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This was my first time hiking this trail, highly recommend giving it a try. Phone battery died when we reached the hut.

Did it in June tough haul, and in Feb to hermits hut, pack snow temp in 40’s easy like a paved highway and going down on soft pack edges easier!

29 days ago

Hiked this one in December during the beginnings of a storm. Majority of the trail was unpacked snow roughly 10-12 inches in depth. Even with spikes the descent was tough, limited reward at the summit due to visibility. Great workout and a good story to tell nonetheless.

1 month ago

Damn, but that last mile was a killer.

This was my very first hike ever, and I didn't quite expect a 30°-45° ascent to get to the summit. But I did it, so I guess that makes me a hiker now.

It was beautiful, though, what with meandering streams and everything covered in snow. The weather was perfect, sunny and in the low 20s. Spikes are essential.

Completed July 2017. Took Tuckerman’s Ravine to Lion Head Trail and onward to summit Mt. Washington. Breathtaking views. Hard trail, cloudy at the summit, with clouds breaking slightly.

This shows up under Oregon hikes even tho it’s not in Oregon.

The gate was still closed because of earlier storm damage to get up to the trailhead so we had to walk the 1.3 miles from the road to the trailhead. Once we got to the trail it was beautiful, but a little too cold to make it to the summit today. We’ll definitely be back!

I have done this hike countless times and it never gets old.

Traction needed!

At least spikes and snowshoes aren’t bad for a the descent but not necessary. Awesome short trail, gains about 2k in elevation over 1.5 miles so it can be tough if you’re not used to it but it’s nothing scary and the summit and hike back down is breezy and lovely!

3 months ago

A great trail, pretty much steady uphill the whole way with a couple pretty steep areas. There’s not a wide view at the summit but you can see pretty far in a limited arc. Washington and the Southern Presidentials were snow-capped and looked great, and Tripyramid was pretty imposing about 5 miles away.

Bring spikes, you’ll need them. It got snowy maybe 3/4 mile up on Nov 25.

3 months ago

Nice trail overall not too much too see at the top but the 1 mile stretch straight up can be difficult if out of shape!! Spikes are a must , especially for coming down with the snow cover..!!

Good winter hike! The straight up for a mile was a bit killer, but we are still beginner hikers. Beautiful scenery hiking up the trail with the cozy snow covered pines.

3 months ago

Great 4 Seasons hike today 11/25/17. Just enough snow dusting and ice to fill in some of the rocket. Steady hike straight up, no switch backs. Just over 2 hours up and 1.5 hours down. Small view at the top.

3 months ago

What a great winter hike. Not too icy but still a slippery challenge. Pretty fast up and back. One sided view that is beautiful!

Happy Labor Day! What a brisk 20 degrees!

3 months ago

Wasn’t prepared for snow on the ground, but it made it even better. Constant climb. Great workout.
1 hr 45 to summit, 1 hr 15 to come down.
If you start at Waterville Valley Ski Resort, try to park at Lot 1, that’s where trail head is located.
Tripoli Rd is closed during the winter months (starting in November) after the Ski Resort (going west). If you’re coming from I-93 exit 28 and then 49, getting here is not a problem. The other trailhead starting further west on Tripoli road is accessible via exit 31 with exception of winter (November til April) as Tripoli Rd is closed. Again: trailhead on Tripoli Rd NIT accessible in the winter.

Loved each and every step. I completed this with a friend and a dog. My friend who joined me, isn’t the most physically gifted or conditioned, however, I don’t know a person who is mentally tougher and that’s exactly what it takes for inexperienced climbers to summit. We hopped on the trail around 830 am and got off the trail, back to the lot around 5. It was a long one indeed but once we completed it, the euphoric feeling was indescribable. Yes, once we finished. We were to exhausted to enjoy the top and we were committed to hike back down. This is also a great hike if you have a badass dog. But let me be clear. Get them hiking shoes for their paws!!! My girl ripped her paws open and struggled getting down but again, mental toughness! Above all, if you want views, in my opinion, I thought Franconia ridge to Lafayette was more, ‘picturesque’. But if you want to test your will and challenge your body, Mt. Washington all day!

