took the castle trail to the link trail. Very difficult with the dogs! One wrong step and you are bear bait. It was hot so we thought the trees would be a better place to be. The Black flys kept reminding us otherwise.
Oh well, all is well that ends well!!
If I never see the link trail again it will be to soon.

5 days ago

My husband and I hiked this on our honeymoon the Summer of 2017 and really enjoyed it. Well marked trail and beautiful views. Toward summit there’s a few pretty steep parts that made me a little nervous but we managed just fine. It was my first 4000 footer and now I’m forever hooked on climbing bigger mountains - the reward on summit is well worth the climb! Happy trails!

As of today, Mt. Clinton Rd. was still closed, adding 2.6 miles total to the hike (1.3 each way). The work done by J. Rayner Edmands on this trail in 1909 is still very much in evidence. This is a very family-friendly way to get up to Crawford Path and the Mt. Eisenhower Loop. There are a couple minor rock scrambles before you get above treeline, but nothing even small children can't handle. Currently, there is no snow or ice left, and the trail has had a lot of work recently, so there are no obstructions.

Sights are breathtaking.

Taking the caps ridge trail up was amazing, I did this with a group of 8 on June 9 2018. We went up the caps ridge trail, took castle trail over to the link. The castle trail was very technical. This was my first 4000 footer and I loved it. However, the link trail shouldn't really be considered a trail. Its been a long while since its been maintained. If you're looking for some adventure that feels like you're trekking in the woods not on a trail, this trail is for you. Watch out for the gaping holes in the ground and there is a waterfall area that you have to cross. Not for beginners as it will take too long. With a beginner in the group, the hike lasted 11 hours. Oh BTW, as of June 9 2018, the road up to the trail head wasn't open, so it added on 6 miles of road to the hike (3 miles each way)

Something I realized after posting my previous post. The distance of just over 5 miles total may be correct, but the route shown is not the entire Jewell Trail. This shows the Jewell LINK to the Jewell Trail. The actual starting point of the trail is directly across Base Station Rd. from the Ammonoosuc Ravine trailhead. Mea Culpa!

I have suggested an edit to the info above. The actual out and back distance is 7.4 miles. The picture I took of the sign where you meet up with the Gulfside indicates 3.7 miles to base station rd. I used the Jewell Trail as an alternative route to Mt. Jefferson, since the Notch Rd. to the Caps Ridge trailhead was still closed. This is a very beautiful trail, and in my opinion, a family-friendly way to hike to Mt. Washington. This is still a trail in the Whites, and one leading to an area known for dangerous weather. It shouldn't be taken lightly, but with trail-savvy adults to guide, the kids won't have any problem. It's a constant climb, but nowhere are there any rock scrambles or anything too strenuous until you get above treeline, and by then you're almost at the end,The Jewell runs almost parallel to the Gulfside Trail for a short distance, then meets up with it. When you exit treeline, the trail is now marked with cairns, and where it veers right and runs alongside the Gulfside, they can be a little hard to follow. At each one, just orient yourself toward the summit, and look for the next one. Happy Trails!

10 days ago

Summited Mt Pierce via the crawford path. Slow steady climb not to difficult i would personally rate it moderate. Followed a river initially with small pools and waterfalls. Very green and mossy for most of the way up. Stunning views of southern and northern presidential's along with Mount Washington! Worth the hike!!

11 days ago

The trail is very narrow almost all the way up to Cherry mountain. Although we only saw five people during the course of our hike from the route 115 entrance I cannot imagine doing this hike with lots of other people on the trail going in different directions. At the summit there is only one small area where you have a good view. If you Want the breathtaking view you must continue another .8 miles to Owls head summit.

18 days ago

this was my first 4,000 footer! very well marked and well maintained trail. I packed spikes and winter attire but all the snow/ice was melted and it was warm with a breeze at the top! the view from the summit was worth every effort. be warned that there is a steep rocky scramble to get to the summit that may be hard for small children and pets. (our medium sized pup had no problem but she is very nimble) I think this was the perfect 4K to start our journey! the grey jays will land on your hand!

*edit - the entire journey is 5.2 miles, 2.6 each way - not 4.4 like it says above*

hiking, not for beginners
nice foggy weather, great views!
road to trail parking was closed so I had to walk out and back another 6miles (11.5m altogether), FYI this road is not gonna open until July 2018

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did this with my sister a year back and loved it. one of my first 4k and the grey Jay's at the top made it all the more enjoyable! (the ate the m&m's out of my trail mix! oops! hahah they know what they like I guess ha!!)
my first big rock slab and looking back I would do so it again. overall a easy hike with a amazing view. it's a small 4k xo beginner peeps would enjoy this!

1 month ago

Did this as part of a loop including Ammonoosuc Ravine trail->Monroe Loop->Crawford Path->Edmands Path. We ascended Ammonoosuc and descended via Edmands Path. Probably about 10 miles.

BEWARE - If you do the above loop and park at Ammonoosuc Ravine trailhead, know that Mt Clinton Rd is closed even in late May. Plan accordingly. We had to walk 2.3 miles back up to Ammonoosuc trailhead where we parked - not that big of a deal but after a long day you will want to be prepared for that.

