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My favorite 48-4000 footer so far!! This hike was easier than expected which was nice. Well maintained trail, good footing, and a lot of rock steps. The first few miles the trail follows a river and you cross it a few times on bridges. The bridges could be redone they are a bit sketchy, but they do the job. The summit of the mountain is gorgeous! Highly recommended. The only bad part of this hike was the parking. We had to park almost a mile away from the trail head due to many cars for the Ravine Lodge.

Spent five hours on this loop two days ago with drizzle. The trail was wet and the summit was foggy and windy and chilly. But we were surprise to met a Dartmouth College student at the summit as an “Alpine Steward”. She was sitting in the foundation of a burned away hotel and answered some of our questions. I admired her spirit of protecting the fragile alpine vege on top of the mountain and had to hike all the way up to meet different hiker and educated them. Thumbs up for her! Then from her I knew that the snapper trail and carriage trail were wider in 1920-1940, so people can drive jeeps to the summit! Amazing facts! Of course, the way down was much easier than way up. Also loved all kinds of mushroom beside the Carriage Trail. Enjoyed the brooks below 3300 feet. Anyway, this is a memorable hiking, especially feel the real “rain forest”.

loved this trail! Definitely the right level of difficulty for me. Need to try this peak on a more clear day for the amazing view

Great hike for a rainy day! There weren’t any spots too wet or slippery even in just my sneakers. I just wish I had listened to my gut and taken the Gorge Brooke trail down; the Carriage Rd to Snapper trail was pretty boring. I’m planning to go back next month with my daughter on a clear day to check out the view. Definitely doable for young kids and dogs.

Beautiful and moderately easy hike to the summit of Moosilauke. We went up Gorge Brooke and then down Carriage Road to Snapper Trail. Incredible views at the summit and a few openings on the way up and down. Would definitely do this hike again.

shit was WACK. May wig was GONE. That aint for fuckin walkin. Ya'll need to CLIMB THIS BICH. Do not recommend unless y'all hate breathing/tryna catch some relaxing time with your baby daddy. BYEEEEE

8/6 Monday 90 degrees, summit was absolutely beautiful! Took Gorge brook trail up and carriage down. Enjoyed the evergreen smell most of the way to summit

Omg the views are gorgeous but this trail is very hard. I’m never doing this trail again. Loved it but hated it

My 5.5 yo and 8.5 yo and I hiked this together. Gorge Brook up was difficult for those little legs, but with lots of pit stops for water and snacks, they made it up in under 4 hours. When we got to the summit my little one exclaimed "This is the Best. Hike. Ever! Thank you mom for taking us on it!!" Worth it. Back down Carriage and Snapper took them about 2 hours while singing every disney song they knew. Best. Day. Ever.

Wonderful hike! Beautiful landscape and great summit! Nearing the summit reminded me of Scotland with rolling fog and green everywhere, above tree line.

This trail is really rocky and the descent can be very challenging and hard on your feet. The summit is beautiful and large so it’s easy to find a spot to take some pictures away from other hikers. There is quite a bit of traffic on the trail and it can be difficult to find a camping spot.

Good hike. Pretty difficult to start. Steep - climbing almost 2,000 feet within a mile, but in a stair-master kind of way. The river and waterfalls are along side you this whole time, so it's not too bad.

Afterwards, you're trekking in the trees with sporadic views, up until the last 500 ft of the hike where you get a nice 360.

Careful going down. Expect it to take you about the same amount of time as going up.

There are beautiful views of the waterfalls on this trail. The rocks and stairs do get extremely slippery so I would recommend bringing hiking poles to help keep your balance. I don't normally hike with poles but figured I might need them on this trail and I don't think I would've made it down in one piece without them. Going down does take much longer than going up so make sure you factor that into your hike time. Overall it's a great challenging hike to a gorgeous summit.

Great hike. Summit is very windy (30+mph). Took Gorge Brook up and Carriage road down. Very rocky the whole time. Paths well marked. View from the top was beautiful. Would do again. Did the loop in 4 hours 30 minutes. We took a few breaks and relaxed up at the summit out of the wind.

Beautiful hike! Gorge Brooke Trail is a moderately steep climb, with a few great views along the way. The trail itself is gorgeous (pun intended). It follows a rushing creek for awhile, and the woods themselves are breathtaking. We went up South Peak as well on the way back down. Not too many views today, but it was work a 1/10 mile walk up. Carriage Trail was not as interesting of a trail, but boasted some great views. Saw three moose on the drive out on Ravine Rd!

Love this ride! One of my favorites in the great USA

Good, moderate, straight forward hike with nothing steep. Excellent for dogs and when you have a variety of experience levels. Mooselauke has a truly lovely view in every direction...most of the Whites, the Greens and the Adirondacks. On a nice day, just delightful. Be wary in bad weather, though. The summit is very broad and exposed.

Moderate/rigorous loop—not much for switchbacks so fairly steep. No scrambles, but lots of bigger rocks so going up so felt like a stair-master. Very alpine, a lot of the trail smelled like Christmas trees. Beauuuutiful summit. Did Gorge Brook to summit and carriage road/red snapper trail down, about 4.5 hours total.

Nice hike with rewarding views for not a ton of effort. Up gorge and down carriage to snapper. Trail a little confusing Around the Ravine Lodge. Lots of construction on access road. Blue bird Day.

expected more on the top but all in all was a good hike, would recommend.

Love this mountain! It's a bit of a Trek but its super easy ( Gorge Brook Trail). It was cloudy when I went so the views were limited but still gorgeous with lots of different terrain and vegetation. highly recommend this trail!

Took Snapper Trail to Carriage Road then descended Gorge Brook Trail. About 5 hours total hiking time. Great hike with impressive views. Would love to do again in winter.

Amazing hike. Moderate climb and the views at the top were fantastic!! Definitely one of my favorite hikes.

One of the best hikes in New Hampshire. I went on a Wednesday and there was a lot of hikers on the trail. And due to the construction going on now you have to park on the side of the dirt road, and due to the line of cars your hike may be a bit longer than anticipated. But the view from the top is fantastic.

Its a nice moderate hike. Its not very steep. It opens up very nicely at the summit. Make sure to get a jacket as it gets super windy and cold even on a hot day. Amazing views from the top.

The view at the summit is without a doubt nice, but the hike up and and back down is is surrounded by lush forest. I’m a fan of alpine hiking so I wasn’t so stoked about this one. That’s my only reasoning for the low rating.

Taking this trail up is absolutely beautiful but very steep, wet, and difficult. It is worth the trip UP it, but do NOT attempt the trip down. It took me 3 hours to walk about a mile, granted I stopped quite a bit, but the rocks, being as wet as they were was treacherous. Again, worth the extreme effort going up, but not down.

Some nice views once you get to the top. Depending on where you park this trail is closer to 8miles.
We took our 17 month old which usually makes any hike a little more difficult...but if you choose to do the same I would say this trail is closer to difficult because all the rocks and roots. Some sections are pretty steep as well.

Do not take the warnings lightly! The first third of this hike is very challenging!! Bringing young kids is a bad idea. Very steep very sharp very rocky ascent alongside beautiful cascading water. If you are fit and ready for a fun hike, this is a good challenge!

Très beau sentier, pas très difficile, le terme moderate convient parfaitement. La vue est magnifique.

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