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I can see why this hike is a lot of peoples favorite, including mine. Went up falling waters and came down old bridle, Whole loop took me and my Dog 7 hours with long breaks at the peaks. up falling waters trail was moderate in difficulty, my dog a Brittany Spaniel had no problems as he is an experienced hiker. Falling waters really inclines near little haystack. Perfect sunny weather, amazing views at the top really rewards you.

We had perfect conditions for our first Mr. Washington hike. The detour wasn’t bad, slightly muddy. Past the hermit lake Shelters is definitely steep but totally doable. We were fine without poles but probably would have helped on the descent. The views were absolutely gorgeous.

Hiked with my 6 and 10 year olds.

Maybe I missed it in the description but beware the mileage is off by about 1.5 miles of you're planning on summiting. The discrepancy is because the mileage listed is from the trailhead to the intersection with the Piper trail. It's another .6 miles from the trail intersection to the peak. I would not rate it as moderate because of distance and the last section and found it to be on the lower side of hard. However it is completely worth it. The views are amazing.

I would not recommend this trail for smaller children and would not recommend it in the rain. The first 3.5 miles are moderate but long with the last quarter mile being a pretty rigorous scramble.

My six year old was beat when we got to the top. If you're taking smaller children learn from my mistake. Let them break more than normal and don't wait for lunch at the peak. I think she would have faired better had we had a long break with lunch before summiting. I should have divided the trail into thirds with two large breaks instead of the usual one big break at the top.

Great trail! We followed this down Mt Washington after doing Amoonusec up. It was not easy but much better than the rocks on the other side. It was a clear day so we got great views of the Gulf and the Cog Railroad. It is extremely exposed (more than halfway) so if there is bad weather like lightning or strong wind, I would avoid it. It wasn't well marked on the trail but there were plenty of people to follow. We followed the signs right back to the Amoonusec parking lot.

I prefer blue up and yellow down. It takes about an hour to go up and an hour down, if you don't take many breaks. Blue is steep but it's nice to get up there quickly. and this is a perfect mountain for sunrise hikes because it's not a long hike up

not easy but well worth it. beautiful mountain but you have to go early in the day

Hiked Cater-Moriah to Moriah summit, then descended to Stony Brook trail. Advantage of this direction is reaching the summit faster and saving the gorgeous swimming spots along Stony Brook until near the end. The trailhead to trailhead distance is about 9.5 miles, but you can close the loop by walking north along the shoulder of Rte 16 to the Gorham town beach and then down Mill Street to the suspension bridge which brings you back to the Bangor Street trailhead, adding about 1.7 miles to the walk. I parked under the power lines opposite the bridge without a problem. The upper parts of Moriah are quite steep and can be slippery if wet of icy, but the lower couple of miles at each end are an easy and very pleasant walk in the woods. Views along the first mile descent toward the Stony Brook trail are nearly constant and absolutely spectacular! A couple of things to consider if hiking with your dog are absence of water along Carter - Moriah trail (plenty on Stony Brook), and a very steep ravine of about forty feet just after leaving the Moriah Summit. My lab managed it with a mad dash/controlled fall, but smaller dogs might need to be carried.

It was my favorite hike I have ever done. The view at the top is beautiful and the falls on the way up are amazing as well. The trail is busier than others I have done in the past but definitely not as trafficked as I was expecting it to be. We did the hike in about 5.5 hours roundtrip but we were definitely moving quickly. I definitely will be doing this hike again!

This hike was challenging but so worth it! The views from the top are amazing!

If anyone is looking for an easy brisk walk than this would be the place. No serious inclines or rocks to hurdle over. Great place to walk your dog or come with little one. I enjoy coming here to do a quick jog, it’s peaceful and no heavy traffic.
Only 3 stars just because I’m more of a moderate to hard trailer myself. So even though it’s on a 3 star to me, it may be a 4-5 to you.

my family and I did this hike today we have a 9 yo and a 5 yo they had no problem. Beautiful views!

