Great trail. Saw many dog owners with their dogs. Very doable trail and not a strenuous one! Recommended to everyone who want to try 4000 FT for first time!

Some good snow and ice still on the trails, especially near the summit. Very muddy where melt has happened. Microspikes not essential, but bring them if you have them. Very windy and no visibility at Moosilauke, a little better at South Peak.

Summited Mt. Moosilauke yesterday via the beaver brook trail. Steep for the first 1.5 miles until you get to the shelter then ran into a bunch of snow on the trail and where there wasn’t snow there was water from the snowmelt running down the trail. Although the trail flattened off a lot after the shelter the snow made it pretty difficult as we just had hiking boots on. The summit made it worth it as there was no snow/ice and a nice warm breeze with a beautiful view. Great hike.

Nice climb, we did this May 29 th We started at 7:15 AM back to the truck by 1:30 PM The Ravine Lodge is still closed so you park outside the gate and walk in. Stay to left when walking on the road. Trail is clearly marked we went up the Gorge Brook trail which was pretty uneventful. About 8 tenths of mile from the top is snow and ice. You really don’t need crampons at this point. When we hit the Summit if Moosilauke it was windy with no visibility. We hiked out the Carriage trail to South Peak. Once on South Peak the sun came out and the skies cleared giving us great photos of Moosilauke. We saw a total of three hikers the whole time. Great 1 st hike of the year. Next up Camels Hump in Vermont!!

The day was perfect, on tuesday May 26th 2020 I embarked on a life changing adventure. On the way to the top one of the bridges, the second or third I crossed on this trail at the beginning was falling apart and felt like it could be very dangerous on its last leg, but other than that the trail itself was very well maintained just a few spiderwebs here and there, I hiked alone left early got to the moutain and started hikeing around 7am got to the peak at 950am and it was really cloudy and the entire peak was nothing but mist however it did clear up around noon time and was the most beautiful, out of this world, dream like environment, I loved every bit of it, this trail was super fun all the way up, the hardest part is probably just the length of the steady incline but nothing that cant be done the trail I took wasnt to heavily trafficked that day only ran into about 2-3 groups on my trail after I was coming down and no one on the way up, as far as I'm concerned I was the first one there. The temp was mid 80s and I heard a few people say they were surprised it wasnt windy at all so I'm guessing this moutain can be very windy at times, but just my luck i had a great time and learned so much about nature, myself and the meaning of life which is Love, Truth and Freedom

Amazing trail. Still ice and snow. We forgot microspikes but they would've been nice. Lots of fun bridges to cross in the beginning. A couple amazing lookouts near the top but nothing compares to the summit which is breathtaking. Carridge road is more open.

Trailhead parking is now open. Minimal post holing if you stay on the narrow strip of packed snow. Used microspikes, but cramp-ons would be better. There are still some icy spots, so care is needed coming down. Also, the packed snow softened considerably from morning to afternoon, so trail conditions should be changing daily as even warmer weather is expected this week.

She wins again! Yesterday I tried my second time to Summit this beauty. My sister and I tried in March but our micro spikes were too tiny to grip the sheet of ice below the foot of beautiful powder snow. We broke trail as it had just snowed and it was sunny and magical. Still we realized we would never make it up and back before dark so we turned around. Yesterday we went again and brought my brother as well. The trail was flooded at the start so you needed to cross on downed trees. It wasn’t bad at all and you could have walked across if you didn’t mind getting your feet wet. The trail was not busy. Parking lot was at half capacity and we probably crossed paths with 5 individual or groups of hikers. No one using masks. I kept mine on my wrist and put it on upon approach. The problem came for us about 1/4 way up when we got to the snow. Again only micro spikes and melting snow. Sometimes your foot would go slightly off the compacted trail and you’d sink to your waistline. The snow can hide large crevices. Lots of climbing style hiking with all the wet rocks, ice and steep incline. We pushed on and made it half way but decided getting to the Summit would be too futile without the larger spikes. I cannot wait to go back and conquer this mountain. Happy hiking.

