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Love this mountain! It's a bit of a Trek but its super easy ( Gorge Brook Trail). It was cloudy when I went so the views were limited but still gorgeous with lots of different terrain and vegetation. highly recommend this trail!

I read about this crash site several years ago and kept it in the back of my mind for when I wanted a 1/2 day hike. The parking area is right off Rt. 118 on Walker Brook Road. The trail is an easy walk up a fire road for the first 1 mile. At this point the road ends at a field, upon entering the field there is a small cairn where you turn sharp right and off into the forest you go. Shortly after entering the woods you will find a small yellow sign indicating a brook crossing 750 feet ahead and a yellow arrow on a tree at the crossing point. Once across the brook the climb begins. The trail is not official and not well marked, but with care it can be followed without much difficulty (look for orange ribbons tied to trees). From the brook crossing up the climb is steady and a bit steep. The final 1/2 mile to the crash site is very steep. You will first approach the 2 engines and some scattered debris. From there look up and large portions of the fuselage, wings, landing gear and many smaller pieces of debris are scattered across the mountainside. A memorial plaque was placed on a boulder in 1992 and is surrounded by small American Flags left by visitors to honor the crew. Be sure to do some online research before your visit as knowing the whole story will enhance your visit to this historic site. There is also a side trail marked with ribbons that head down to the left (when looking uphill). I did not follow it as it steeply descends into the wilderness, however upon returning home I read it leads to a scenic waterfall. Maybe a nice spot for lunch?

Took Snapper Trail to Carriage Road then descended Gorge Brook Trail. About 5 hours total hiking time. Great hike with impressive views. Would love to do again in winter.

Amazing hike. Moderate climb and the views at the top were fantastic!! Definitely one of my favorite hikes.

One of the best hikes in New Hampshire. I went on a Wednesday and there was a lot of hikers on the trail. And due to the construction going on now you have to park on the side of the dirt road, and due to the line of cars your hike may be a bit longer than anticipated. But the view from the top is fantastic.

Its a nice moderate hike. Its not very steep. It opens up very nicely at the summit. Make sure to get a jacket as it gets super windy and cold even on a hot day. Amazing views from the top.

The view at the summit is without a doubt nice, but the hike up and and back down is is surrounded by lush forest. I’m a fan of alpine hiking so I wasn’t so stoked about this one. That’s my only reasoning for the low rating.

I actually watched a few YouTube videos as part of my research for this hike and found them helpful. The story about the wreckage was also very interesting.
My daughter and I hiked it July 4th. There are no trail markings only surveyors tape. It’s a pretty easy walk the first 1.2 miles. Walk until You come to a circular field. You will want to look to your right at about 1 o’clock to see the actual trail head. It enters the woods and you will come to a brook look for the yellow signs, one will read “crossing 750 feet ahead” continue until you find a yellow arrow pointing towards the brook. After you cross the Brook follow the trail that runs along side it, you will come across a Cairn with a flag that marks the trail that you need to follow keep on the lookout for pink survey tape to help stay on trail. It does climb steadily and somewhat steeply for the remainder of the hike. Seeing The wreckage, site and dedication was very humbling.
My daughter And I loved the mile walk in and out because it’s full of wildflowers and we saw a about a dozen butterflies in that area - absolutely beautiful

Taking this trail up is absolutely beautiful but very steep, wet, and difficult. It is worth the trip UP it, but do NOT attempt the trip down. It took me 3 hours to walk about a mile, granted I stopped quite a bit, but the rocks, being as wet as they were was treacherous. Again, worth the extreme effort going up, but not down.

Some nice views once you get to the top. Depending on where you park this trail is closer to 8miles.
We took our 17 month old which usually makes any hike a little more difficult...but if you choose to do the same I would say this trail is closer to difficult because all the rocks and roots. Some sections are pretty steep as well.

Do not take the warnings lightly! The first third of this hike is very challenging!! Bringing young kids is a bad idea. Very steep very sharp very rocky ascent alongside beautiful cascading water. If you are fit and ready for a fun hike, this is a good challenge!

Très beau sentier, pas très difficile, le terme moderate convient parfaitement. La vue est magnifique.

Beautiful hike on a gorgeous June day! Temps were in the 60s - low 70s. It took me just over 4hrs to complete going up Gorge Brook and down Carriage and Snapper. Clear skies allowed for breath taking views in all directions.
The trails were well marked and maintained by Dartmouth's outing club. The lodge at the trailhead looked beautiful!

Some water along the trail on the way up. Not a very strenuous hike. A couple pockets with nice views once you hit a few thousand ft. At the top you have a 360 view of the surrounding mountains. Very beautiful, very windy, and cold! Good hike overall.

