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Did this trail yesterday 5/16/18 and we started at noon. We made a stop in the beginning for about an hour so my friend could boil water along one of the streams. Closer to the top there are more snow banks than not over the trail but completely doable without crampons etc. We stopped again for lunch once the treeline receded at about 4500 ft. and summited Moosilauke by 5. Going down the carriage road trail we were out just before 8. Beautiful trail great views. I'm not entirely sure but far far out North West I believe you can see Lafayette

Did this trail yesterday. Some great views with some relatively okay spring conditions. Monorail was kind of a pain and caused me to slip in a couple of places. Footbridges that cross the brook need to be fixed because they all feel mostly unstable.

Great hike with nice views along the ridge. We did this hike in December. There was snow but it was a warmer day so it was fantastic. We had the trail mostly to ourselves wish I’m sure isn’t the case in the warmer seasons.

11 days ago

we took gorge brook up and carriage road to snapper trail down. Do not recommend taking gorge brook without spikes, very icy! Sprained my ankle slipping into deep snow and passed by a few other hikers with the same problem. Beautiful view but very windy, might want to pack an extra jacket!

Gate open at base. Still lots of snow during ascend via George Brook on 5/5/18. Spikes and poles suggested. Summit clear of snow and very windy. Excellent views. Descended via Carriage Road and Snapper. These trails were more gradual and wide.

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1 month ago

Fall is always the best time to visit. Hoping to someday travel on the motorcycle. Lots and Lots of views and scenic lookouts. Pack a lunch and pick a nice quiet spot to enjoy the views and mountain air.

1 month ago

First time hiking Mt Moosilauke. Phenomenal hike. Still a lot of snow along the trail on 4/22, but well packed down. Icy at the top and so beautiful. Used crampons + trekking poles and was fine. Be aware that the gate to access the lodge is closed (at least it was when we hiked), so expect to add at least 30 min to 45 min to your total trek time.

This winter hike was intense. I'd consider myself in shape, but we had to take regular breaks to manage fatigue. It's steep and uphill the entire way. We wore microspikes but probably could have done snowshoes to avoid falling through the fresh snow. The snow had blown off the summit so it was like walking on a frozen pond to the summit. Beware that the winds at the top can really whip. We even saw another group of hikers put on ski googles before ascending above tree line.

Since I'm rating the trail itself and not the mountain I give it 3 stars for winter. Too many people without snowshoes have hiked this and destroyed the snowy terrain. It took an incredible amount of time to descend because people without even spikes went down on the edges and dumped loose snow all over this steep descent. Every step was a careful and slow placement on the way down so I didn't tumble for a few hundred feet. I'm sure it's better without snow. If you're winter hiking you need snowshoes or spikes if the trail has iced over.

All that said the summit is awesome and I would do this again. The views are just amazing and worth all that frustration.

Very scenic, especially in the fall, however it does get rather crowded on Columbus Day Weekend. Lots of great places to admire the views and hike.

This shows up under Oregon hikes even tho it’s not in Oregon.

The gate was still closed because of earlier storm damage to get up to the trailhead so we had to walk the 1.3 miles from the road to the trailhead. Once we got to the trail it was beautiful, but a little too cold to make it to the summit today. We’ll definitely be back!

What a hike!! The trail wasn't well marked but it was fairly obvious where we were supposed to walk. Usually I prefer loops but for this one, I would take Gorge Brook both ways if I go again. It follows a stream for a few miles which is nice and it has more nice views to stop at along the way than Snapper does.