Hiked back in early august. Arrived around 9 am and found out that parking was quite a bitch. However we found a spot and headed up the trail. Rocky scramble throughout most of the hike with great viewpoints at the bowl and summit. The last stretch of the trail was insane and the hardest hiking I have yet come to face.

What a hike!! The trail wasn't well marked but it was fairly obvious where we were supposed to walk. Usually I prefer loops but for this one, I would take Gorge Brook both ways if I go again. It follows a stream for a few miles which is nice and it has more nice views to stop at along the way than Snapper does.

We took this trail down in late October. We are average level hikers and it took us less than 4 hours. 2 hours of it was after sunset w flashlights. The closer to the summit, the more difficult it is w the terrain, rocks, small streams, and overall decline. Make sure to start the hike early, dress in warm layers, and bring a flashlight in case it takes longer to hike than expected. Hiking boots are a must because of the terrain.

This is a great trail full of multiple stunning views on Mount Washington, Adams, Madison etc. This hike is strenuous, lots of vertical gain in a short distance but very achievable for most hikers. Would not recommend brining a dog unless you are confident in your dogs rock climbing abilities. Hiking the ski trail would likely be best for most dogs.
We started at the Glen Ellis Falls trail, after crossing under the road the trail takes a sharp left along the road and river (to the right are the falls, also recommend seeing). There is a 20-30 foot river crossing. It is not very rock hop-able unless the water table is low, would recommend taking socks and boots off to cross. Once at the top of D you're at the top of the ski lift, there is a look out platform further into the trail for panoramic views. The rest of the D-A peaks are hidden in the trees, rolling traverse with occasional clambering. Only about 300ft of elevation change throughout. Great views of the Carter range and hut below on the A peak. One sided mostly eastern views. Lots of Canadian jays to keep you company! Budget 5-8 hrs depending on hiking speed and time spent at the top.

Super hiking experience! It’s easy to find and close to food and lodging in nearby Lincoln, NH (Loon Mountain Ski Area). The trail head has my two favorite amenities: parking and restrooms. Dartmouth College has a new lodge that’s open to the public.

We took Gorge Brook up and Carriage Road down. I’d recommend that order. Gorge Brook is steeper and more rocky. Most of the trail up is along a small falling creek. You get a waterfall feature for several miles!

The top is over 4800 feet and above the tree line. Dress in layers and put more on before you pop out of the tree line and head for the top! Pack a good lunch and spend some time at the top.

First snow of the year. Top was snow covered, cold and icy. Maybe PM will be better. Missed the last bit of the summit.

Great hike up Snapper and Carriage road to the summit. Took Gorge Brook trail down. Hardly any people going up, lots heading down. Started at 10:30am, got back about 2:30. Good hike for beginners who want to experience getting above the tree line

We went Monday, October 23 perfect weather, my husband and I and our husky. I wouldn’t recommend taking a dog and like they are experienced in hiking - which ours is so he did it very well.

Overall the trip was awesome we started around 12 o’clock and finish around 5 PM . 2 1/2 up in 2 1/2 hours down.

My only complaint is obviously when you get to the top it is a bummer having that tram service because there is people up there that did not hike up the mountain, but the positive note is a nice bowl of chili on top after hiking!

Last hiked in 1990. Took a group of teen and younger kids. Good hike; they enjoyed it.

The tuckerman ravine trail was pretty but the loop in its entirety was just ok considering the effort put in to it. The views were nice but not the best I’ve seen in the white mountains. Hiking up to Mt. Washington summit is a challenge and it’s quite an accomplishment however, the auto road that allows people to drive to the top spoils the joy when a hiker reaches the summit. The views are obstructed by parking lots and buildings and there’s people all over the place budging in front of you and being rude which is not something you want after a 4,000 ft incline.

4 months ago

The trail was closed today! Please be warned. We headed over to Osceola but it was disappointing to not hike where we planned.

A great trail with main viewpoints on the way up.

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