Phenomenal hike! I did this hike in late May 2018, 65 degrees F, partly cloudy. Surprising amount of snow pack still remained on trail about 4300’ and up. The trail is accurately described as moderate, as there are few steep inclines, but a lot of rocks on trail. Don’t forget your camera, there are many good opportunities for views all the way up. Of course the summit is not wooded, so the view from the west looking into the White Mountains is amazing! For wildlife, I saw many birds and one red squirrel. Overall, a thrilling hike for my first 4000’er

Well marked along the except for the beginning of the trail next to the river misled us a few steps. Gradual climb to the top, definitely windy once we summited, suggest brining extra layers for this one. We went up the Gorge Brook trail and down the Snapper trail both trail were in excellent shape. A little tight parking on the road, nothing to be concerned about though.

Excellent first day of summer hike under a gorgeous blue sky. The Gorge Brook Trail is a moderate trail with several switch backs that allows for periods of relatively mild slopes followed by some steep and rocky inclines, especially near tree line. Great hike over to South Peak via the Carriage Rd. Trail, and then returning on Snapper Trail. I think you could do this loop in either direction in dry conditions. Given I'm in my 60's I didn't find it too difficult.

Not super challenging. It’s a good laid back hike. Summit has a great view. Just make sure you have a light jacket for the top because it’s super windy.

Beautiful trail! Very easy to follow with well marked junctions. I brought along my little 10 lb dog who made it up and down just fine. We took Snapper Trail and Carriage Road up, then Gorge Brooke down. Great views from both the south peak and summit. The summit is exposed and tends to be windy, so definitely bring a sweater or jacket (and some sunscreen!). The way up was moderate, with a pretty steady incline.

DAMN WHAT A WORKOUT! Absolutely excellent hike. Was nervous for this trail after reading reviews, but my boyfriend and I did not feel it was too bad on the way up. Steep, F*** YES. But fun, and once you get a about a 1/2 mile past the Beaver Brook Hut, it really flatens out, and the last push to the summit isn't bad at all. Not too windy at the top, and not crowded at all. We started at 12:45PM and finished up at 7:30. LOTS of breaks on way up. VERY slow on way down. My legs were really feeling it at the end i'll tell ya! Honestly, Hike was 3 days ago and i'm almost not sore anymore! Happy Hiking!

We did this hike as a family with our 8, 5 and 2 year old this past Sunday. The first mile was easy for my 2 year old, but then did have to be carried the rest of the way. Getting to see the plane was a big incentive for my older 2! Great hike! We had a lot of fun, just be sure to have bug spray!!

Well traveled, marked, and cared for trail. VERY windy at the summit! Gorgeous 360 degree views.

Really nice trail.

Great hike. I didn’t start to record the hike until near the trail head. If you take into consideration parking on a busier day it probably adds another mile or so to the hike. The weather was amazing today, so there were quite a few people out. It made the trails a little busy, but not enough to complain about. The summit had amazing views. I would recommend climbing the gorge brook first, crossing the ride on the carriage trail, and then descending down the snapper trail. I wouldn’t recommend going the reverse loop and descending down the gorge brook. Depending on your pace you can make the loop in pretty good time...I would say we kept moderate pace and it took 3hrs 19min of moving time, 4hrs 4min total time, 7.2miles, 2448ft of elevation change (this excludes the mile from trail head to parking).

Hiked on 6/2/2018. Beautiful hike through winding pines. No views at top because of clouds. Sunny at bottom of trail but wind and clouds at peak (very glad to have had my jacket). Steady gradual climb. Rocky trail with some fallen trees. Crossed a few small streams by stepping on large rocks and large streams by walking over wooden bridges. Did Gorge Brook to Carriage to Snapper (loop). 8.8 miles. 5 hour moving time (6 hour 15 total time). 2641 elevation gain. Not too many people on the trail (we started late morning and think everyone was ahead of us). Parked on road behind a long line of cars and walked about .5 miles to beginning of trail.

This trail was amazing and the cascades were beautiful but it was pretty difficult so be prepared! I wouldn't recommend this for inexperienced hikers! There was a section of the trail at the beginning that had eroded leaving about a 6 foot gap with a fall into the cascades if you slip. We were able to make it past by holding onto the bank above and standing on the two rocks on either side of the gap. With each storm I imagine it will only get bigger so there will definitely need to be something done about it. It also rained on our way up and down the cascades making the rocks a bit slippery. We just took it slow and got back down just fine!

Loved this trail. So beautiful. But make sure you don’t skip leg day before, it’s a thigh burner for sure!! Also kind of tricky, a lot of using your hands & getting creative!

Challenging trail, given the snow. Even though it was around mid May, we were underprepared gearwise (no snow shoes, no trekking poles). We decided to turn back during the descent towards Mt Blue since the trail was fully covered in 2-3 feet of snow. Got ~10 miles under our belts, and will return to complete it when it is warmer.

Beautiful, but not easy. Up until you hit the hut, it’s no joke... and coming back down might even be a little more difficult. But all worth it. Gorgeous summit if you don’t blow away.

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