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Very challenging hike with amazing views along the trail. If you choose to hike this trail make sure you have anti mosquitoes spray!

* Full Trail Journal now up at packandpeak.com

Completed this on 7/7/18 . If you’re going solo I highly suggest scheduling a shuttle to pick you up at the Webster/Jackson trailhead and then dropping you at the Valley Way trailhead so you end at your car because you can’t guarantee when you’re going to finish and you don't want to hike 15 miles back to your car if you can't get a ride. Trail Angels is one of them but if they're booked, the AMC will give you some numbers for individuals that shuttle people. They gave me the number for a great guy named Bill and he met me a little before 3:00 am at Webster/Jackson and dropped me at the Valley Way trailhead at 3:25 am. I started solo at 3:35 am and joined a group of 3 about 2 miles up Valley Way trail - Todd, Garret, and Jeff. We finished at 7:30 pm for a total of about 16 hours including all our stops. We stuck together until the end, picking up a few others along the way. We hit 10 peaks - Madison, Adams, Jefferson, Washington, Monroe, Franklin, Eisenhower, Pierce, Jackson and Webster. We stopped at all the huts to refill water, grab some snacks, and rest. Spent about half an hour to 45 minutes at Washington. A couple of us brought an extra shirt and pair of socks and changed at Mount Washington. We got lucky with clear skies and 60’s most of the day. Bring sunscreen, eat a lot of carbs and some sodium along the way, sunglasses, bring cash to buy snacks at the huts because you’ll need them, bring layers – we started in fleece and shell and rotated those layers throughout the day due to windchill. BRING GLOVES - We had 45 MPH winds at Madison and that will take the blood out of your fingers real quick. Pace yourself up Valley Way because you’re going to need everything your legs have to get up to Washington. Just ask the folks in line if you can just touch the rock pile at the summit of Washington if you don’t want to take a picture and wait in line. The descent down Webster Cliff and Webster Jackson trails have a lot of big rocks you’ll be crab walking down. The last few miles require a lot of focus to end this hike so pay attention to where your feet are landing. It’s a long, hard hike, but if you prepare right then it’s also an absolutely amazing and unforgettable experience.

Hoping to hit that Pemi Loop Next

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Full Trail Journal now up at packandpeak.com

*One of the guys in our group had his boots completely fall apart up Valley Way and the only other option was a pair of Teva velcro strap water sandals. He strapped them on over some socks at Madison Hut and wore them the rest of the day. If you’ve hiked in New Hampshire you know this is no easy feat (bad pun intended). I couldn’t believe it. He didn’t stump a toe or get soaked through the mud. Jeff is a legend in my book. Text me for Bill’s number if you need a shuttle 3-two-1 7-nine-5 533-nine

My wife and 2 pre teens hiked from the AMC Highlands Center to Lakes with plans to continue to Madison the following day. The hike from the Highland Center to Pierce was very hot and humid before reaching the ridge (the temps were supposedly record highs in the Whites). Once on the ridge it cooled a bit, but there wasn’t much of a breeze until we reached the top of Eisenhower. All along the ridge the views were fantastic. We planned on going around Monroe (low on water), but when we arrived at the loop cut off we learned the trail skirting Monroe was closed for maintenance and we needed to take the loop trail. My wife and I shrugged our shoulders, but the kids were happy to bag another peak. The trail over Monroe was strenuous with a lot of bouldering, it was fun and we were happy we did it. We enjoyed our first stay at the Lakes of the Clouds Hut and met nice and interesting people. The next day we continued up in the clouds to Mount Washington with cooler temps in just under an hour and a half. At the summit, I checked the weather forecast for the rest of the day which called for probable severe thunderstorms, heavy rain and sustained 40 mile winds that afternoon on the northern ridge. We decided to continue and head directly for Madison without doing any of the other summits. When we started down Washington I noticed the winds had picked up significantly and decided to save the Northern Presidents for another day. We took the Shuttle down to Pinkham. Once there we had to find a ride to our car at Appalachia and I asked one of the AMC employees if they knew anyone who could give us a lift and they found us someone. All of us had a great time and plan to complete the Northern peaks by the end of the summer.

Our goal was to knock off Mt. Madison & Mt. Adams in the same day view a loop. This loop accomplished that goal, however, I would not recommend this particular loop. We summited Mt. Madison first via the Howker Ridge Trail. A few miles into the trail we encounter, moose poo all along the trail for the next mile or so (enough to fill a few wheel barrows). From the start of the trailhead, we hiked for 2 hours (2.8 miles) before we got our first view, then it's back into the trees for another .6 miles. From here on, it's beautiful hiking above treeline up Mt. Madison, then down to Madison Spring Hut for a short break, then on to Mt. Adams. Including the short break it took about 5 hours to reach Mt. Adams. Now the decent ... we took the Great Gully Trail down into the ravine. This trail does not start out too bad, but quickly becomes steep and dangerous. There are dozens of scrambles down this very steep ravine, that I would not recommend except for the highly adventurous hiker. After about a mile of these super steep scrambles, the trail connects to a much more moderate trail for 3+ more miles back to the trailhead. If we were to do this loop again, I think we would have skipped the Great Gully Trail and take a shorter, easier Airline Trail to complete the loop.

