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North Woodstock, New Hampshire Map

We did Asquam Ridge to beaver brook to Gorge brook. It was a 9.2 mile hike, 5.5 hours. You could probably do it quicker, but we had a mini snow storm during our hike. Gorge brook was a lot easier trail than Beaver brook. Beaver brook was very rocky with some scrambling (took us about 49 minutes to go 1 mile on that portion in the snow) . We didn’t get views at the summit, but getting two seasons in one hike and facing your fears by summiting a mountain when your tears are freezing and you can’t see more than 15 feet in front of you, gives you a huge adrenaline rush. I was terrified on the way up because of all the snow, but coming down I was so happy with excitement because I was so proud of myself. This hike will for sure make you feel accomplished!

Great trail, super tough! We turned at the Ridge and went up that trail to beaver brook and it was about a 9 mile hike - 5.5 hours. Snow rolled into town and made for a very difficult hike. But, was very beautiful getting two seasons in one hike! We hit a brief snow storm going along beaver brook and that made things a little more difficult. Very rocky trail with some scrambling. Overall, beautiful hike, but not an easy hike when it’s snowing. Due to the snow and clouds and wind, we didn’t get much of a view the day we hiked it.

Awesome hike! Gradual easy incline up Gorge Brook trail. This trail has the best views headed up. We went down Carriage Trail to Snapper to head back to parking by the Ravine Lodge. Took us about 5.5 hours with a stop for lunch at South peak. Highly recommend doing the 1/10 of a mile sidetrack to see the views!
One tip - don't miss the Gorge Brook trail- go over first bridge, take a left, you will be walking along the brook, about 100 yards, take a right up to the trail. If you're walking along brook awhile, you've missed the turn. Have fun!

Awesome trail. We went when there was bad weather so the top didn’t have much of a view. But it was a great hike overall. I highly recommend.

Not easy but no harder than hiking the Tripyramids or the Hancocks. The Beaver Brook Trail hasn't iced over yet . Great 360 view from the summit but the wind is no joke.

Great trail, not super hard as long as you’re in good shape. Took me 4 hours round trip with about 15 minutes spent at the top of each peak. There was snow starting at about 3,500 feet and the peaks were very snowy/windy. Would definitely recommend this hike.

Great trail. Not too difficult to find the trailhead, and once you do it’s very easy to follow. Took me 4 hours round trip, did not stop at the peak due to strong winds and mist. Would definitely come back to see the views.

My Wife and I are new to hiking. We had never climbed a 4000' ft mtn. It was a challenging climb but a lot of fun. The weather was overcast with no rain. I would say it took 3.45hrs to ascend and 3hrs to descend. Finding the trail head was not very hard. Just go down the stairs and look for the apple tree. Over all we will climb again

Hiked the South Peal Loop on Saturday 10/6/2018. We were optimistic that the weather would cooperate to allow views that so many have reported in their reviews. Unfortunately, we were in clouds and fog for most of the hike and only got brief glimpses from the summit.

The hike totaled just over 8 miles from where we parked which was about .7 from the trail head.

We did not bother to take the .1 out and back to see South Peak.

As others have noted, there is a distinct lack of trail blazes on Gorge Brook and Carriage Road trails which I found strange. With the holiday weekend, there were plenty of people on the trail but it was never overbearing.

All-in-all, it was nice to get one of the higher of the 48-4,000 footers and it's a very manageable hike. The Moosilaukee Ravine Lodge s absolutely spectacular and hopefully we'll return to stay there and get Moosilaukee on a clear day.

Based on the reviews, I thought this would be a lot harder. Yes, the first mile and a half were tough, but after that it was relatively flat. The summit is very cool; looks like a giant meadow, unlike the massive rock piles of the other 4,000 footers

I think this is rated correctly as “hard.” This is not an easy trail given all the rocks that need to be navigated. And signage isn’t clear at spots but we found our way. Otherwise a fun hike.

Hike this trail. How many places can you go and walk around a historic plane crash. I would call this a moderate hike, difficult seems a little strong. The trail is reasonably well marked, just be patient and watch for the tape. Terrain is easy to maneuver and yes is a bit steep at the end. Spend lots of time at the site, walk around and look for both landing gear, the wings, and most importantly the tributes and flags that are there. Very enjoyable.

Although it was drizzling with rain and overcast we enjoyed this drive today; late Sept. Cloud obscured most views but the trees were a delight. Yes, there will be more colour over the next few weeks yet we delighted in the lack of traffic and the gentle shades of green and colour.

Three very distinct sections to this trail - the steep waterfall-side beginning that gets the sweat pouring down, the gentle flat-ish pathways through thin trees, and the beautiful wide-open summit alpine meadow. A really pretty hike on a nice day!

Very nice hike. Agree with other reviews that the beginning is not marked. Luckily there was another hiker who told us where to go to find the start of the hike. More signage would have been beneficial.
Hiked up the Gorge trail and it was an ongoing climb. If you're in shape it's not bad at all. If you're not, this may get your blood pumping.

Gorgeous views along the way. The summit was beautiful: full 360 panoramic view: it was spectacular- not a cloud in the sky. The hike down running the carriage trail was nice.
Gorgeous day. We didn't see too many hikers which was nice. A handful at the summit at 11a and along the trail. This would be even more beautiful during the foliage season.

If you are in any shape remotely resembling physical fitness, then you'll find this to be a piece of cake. My only criticism is that it was a little TOO easy, given the time it took me to get there.

But with that said, if you're not in the best shape but you still want to hike to a beautiful little alpine zone, this is your trail. I took Carriage Trail to Snapper Trail back down, and it seemed equally gradual. You'll never find as friendly a hike with such a good payoff at the top.

This trail was super hard but worth it

25 days ago

Nice walk through the woods. Not much to hike. But the photo above is misleading. There is no "highpoint" on this trail. I assume they took this photo from further up the ridge trail.

What a road to drive. Today saw the wonderful moose on the side of the road. It was amazing to see. So many trails along the way to stop and explore.

Very easy ascent with no scrambles and a few good lookouts along the way. Bring a jacket! Bald summit = cold and windy. I went early on a Thursday morning and there were a ridiculous amount of people heading up as i went down, so this isnt really a good place to go escape crowds, but the views were unreal, so it was worth it. It took me 4.5 hrs including 15 mins at the top and a few breaks at the other views.

I can see why they call her the gentile giant. Very gradual elevation gain, with not a lot of scrambling, and a decent amount of above tree-line hiking. Pretty cool summit with 360 degree views on a clear day..

Just an absolute joy of a hike on the first crisp day of the season. The ascent is broken up with wide, smooth, gently inclining sections, and the descent down the carriage road is easy, and lovely with some pretty views every now and then. The summit offers a wonderful 360 with lots of room to spread out and a couple of dry laid curved walls for shelter if the weather is bad. I took a runner friend who hasn’t hiked much, and round trip was about 4.5 hours including 15 minutes at the summit and another five minute break to let a group of Very Loud Talkers pass. Awesome trail for families!

Very hard hike w Donna

Beautiful mountain, heavily traveled, easy to follow trails. Took Gorge to summit carriage back.

I gave it a 4 because it was difficult to navigate the first few miles. I guess I'm out of shape, but I would call this trail more difficult than moderate. Very hard on the knees, very rocky. Nice views at the top, but I can't say I would do this again. At least I bagged another 4000 footer.

Easy hike up with the dog. Very crowded on the holiday weekend. Excellent views.

1 month ago

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