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8 days ago

Didn’t do the whole 5 miles. Just hiked out to eagles nest outlook for the stunning views overlooking Lake Sunapee. 10/10 views. Especially in the fall!

Amazing. Rough going up, super easy coming down.

23 days ago

This is definitely not a “moderate” trail in my estimation. Steep hike almost the whole way. The views of Lake Solitude however may make it worth the climb. Very poor footing on the way back down.

Great view on a clear day. Moderate to easy grade.

Took the Andrew Brook trail, was DOPE!

It was a bit muddy, so make sure to have waterproof boots.

Great ups and downs. Had my dog on leash. Trails were a bit muddy some wet spots. Nobody fell. Made out for a good backpacking trip.

I've hiked this trail this past Sunday looking for a moderately easy hike and for some fall foliage. It was good but nothing memorable. I didn't like how muddy the trail was and there wasn't much interesting to see along the way. I do like the constant soothing sound of the running water in the brook and the view from the summit. Much of the summit is still in the treeline so you've got to look for just the few summit spots that doesn't have tree obstructing your view.

I've managed to take a few memorable panorama shots that look over the entire landscape so that makes the trip worthwhile for me. Some reviewers say the summit is not a worthwhile hike. I strongly disagree. I think it's the hike and view from the summit that makes the trip worthwhile.

1 month ago

I had been wanting to hike Mount Sunapee for quite some time and finally decided to trek it alone on a September day during the week. The trail was fantastic. Very well maintained and a nice gradual climb. I gave this hike a 3 because considering the length of time and effort it took to get to the summit, I was very disappointed with the views. This is mostly because I’ve hiked a ton of mountains that are moderate 3-4 miles round trip with 5 Star summits. This was not one of them. I was so disappointed I didn’t even take pictures. I will say, however, the staff at Sunappee are super nice and the adventure course looks cool!!

I took this hike as a random pick of some place to go. The beginning of the trail starts out easy before turning to lots of rock. in some places it resembles a brook bed. The trail was well marked throughout. As soon as you enter the state forest there is a register to sign in and make notes. The foliage was just starting to turn in some spots which made the hike even more pleasant. It gets easier as you near the small lake. Continuing on past the lake to the overlooking cliffs was well worth the additional short walk. Beautiful views over the lake and far beyond. Overall I would say it's a moderate hike but very pleasant.

1 month ago

loved this hike. some tough, steep spots but it was worth it when you got to the top! The trail was marked really well, and it was so easy to follow! SO many cool things to see on the way up, lots of good photo ops! The only thing that put a damper on the hike was the mud, lots of muddy spots!

Long hike! If you continue on to the summit it is 6.8 miles round trip with a 1700’ elevation gain. We did this hike today in 90+ heat with my 8 year old grandson. He was a trooper! The view from the ledge looking over Lake Solitude was beautiful! The hike to the summit was nothing great, just wanted to complete the hike so we did it. If your short on time, I wouldn’t bother to summit but definitely go to the ledge.

This was a good hike but trail was definitely longer than expected- to the lake itself is 2 miles then you have to hike above for the nice look out an back- id say at least 5 miles possibly 6 round trip. Good amount of different things to look a along the hike but very deceiving because around every bend you think you’re almost there but you’re not haha. Not too bad of an incline- doable enough with a baby on your back. Took us slow pokes about 3.5 hrs. Beautiful at the top... once you reach the huge rock above lake just venture out towards cliff and you’ll see the lookout... trail does extend on for a connecting trail.

Great workout. Harder than it looks!

Very beautiful hike. It was my wife's first hike, it was equally strenuous and pleasant. I would recommend if you are looking for a moderate challenge!

Great family hike with our teens. Trail loaded with various mushrooms and beautiful pond view at top.

Well marked paths. Rocky moderate incline, that our dog could walk. Beautiful streams and views up the hike.

Great workout because it goes straight up! Nice view at the top as a reward. Easy trail with no rocks, just some roots. Fun!

Solid workout, decent variety of terrain, great views (gotta find them but they are there).

The beginning half is definitely the most challenging, with a lot of rocks and a steady incline. The second half is much easier and beautiful. Make sure to continue up past Lake Solitude to get the view from the cliffs—it’s amazing. And bring bug spray.

Very narrow trail with higher grass on either side. Also a bit buggy for us even with very much bug spray.

Excellent hike! Great for young kids too. Very well marked and trail is maintained very well. If you continue on to Lake Solitude once you reach the summit, you are in for a real treat.

4 months ago

beautiful views

Be prepared for buggy conditions this time of year! Well maintained and marked trail, nice views. Took us a little over 2 hours round trip.

Great little hike, just enough elevation at the end to make you feel like you really earned the view!
This view would be amazing at sunset...obviously how the trail got its name!
Now back to the lake for a swim!

Definitely moderate on intensity as initial climb can get rocky, but nice tree cover as I did it on the 4th of July and was fine with the heat. The Overlook of Solitude was the highlight of the hike. Wonderful view of landscape and Lake Solitude. Lastly I walked to Summit of Sunapee and was disappointed, not the best views as the summit is next to lodge and ski run. However definitely recommend the hike to Lake Solitude and the Overlook. Lastly well marked and good signage within the trail if you want to go out a different way.

4 months ago

Spectacular hike! Trail was lightly trafficked and the dragonflies at the pond were numerous. Not a cloud in the sky.

4 months ago

Nice little hike. Stays somewhat close to the road so you can hear cars driving by for the first part, but then veers off and ends with a nice view! Took about an hour there and back going at a moderate pace.

This trail had good terrain, had many blazes, and some of the best views i have seen. if youre in the area its a must hike.

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