Did 1/2 a Presi today starting up Valley Way and ending at Washington. Took 7 hours 45 mins. We mistakenly did the Watson Path up Madison because we thought it would save time, but we learned it would have made more sense to continue up Valley Way and just backtrack to the summit. I was glad I had a small day pack, as I imagine a larger and heavier bag would have made it much more difficult. I brought 4L of water and refilled it at Madison hut, and that was enough for a warm summer day. Getting to Washington after all the tough miles before and seeing tourists with their coffee and blue jeans was a little disheartening, and we could hear the auto road for the last 3ish hours of the day. Despite this, the views were incredible and once we got into the alpine zone, the going got significantly easier (than when we were headed up Madison.

Did this last Friday! Was very difficult but well worth the struggle. Washington was the killer... spent a bit to much energy during the start which was around 450am (Madison, Adams & Jefferson). Eisenhower was the only other significant elevation after Washington.

1 month ago

Amazing hike. Highly recommend you have trekking poles or you will be at a disadvantage. The poles are key. Also bring enough food for yourself, there’s huts along the way that you can fuel up at. Overall amazing experience.

Jefferson was one of my most trying hikes to dates! I’ve been hiking since I was in high school and I have bad knees from playing volleyball. I try to do a couple of difficult hikes a summer but Jefferson was the harshest on my joints. But boy was the view worth it, you can see the tops of every mountain and Washington is right in front of you. Warning, there’s numerous false peaks and there were a ton of bugs on the trail during the time I went, which was in the late Spring.

I, unfortunately, could only manage to do half of this. I made the mistake of summiting Madison via the Watson Path to avoid the out-and-back via Valley Way. It was 1,000ft elevation of tough scramble in pea soup. Once the fog started burning off in the afternoon I was greeted with fantastic views of the range. Now that I'm more aware of the terrain, I will be back to hopefully 1-day this next year.

This was an out and back for me, using the valley to ascend to the Madison Spring Hut. From there, the ascent to Madison is only a half mile, to Adams, a mile. The Osgood trail to Madison is well marked and a bit of a scramble here and there, but easily done (I saw a family there, and a couple dogs). For Adams, I took the Star Lake Trail, which is much more challenging, and involves some real rock work. Whatever way you choose, the views from either summit are well worth the effort.
The Valley Way itself isn't a trail with a lot of scenery, though near the beginning, there is a parallel trail called the Fallsway. You can probably guess why (it's not because of any falling danger!) It is rated here as hard, and in the White Mountain Guide as strenuous, but I think that is more for the length and continual elevation gain. I completed the Valley Way ascent in about 4 hours (taking lots of time for pics and a break), and had a great few hours on the summits and hanging around the Hut. The AMC folks were just preparing for their opening in two days, so I couldn't get a souvenir, but I did chat for a while with the folks there. I highly recommend this trail as an easier alternative to the more scenic Air Line.

Has anyone used a GPS watch on the Traverse? Wonder what you used and how it went?
Would like to find a good watch / GPS system for this and other trails
Thanks, Ken

Solo single-day winter traverse

Awesome, butt-kicking hike. Cold weekday morning in October (10/16/17) meant that I did not see another human the entire 7 hours up or down! Perfect! Started to get very icy on the constant boulder scramble 2 miles from the summit. Glad I brought my mini spikes, layers and shell.
The descent is rough on the knees.
Hiking poles a must. Thick layers of freshly fallen leaves last two descending miles hide many foot and ankle hazards.
What a great hike!
I will return.

5 months ago

Beast of a trail for backpacking, much more suited for ultralight backpacking or slack packing. Made it halfway to through but forced down after submitting Washington due to weather. Will definitely be going back to complete the rest of the traverse.

Very steep and rocky. Incredible view at the top. You could go trail running on it, but you would need quads of steel for the uphill. I suggest hiking or backpacking.

Done this one a few times and it’s never boring.

Hard hard hard and steep from the beginning of the Watson trail from valley trail. False summits and some scrambling in winds and sleet (October) make it all the more challenging - but totally worth it. Amazing day. Took us 6 hours from valley to Watson and back down valley.

9 months ago

We used this as a backpacking mileage test; full packs, and see how far you can get on mountain terrain in a day. Beautiful views, easy stepping ridge-line trails, and a way around the toughest peaks (the AT) in case the weather turns. There are shelters with water along the trail, but the weather is famously changeable and dangerous, and it's not easy getting off them after the weather turns-- the descent is often through a steep boulder field.

