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North Woodstock, New Hampshire Map
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1 month ago

Great scenic drive! So many spots to pull over and see the amazing views. Most of the leaves are gone, but this dive was stunning. Lots of campgrands and hiking trails. Already made plans to go back.

Peak bagging is what sent me to Moosilauke, and I'm really glad it did. It was about 31* at the trailhead (Gorge brook trail). about 2 miles in i had to stop and put on my micro-spikes. From there to the summit it was ice/snow. Really perfect fall hiking in my opinion. The Gorge brook trail was a steady easy to light moderate ascent. The summit is exposed and was windy when I was there. I only had about 30 meter visibility due to the clouds but the hike was great. I made my way over to South Peak which was an easy add on using the Carriage road trail. I continued down the Carriage road trail which offered some views below the clouds. To get back to the Gorge brook trail I took the Snapper trail. Which creates a nice little lollipop loop.

Tips: Park up by the ravine lodge as close as they will allow.

There are 2 trail entrances. One is down in front of the lodge. The other is at the end of the dirt road...which redirects you to the other entrance. Either method will get you to the trailhead.

Be careful after crossing the bridge to the Gorge brook trail. It is not marked but you will need to make a right turn to stay on the Gorge brook trail. If you continue walking along the river you are going the wrong way.

My husband and I hiked this trail last Tuesday. There was a lot of leaf coverage and the trail was wet at the bottom and turned into snow cover as we climbed. We passed someone on his way back down who couldn't follow the trail. We made it to the stream crossing and then had difficulty finding the trail markers. What saved us was having the All Trails app open and we could see where we were on the trail and made it to the bomber site. My husband who is a history buff thoroughly enjoyed exploring the site and seeing the memorial. The waterfall on the way back down is beautiful! Now that we know the trail, going back in better weather will be easier.

I had some trepidation leading up to this hike, as this was our first early winter hike in the White Mountains, and we were taking my son to celebrate his 10th birthday (this marked his 6th 4000 footer!). That said, I did my research and made several trips to REI to ensure I had the right equipment. Layers were definitely required and we wouldn’t have been able to complete the journey without microspikes. I’m grateful to the employee at REI who talked me out of the Yaktrax brand and insisted we needed the actual spikes. The journey through the trees covered with ice and snow made for an added degree of difficulty but is doable. The entire loop, and short trip to South Peak took us about 5.5 hours, allowing us time to take several short breaks. The only reason I’m not giving this 5 stars is simply because we had no visibility at the summit. But thats not the mountain’s fault! The cold whipping air and frozen over summit marker just added to our memories of a great hike!
As an aside, I’d highly recommend staying at the Ravine Lodge and getting some warm food and rustic comforts!!!

Glorious views, pack a lunch and go on a day trip!

Fantastic early winter hike! The hike itself is definitely more on the moderate than difficult level but the winter conditions added a degree of difficulty. Required spikes and layers - would not attempt without. Completed the loop in just over 4 hours including a beer break:) would stay at the base lodge next time!

This hike is well worth steep terrain. It was cold and rainy and it was still beautiful hiking next to the cascades and falls the entire way up.

beautiful drive. be sure to stop at the roadside trails.

challenging and rewarding

I hiked this trail 10/26. It was a clear day with great visibility, around 32 degrees at the bottom, frigidly cold and windy at the top.

I would rate this as a fairly easy trail, especially for the Whites. Steady incline, with no scrambling. No snow at the bottom of the trail, but reached about 8-10 inches at the summit. It was beautiful to watch the change scenery as we ascended. Some frozen ice over rocks near the river, so use caution.Obviously, very windy at the top (bald summit) and frigidly cold.

I brought crampons, but didn't need them. Poles were extremely helpful on the way down as the snow can be slippery. I packed a lot of layers and was only a tiny bit uncomfortable at the top: base layer, smart wool mid layer, my Patagonia R1 Fleece Pullover, a warm puff jacket and windbreaker for the summit. Neck warmer, hat and gloves. I wasn't sure how to pack for this, so I brought more than less layers and I'm glad I did.I took a few off as we got going, the hike up I was pretty warm, but very glad I had them as we ascended.

It was a beautiful trail. I've never hiked around this time before and it was an incredible experience. I highly recommend!

Great hike! Very wet and slippery though. The view at the top is fantastic. Be sure to bring your wind jacket, it’s very windy and cold up there.

Second time but this time made it to the summit, first time we ran out of time and head back down. This time it was a total white out at the top. We made it at 100pm to the summit could not see the feet in front of us. Snowed the day before about 6 inches. We were prepared with extra layers, snow boots, spikes(which I didn't have to use).Very icy and slippery. Not for the faint of heart, with the snow up to our knees in some parts. Don't let the bottom weather fool you. Check the weather before heading up.

Definitely one of the best loops in the White Mountains. Expect a short road walk, since you can’t park at the Ravine Lodge. Once at the Ravine Lodge, I would recommend ascending Gorge Brook, the “steeper” of the two. Gorge Brook is pretty easy as far as trails go in the Whites, with no scrambling and lots of switchbacks. You follow the brook for the first half. The summit is pretty spectacular, with about 100 miles of visibility, and views of the White Mountains and Green Mountains. The Carriage Road is a very easy descent, very wide and low angle. It’s a ski trail in the winter, so it’s designed to meander along the mountainside at an easy grade. The 0.1 mile spur to South Peak is definitely worth doing. Definitely would recommend this to anyone who likes hiking. Also, if you want a fun adventure, do what we did and make it a sunset hike!