Pretty good hike. Went up Gorge Brook trail and Down Carriage Road. Would definitely recommend this because it gives u great views on the way up and down. It took a bit longer than we thought and we should have started earlier in the day as it was getting dark by the time we got out. It is definitely a moderate hike, and u should expect it to be steep for a good portion up and down. It is dog friendly and our dog had no trouble with it, other than being a little tired. A little disappointed because it was really foggy and we had no view. Good hike for a rainy day other than that.

Definitely not “easy” more moderate than anything else. Great trail, well marked.

great hike , Met some really people
shelter and cabin worth the visit

You need to be ready for the distance other than that not too bad. Mostly small rocks on the trial. Steady climb. Pretty cool at the top.

I loved this trail. It was hard though & I maybe found it more difficult as my last hike was in March so I had muscle soreness for a few days after & bad knees due to a fall. Nothing serious, just tired legs during the last 2 Miles. Amazing views throughout, the waterfalls are stunning. A very busy trail & need to get there early for prime parking. We ended up parking at the shuttle car park off exit 34c, which was fine. Took us 6 hrs 20, I’m in pretty decent shape & not been hiking for a good few months. We went up the falls trail & back on the old bridal path.

Great hike, not a lot of people. There was some confusion of the trail markings near the lake, but the views from the fire tower were great.

Nice hiking trail.

Loved this trail, gorgeous views. Did this a couple weeks ago, it was a little muddy but that made for some fun.

Very easy up to the hut but after that it was a bit difficult to the peak. No view at the peak so if you're looking for a pretty semi difficult hike i would try something else.

16 hours ago

One thing I DID NOT like was that there was absolutely no way to find the trail just the parking. I felt unsafe just walking into the woods me and my son kept finding poison ivy finally a kind lady told us it was on the side of the assisted living facility. Not well marked. If your like me looking for small trails for your toddler mine had a hard time with this one. It worked out but was to much for him. Nice quick hike though pretty view very muddy today due to rain.

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17 hours ago

Hiked it again today. Went up Blue and down Orange. Steep going up but definitely glad it was shorter than yellow with the steepness. Orange was challenging going down but not as bad as going down Blue.

18 hours ago

It was amazing when you get to the top.

I loved this trail. Probably my favorite 4,000 so far. It had everything. A little steepness. A little flat. The views were beautiful. Did Gorge Brook up and Carriage trail to Snapper down. So much fun. Lots of people passing me but that’s okay! So great. Loved it.

The views are absolutely spectacular! It was a beautiful day which provided great views of the whole Pemigewasset wildernesses and beyond. We went up the Flume slide trail first and it was pretty flat until you reached the slide which was very steep and slick but a lot of fun. Definitely would do again and would recommend for anyone thinking about doing this hike :)

20 hours ago

Gorgeous views with a lovely breeze at the top. Took 3 kids 2 adults and a puppy a little over an hour to summit. Steep to start but a good moderate hike.

20 hours ago

Great trail for kids. Well marked and maintained trails with pretty scenery.

Had a fantastic time hiking this on Thursday, perfect weather for a day hike. Like others have mentioned, the trail is steep - very easy from the start to the Greeley Ponds junction, then the vast majority of elevation gain is over the next mile and a half to East Osceola, and it doesn't let up often. Trail is in mostly good shape, a couple of the wood bridges over brook crossings have broken and one was unstable when we put pressure on it. The steepness suddenly lets up just after a short slide when you hit a false summit with some pretty solid views, then the rest of the hike up to East is pretty easy. If you've done scrambling before, the Chimney is not bad up or down, there are no technically challenging spots, just don't be careless - great fun! Views from Osceola are great, I thought it would be semi-wooded as well but it's a rocky summit with solid wide open views on half of the mountain. I would agree it's intense for a moderate hike, the elevation gain is steep and quick, but we round tripped it in about 5.5 - 6 hours. Definitely a great way to bag a couple peaks, get some good views and still have some time left in the evening!

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