6 months ago

As an out of shape hiker, this was a challenging hike that was pretty much uphill all the way. The first 2 miles were rough and required a bunch of breather breaks, but the waterfall and peekaboo views were beautiful. There was lots of stepping up onto larger rocks and a few rebars to hold onto. Going up I knew going down was going to suck. After you hit the leanto and compost toilet, it gets easier in that there are less rocks to climb up. It’s still mostly uphill but there are some nice easy flat parts. Whoever said it was a stroll after the first two miles is ridiculous unless you’re incredibly in shape, but it is considerably easier than the beginning. Views at the top were amazing 10/10 would do again. Going down was good until the last 2 miles. Tired legs, weak thighs, and large steps down onto not flat rocks made it rough. Going down the last 2 miles was the worst for me. There are a few slippery areas near the water that have moss on them so be careful. Overall, totally worth it for my first 4,000 footer! Took us 3.5 hours up and 2.5 down I think.

Super hiking experience! It’s easy to find and close to food and lodging in nearby Lincoln, NH (Loon Mountain Ski Area). The trail head has my two favorite amenities: parking and restrooms. Dartmouth College has a new lodge that’s open to the public.

We took Gorge Brook up and Carriage Road down. I’d recommend that order. Gorge Brook is steeper and more rocky. Most of the trail up is along a small falling creek. You get a waterfall feature for several miles!

The top is over 4800 feet and above the tree line. Dress in layers and put more on before you pop out of the tree line and head for the top! Pack a good lunch and spend some time at the top.

First snow of the year. Top was snow covered, cold and icy. Maybe PM will be better. Missed the last bit of the summit.

Great hike up Snapper and Carriage road to the summit. Took Gorge Brook trail down. Hardly any people going up, lots heading down. Started at 10:30am, got back about 2:30. Good hike for beginners who want to experience getting above the tree line

Last hiked in 1990. Took a group of teen and younger kids. Good hike; they enjoyed it.

A great trail with main viewpoints on the way up.

Waterfall views were beautiful!!! Not as much foliage as I was hoping. On the way down encountered a brush fire across the way. All together an amazing hike with great views.

Love this trail. Straight up for the first 1.5 miles, then a nice stroll to the summit of Mooselauke. Beaver Brook Trail runs right next to some of the prettiest cascades in the Whites.

great loop and caught it on a great day. climbs steadily at a moderate grade. a bit rocky but no scrambling. Very cool summit ridge with outstanding 360 views. on this clear sunny day, could see much of the Whites to the north and east, and a clear view WNW over to Camels Hump, 75 miles away.

I hiked up via Beaver Brook about a month ago. It was our first 4000 footer and it took us 9 hours total including an hour rest at the summit and a few other rests along the way. The Trail was steep and difficult but very rewarding with plenty of waterfalls, as well as rocky terrain, new growth forest that smells like Christmas and mossy forest that looks enchanted. The summit offers some rock wall shelters for wind protection which we totally advantage of. Beautiful views and varied flora.

Incredibly rewarding trail. The loop keeps it interesting and the summit views cannot be beat. Full 360 views. Upper half of the mountain is rocky but like a jungle gym. Best 4K.

We came here on a rainy foggy day - the Moosilauke summit was very windy and we couldn't see anything beyond 200 feet.
On our way down we passed by South Peak where we caught some good views of the fall foliage after the sky cleared up.
It's a nice moderate hike and it took us about 4 moving hours to complete. There are a lot of rocks so if you're going there on a rainy day, I'd recommend you bring some trekking poles.

took gorge trail up which was a gradual grade with many rock type steps. Lots of scenic views on the way up and worth the hike. The top was windy and chilly so bring layers. The descent seemed long, but looking back it went rather quickly. It took us 3 hrs and 15 min moving time, to do the Round Trip 7.7 miles from our car. Our avg pace was 2.4 mph.

What a beautiful hike! The elevation gain is truly spread out over the assent, so no one part is remembered as heartbreak hill. On a clear September Saturday, the summit was PACKED. If you're looking for a quiet place to rest, I recommend taking the small detour to the South Peak, which is not a 4K summit but is just as beautiful. I really appreciated the respectful quiet there.

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7 months ago

If I’m reviewing the drive only - A couple wow stops and some moderate views but far less vistas than I had hoped. Better views to be found on the surrounding hikes.

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