Edmands has a couple of very nice flat sections especially as you are at treeline close to Crawford Path intersection. Didn't see any other hikers (because Mt Clinton Rd was closed). Lot's of snow near the top still on the trails. There looks like what I would call tornado ruins, or possibly a downburst, that flattened a huge section of the trees about midway on the path. The path has been cleared but it's very interesting to see.

This time of year this is absolutely an advanced hike. It is steep for almost the entirety and the packed snow and ice gives way regularly. There is an area where you have to cross over a downed tree to get across the engorged river cascade and plenty of areas where you can hear the water running under your feet. Bring traction and remember to test each step, because you might fall through into water! The payoff though...absolutely DIVINE!! You can see outrageously far in every direction from the summit. Maybe I'll save this one for the summer in the future!!

on Mount Monroe Trail

2 months ago

Hiked the Ammonousic trail toward Mount Monroe April 7, 2018. The trail began gradually with increasing steepness. It had just snowed about 4 inches at the base. As we went up it was necessary to wear crampons because there was ice under the snow. We got as far as Lake of the Clouds hut and decided to quit just short of our goal. The temperature was about 10 degrees and was very windy. Our footprints were being covered with the blowing snow, so since the trail blazed were covered up, it would have been difficult to find our way back. Otherwise it was a great hike.
We had fun sliding down the steep parts of the trail on our butts wearing ski pants!

This review is specifically for the Caps Ridge - Castle - Link loop... It was a beautiful day, and all I can say was that this route is among the most dynamic, scenic, and downright enjoyable ventures I've had the pleasure to experience. Once you ascend past the timber line (very soon after the trailhead), the views of the valley are phenomenal. Once the views come, you're in for scrambling nearly the rest of the way to the summit. Once past the largest of the rocks and close to the summit, we were enveloped in fog. ... but the great thing about the fog is that you already know that soon starting the descent, you're in for some more stunning valley views - and that's exactly what we got with Castle Trail. The views from Castle are just as mesmerizing as those from the Caps Ridge ascent, and yet still decidedly their very own. Truly phenomenal.

In retrospect, The Link was likely my favorite part of the entire loop. Though it's a relatively brief stretch, it's a challenge to visually pick out where the trail actually is - so wherever your foot lands might as well be considered it! I'd recommend taking it slow and soaking in as much of the scenery as possible for two reasons: 1) the entirety of this section is what comes to mind if I had to imagine what an enchanted forest looks like, and 2) there are myriad unstable/slippery/otherwise dynamic surfaces upon which you'll tread, and there's no shortage of spots where a misstep is a risk that you can't afford to take.

This loop is not only an excellent physical challenge, but also an unforgettable experience (particularly so given the exceptional bang for your buck given the overall modest distance involved). We completed it in roughly 6 hours (which includes roughly 30 minutes spent enjoying the summit). I've been wanting to give this another go ever since this first time, and will do so again this year. There's a great many hikes yet on my list, but out of all those I've done up until now, this one holds a very special place for me.


I didn’t start this one to early afternoon so i knew i had to move if i didn’t want this to be a full night decent, but when i go to the top it was one of the most amazing sunsets i’ve ever seen, definitely worth the wait if you don’t mind hiking down in the dark!

3 months ago

Pretty icy. A beautiful hike. After moving from AZ this was quite a change for me. Trust in the God of Crampons (lol) and keep going. It was 30mph winds on the peak and quite cold. Make sure you watch your footing when you hit the rocks near the summit. Those are slippery, else this was a straightforward hike and it's impossible to stray off path.

3 months ago

Great hike if you're new to winter hiking (or a veteran). Used microspikes the whole way up and down as well as hiking poles for added balance. Well labeled trail, impossible to get off track. Persistently back and forth between steep and moderate. Summit was extremely windy but great views. Top is quite icy, both me and my partner slipped and fell while climbing down from the summit but not a big deal. Grey Jay birds are prominent here and love to eat from your hand!

Amazing winter hike! We used microspikes the whole way, carrying snowshoes. Temps were relatively balmy (read: teens) below treeline. Once we were exposed, we made a quick dash for the summit and returned back to trees ASAP. Winds were estimated at a -20 windchill up there. Absolutely beautiful!

I enjoy looping this with the Link Trail and Cas. Ridge Trail.

Spectacular view of the Presidentials. Heavy ice for the last 1/2 mile

Absolutely fantastic trail!!!
Not for the faint of heart though.
Fairly easy till you break the tree line then it becomes difficult.

on Mount Jackson Trail

6 months ago

Beautiful trail and gorgeous views at the top. Significant ice and snow on trail, especially the second half. We were very glad to have our stabilicers. Our dog could not make it the last tenth of a mile because of the steep icy slopes but did great on the rest of the trail. Can’t wait to hike this trail again sometime!

Great hike with our 5 and 7 year old troopers. Amazing views and technically challenging caps made for a not at all boring hike for the kids.

good hike. 3-4 hours

Great hike today. 3-4 inches snow pack. A little icy on top. Recommend micro spikes. Trail clearly marked. View from top is awesome. Took took 1 1/2 hr to get down as there were some slippery spots. Too a little over 2 to summit.

7 months ago

Good Hike. Icy in November. Our dogs couldn't make it to the summit, but they are larger and a bit clumsy. This was mainly due to the ice. Great views at the summit! Worth it. Definitely not an easy hike, but it was manageable.

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