This one is easy if you are used to doing 4000 footers. Really barely any steep inclines and the trails are not the large rocky ankle-breakers that I'm used to. My 10 year old said it should have been marked "easy". I was longer than normal though of course... but still took us only 5 hours total even with 30 minutes break at the top. Will do again since we missed the South Peak shoot-off...

Hiked this last weekend and was getting over a cold and a great trail since it’s not really difficult. Grades are moderate with a couple nice book crossings over bridges.

This particulate Sunday it had snowed at the higher elevations so that was a nice treat to see as the elevation changed and the snow that was there.

Views from the top were really clear and you could see some decent foliage in the valley. Our dog was psyched with the cool weather and absence of any rock scrambling. Windy at the top which made it a little cold. Just plan ahead with layers.

We did Asquam Ridge to beaver brook to Gorge brook. It was a 9.2 mile hike, 5.5 hours. You could probably do it quicker, but we had a mini snow storm during our hike. Gorge brook was a lot easier trail than Beaver brook. Beaver brook was very rocky with some scrambling (took us about 49 minutes to go 1 mile on that portion in the snow) . We didn’t get views at the summit, but getting two seasons in one hike and facing your fears by summiting a mountain when your tears are freezing and you can’t see more than 15 feet in front of you, gives you a huge adrenaline rush. I was terrified on the way up because of all the snow, but coming down I was so happy with excitement because I was so proud of myself. This hike will for sure make you feel accomplished!

Great trail, super tough! We turned at the Ridge and went up that trail to beaver brook and it was about a 9 mile hike - 5.5 hours. Snow rolled into town and made for a very difficult hike. But, was very beautiful getting two seasons in one hike! We hit a brief snow storm going along beaver brook and that made things a little more difficult. Very rocky trail with some scrambling. Overall, beautiful hike, but not an easy hike when it’s snowing. Due to the snow and clouds and wind, we didn’t get much of a view the day we hiked it.

Awesome hike! Gradual easy incline up Gorge Brook trail. This trail has the best views headed up. We went down Carriage Trail to Snapper to head back to parking by the Ravine Lodge. Took us about 5.5 hours with a stop for lunch at South peak. Highly recommend doing the 1/10 of a mile sidetrack to see the views!
One tip - don't miss the Gorge Brook trail- go over first bridge, take a left, you will be walking along the brook, about 100 yards, take a right up to the trail. If you're walking along brook awhile, you've missed the turn. Have fun!

Awesome trail. We went when there was bad weather so the top didn’t have much of a view. But it was a great hike overall. I highly recommend.

Not easy but no harder than hiking the Tripyramids or the Hancocks. The Beaver Brook Trail hasn't iced over yet . Great 360 view from the summit but the wind is no joke.

Great trail, not super hard as long as you’re in good shape. Took me 4 hours round trip with about 15 minutes spent at the top of each peak. There was snow starting at about 3,500 feet and the peaks were very snowy/windy. Would definitely recommend this hike.

Great trail. Not too difficult to find the trailhead, and once you do it’s very easy to follow. Took me 4 hours round trip, did not stop at the peak due to strong winds and mist. Would definitely come back to see the views.

My Wife and I are new to hiking. We had never climbed a 4000' ft mtn. It was a challenging climb but a lot of fun. The weather was overcast with no rain. I would say it took 3.45hrs to ascend and 3hrs to descend. Finding the trail head was not very hard. Just go down the stairs and look for the apple tree. Over all we will climb again

Hiked the South Peal Loop on Saturday 10/6/2018. We were optimistic that the weather would cooperate to allow views that so many have reported in their reviews. Unfortunately, we were in clouds and fog for most of the hike and only got brief glimpses from the summit.

The hike totaled just over 8 miles from where we parked which was about .7 from the trail head.

We did not bother to take the .1 out and back to see South Peak.

As others have noted, there is a distinct lack of trail blazes on Gorge Brook and Carriage Road trails which I found strange. With the holiday weekend, there were plenty of people on the trail but it was never overbearing.

All-in-all, it was nice to get one of the higher of the 48-4,000 footers and it's a very manageable hike. The Moosilaukee Ravine Lodge s absolutely spectacular and hopefully we'll return to stay there and get Moosilaukee on a clear day.

Based on the reviews, I thought this would be a lot harder. Yes, the first mile and a half were tough, but after that it was relatively flat. The summit is very cool; looks like a giant meadow, unlike the massive rock piles of the other 4,000 footers

I think this is rated correctly as “hard.” This is not an easy trail given all the rocks that need to be navigated. And signage isn’t clear at spots but we found our way. Otherwise a fun hike.

Hike this trail. How many places can you go and walk around a historic plane crash. I would call this a moderate hike, difficult seems a little strong. The trail is reasonably well marked, just be patient and watch for the tape. Terrain is easy to maneuver and yes is a bit steep at the end. Spend lots of time at the site, walk around and look for both landing gear, the wings, and most importantly the tributes and flags that are there. Very enjoyable.

Although it was drizzling with rain and overcast we enjoyed this drive today; late Sept. Cloud obscured most views but the trees were a delight. Yes, there will be more colour over the next few weeks yet we delighted in the lack of traffic and the gentle shades of green and colour.

Three very distinct sections to this trail - the steep waterfall-side beginning that gets the sweat pouring down, the gentle flat-ish pathways through thin trees, and the beautiful wide-open summit alpine meadow. A really pretty hike on a nice day!

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