12 days ago

I summited Mt. Moosilauke today for the very first time. I hadn't intended to take the Beaver Brook Trail for my first ascent, but it's where my GPS took me to a parking lot and trail marker for the Tunnel Brook Trail head. I parked there and had to walk 1.5 miles out, where I came to the Beaver Brook Trail head. Towards the bottom, Beaver Brook Trail was very broken up with trees down everywhere. I came to a river and lost the trail head. Spent about 15 minutes trying to figure out where to go from there, only to discover that I needed to cross the river to continue on. Be careful that you don't slip and fall, there wasn't much real estate to negotiate the river crossing. As I continued my ascent, the trail was very blown over, trees and brush down everywhere. Seemed like I was humping downed trees every 30 seconds, or venturing off the path to get around obstacles. Eventually things smoothed out. The trail is consistently steep overall. About halfway up I encountered snow. It increasingly got deeper, 2-3 feet deep in some places. Microspikes or snowshoes would've been extremely helpful, but I used neither. The trek through the snow really sucked, but once I emerged from the treeline, it was as clear as can be. The weather was perfect with sunny blue skies. Couldn't have picked a nicer day to have done this.

Great trail with an absolutely beautiful 360 view at the summit. We hiked it on a Sunday and saw a decent amount of people on the trail- but still felt like we were able to maintain social distance and have a safe and enjoyable hike. Lots of snow and ice for about 3/4 of the trail- we did it without spikes but would’ve been better off with them. If you don’t have spikes I definitely recommend summiting via Gorge Brook Trail, as it is less icy than Snapper. Lodge is still closed so it adds a little distance to the hike. We made a slight mistake at the beginning & had to backtrack a little to get on Gorge Brook. (Turn left at the first fork, then right at the second) but we still summited in a little under 3 hours (including a lunch break) and came down in about 2.5.

13 days ago

Great half day trail with fantastic 360 views from the summits of both Moosilauke and South Peak. Hiked today and the gate is still closed, adds on 0.8 miles each way. Needed spikes nearly the entire way. Steady incline but goes fast!

Trail was covered with snow with 2-3 inches near the bottom and 10-12 inches once you are past the shelter. We broke trail the entire way (no footprints anywhere) and we’re happy we brought our crampons. We completely lost the trail at 4100 feet and therefore did not summit. Still was a beautiful hike and we had gorgeous weather. We did not see a soul. Note: the trailhead parking area is closed so we parked about .2 miles down the road at the beaver brook pond parking area which was open.

Such a beautiful hike! It starts out as a winding, moderately steep trail through the woods and through many gorgeous streams, and then gets quite steep and dense, finally emerging above the tree-line with some great views and terrific summit. The recommended route is to ascend by Ravine Lodge trail to Gorge Brook Trail, and then head down by Carriage Road trail (with an optional stop to South Peak summit), and Snapper Trail back to the start. As of May 8, the Lodge is closed, but you can park .8 miles before it and walk there (make a right at the fork once you reach it). Only saw one other person the whole time! It took us 2.5 hours to reach the summit, where we had a quick lunch behind some rocks to block us from the freezing wind (5 degrees with windchill), and then 2ish hours to come back down. Microspikes are a must as there is still a lot of snow and ice, and the top is very snowy and windy.

I plan to run the entire highway and will update my review as I do. Ran the first 3.5 today out of Lincoln NH. Quiet and uphill. Lincoln Woods on the left is a great place to get off the road and add some easy trail miles in!

Very windy up top, and we peaked right when a snow squall appeared. We didn't have any view unfortunately, at least two feet of snow most of the time beneath us. Took us 4.5 hours, the gate was still closed before the lodge.

Completed on 2-May, it was gorgeous and had most of this trail to myself. Would recommend microspikes as it makes this much, much more enjoyable since there is still quite a bit of snow and ice. I post-holed in a few places but overall not bad. If you are in good hiking shape this will be easy, if not (like me) it was a little challenging but totally worth it. Also, because the lodge access is closed you'll add ~0.8 miles each way to the hike.. be sure to take a left and not a right at the fork in the road or you add more :)

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