Plan your camp early, or at least don't plan to find a campsite at sundown. The sites which are out of the wind/weather are down steep and slick side trails, and it is often a long way to a flat area to pitch a tent. This is a beautiful place to hike, and also a place where one can end up soaked and exhausted in a tent which is tied to a tree so that it doesn't begin sliding down the mountain in the night.

Completed this trail yesterday 9/16/2017. We parked at the airline/Appalachia trailhead and started hiking at 330am... the trail was easy to follow and enjoyable. Got to the summit of Mt Madison around 630am just in time for an amazing sunrise. Refueled water at the Madison hut and pushed on wards bagging all of the peaks following... we reached our other car and the highland center at 730 pm having our travel time down to 16 hours! In no shape or form are we trail runners just went for it and got really lucky with warm temps and great views! Must do!

10 months ago

Just finished this hike. We took 2 days to finish. Gear included overnight camping equipment and 25 lbs of gear in case of stormy weather which was planned for due to hurricane Irma's moisture traveling NE. We started at Appalachia at 1900 and competed the first 4 miles in the dark. We took a break near the Madison hut off the main trail near the tree line. Once sunrise broke we hit Madison, Adam, Jefferson, Clay and then Washington. We were not running the trails and even then, the terrain and rocks that make up the trail will slow you down, since injuries are common due to unstable footing. We planned for about 1 MPH pace but underestimated the restrictive terrain.There wasn't any rooms available at the AMC Lakes in the Clouds so we planned to head down the mountain once at Washington. Had some trail magic and was offered a ride since the last van and cog train just departed. It was later than we planned on arriving. Stayed at the AMC center off HWY 16. Great opportunity to refit, eat, shower and get rest. Got up at 0600 ate and hitched a ride to the gate leading up to the top of Washington. Bought a ticket for a shuttle (31$) got to the top and continued on around 1030. Hit The rest of the presidentials and made it back the AMC Highland by 1600. Unless your a trail runner I wouldn't plan on doing this trail in one day unless you plan on running the whole thing. Great opportunity to train for something bigger like Rainer or Shasta due to the elevation gain and strenuous workout.

An amazing hike, one of my favorite weekends ever. We started at Madison and finished at Pierce, skipping Jackson. The hike took about 1.5 days for us, camping at the bottom of Jefferson. Highly recommend this hike, it is filled with amazing views. Loved the variations in trails, with Star Lake going up Adams being the most challenging, but certainly the most fun.

10 months ago

We started from Appalachia and ended at AMC Highland Center, stayed at Madison Spring Hut and Lakes of the Clouds Hut, bagged 9 peaks. On the way up to Mt Madison, we first took Valley Trail, then crossed over to Air Line Trail via Scar Trail. I have to say Scar Trail is my favorite trail.

Amazing and well traveled trail, not for novice hiker. Best to watch weather and dress in layers! Southern traverse is less rocky but overall a lot of granite! Views are worth it and a must do traverse for any experienced hiker!

Great hike on a beautiful day. Don't know if my brother will agree but I give him credit he persevered. This hike is one of the hardest I've done to date. The push to Adams summit is rough terrain and very strenuous in my opinion. Kings Ravine was awesome to follow up and looks down to Jefferson, Madison and Washington from the tops of Adams and Madison were splendid. 2 more 4ks off the list

Probably too hard for me, I stopped at the refuge but the trail is very nice. Be careful at the way down.

Did this trail 08/20/17 in 12 hours. We were in the clouds with 40+ mph wind throughout the whole Northside, but the sky cleared up in the afternoon around Monroe. Amazing trail, but not for the faint of heart.

Crazy fun and difficult at times. Careful on the way down!

11 months ago

what an amazing place to see, this should be on everyone's to do list for sure.. spent a few days backpacking this and the weather was amazing the view even better. stayed one night at the lake of the cloud hut, and the service and the meal you get there is something you will never forget. completely worth the hundred third dollars that is for sure. mt Washington was wild and the view were beautiful. thank you!!

Did the PT today; 9/10 summits (we skipped the very last one - Jackson). My GPS watch died with about 5.3km left, which is when I used All Trails app to record the final few KM's.....We started at 4:15am and finished at 2:50pm, with a 45 min. Stop at the super busy and crowded Mt Washington. Weather was perfect and we absolutely loved it! Definitely coming back next year and will include Jackson


From the beginning, the Watson Path is a challenge. Shortly after a brook crossing the terrian becomes very rough and gains elevation quickly. It does not let up until you reach the top of the ridge.

Once you break above treeline, the trail mostly dissappears and you climb from carin to carin over rocks and boulders.

There are three false summits on the ascent that make this trail mentally taxing.

I would not recommend this trail for descent, due to its rugged and steep sections, however you could descend if you are carefully and take your time.

Valley Way and Airline are far less taxing ways to ascend Mt. Madison. This trail should only be attempted by people in good physical condition.

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