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19 hours ago

Loved being there when there weren't a lot of people. The dogs loved it too!

Now renamed the Elizabeth Burns McIntire Forest, of the Monadnock Conservancy. The stone chairs on top are awesome and a bit surreal!

Nice loop very icy in 2nd half during winter. I think it will be impassable during mud season, too wet.

This a great trail to hike. Not took him traffic. Views are amazing. Well marked so you know where to go.

This trail was beautiful! Nice short hike in the cold and we used sleds to ride down. Trails were nicely packed and the weather cleared up when we got to the top. Would definitely do this again :)

First 1 1/2 miles the path is a steady incline - not much to view! Once you hit the evergreens, it becomes a nice hike. Not many views until you get to top of Mount Starr - no 360 degree views, but nice! No views from the peak of Waumbek as you remain in the tree line. Recently snowed, so the evergreens were covered in snow and very pretty. Completed the hike in about 4 1/2 hours in microspikes. Most of the hikers we encountered were using snowshoes. If you're doing the 4000's and need a relatively easy day, do Waumbek.

Hiked this on 1/15/19. Cold day - 10F at bottom at start, with 15-25F mph wind forecast. Started up Falling Waters route based on advice. Due to previous cold weather the streams were low and not a factor. Waterfalls were frozen over in veils of ice, like bells - but neither of our phones worked due to cold temps, so no pictures. Hike to Little Haystack is challenging and steep, lots of switchbacks and was fully snow or ice covered. Off the packed part of trail in snowy areas you can post-hole up to mid-thigh. Ridge hike that day was tough - wind gusts to 50-60MPH or so and steady at 30-40, and hard to stay on trail! We pretty much flew through the ridge - very brutal and exposed in those conditions. We were layering up right below treeline on the way up and two hikers passed us. They came back 5 minutes lighter with wide eyes and started layering up!! Trail is very well marked along ridge - with rocks on either side or frequent cairns. After Lafayette on the way down we did have a little difficulty keeping track of the trail and got a little off the path for a while a couple times - be very careful. It was like being on the moon that day - above treeline was a whole different environment. Once we got below treeline on Bridle Path the hike down was quick and easy - clear and calm conditions. It took us 6 hours without much stopping - just snacks, water, etc. No time wasted on the Ridge Trail - so on a clear day with time for gawking I'd budget 7 hours. Micro spikes were essential and worn from lot to lot. Great hike, quite challenging - my dogs are barking today.

flat and easy

Really enjoyed this hike as an intro to snow hiking in the white mountain. Micro spikes were absolutely necessary. Be prepared with extra layers and freezing temps. Amazing views and fun trail. Looking forward to this hike in warmer temps.

Easy. Few small waterfalls.

Beautiful hike during winter! The views from the top are phenomenal; some of the best we've seen on the east coast. With several feet of snow, we sledded back down which was incredibly fun. Nice short hike.

Easily the best effort-to-payoff experience we've had. We went during winter so we didn't have to pay and there were not a lot of other people around. The park is not maintained during the winter, so the snow on the paths isn't shoveled and there are no rangers patrolling. Be careful on the wooden paths as these can get very slippery.

nice trail in winter. snow was well packed 13 jan

beautiful trail in winter. snow was well packed on 13 jan 2019

Great day today to snowshoe this loop. Did it clockwise. Snowshoes were a must have after the falls. Only one set of snowshoes in front of us so lots of trail breaking. Beautiful views over the top at the look out and coming down. No wind until coming down made it nice. Lots of fun butt sliding and laughing on the steep sections. Ice on the cliffs were huge. Not recommended for beginners.

Great hike, nice trail, snow is soft packed. Wore spikes, but not even necessary. decent views at the top and a good little work out.

5 days ago

easy hike. Nice view at fire tower

Snowshoes required!!

5 days ago

This is out in my backyard
I just LOVE ❤️ this special place

The poem I wrote about the Cascades

The fall of the Cascades continues

The majestic mountains that we climb cast their shadows of darkness over us and
today is just a flickering light on the fall of the Cascades colored by nature’s every shade.
Shimmering water gushing over the heartwarming stream,
Pouring love into the valley of what was today, it carries our worries away on a melody.
Our guardian moon is lingering in an eclipsed new dawn and Darkness now rejuvenates our wandering souls.
When tomorrow comes, this day is gone forever
Leaving us with a happy heart.
The fall of the cascades continues.
Julie Kirker
Madison, NH

As others have said, this is also one of my all time favorite loops summer or winter.

Please take note that sometimes the streams on Falling waters trail can be very treacherous and sometimes raging so much that you cannot, or should not cross.

In the winter if you're planning on doing a loop, I would suggest starting up Falling waters so you can choose to turn around if the streams are too much. Either that or hike for 8+ miles up Bridal, down falling waters only to have to bushwack to the highway to get over the last stream and back to your car.

I hiked this about a month ago and stream crossings were not possible due to heavy snow/rain/melt so we went up and down bridal path which is not ideal but still fun.

Up and Back via Crawford Path measured 9.4 in the winter, on my GPS.

The trail was in super good condition for hiking, almost like a snow-packed sidewalk. Its a long gradual, moderate incline. Approaching views get better, then you hit Pierce. The world gets small, everything looks amazing, and its time to drop into the alpine trees for 1.1 miles and zig-zag up the side of Eisenhower.

View from Eisenhower are fantastic. They will energize you for the inevitable climb down. This is one of my favorite hikes.

6 days ago

Valley Way to Madison can really test your endurance in the winter. The first 2.4 miles of the hike up is fairly moderate grade, then the last .7 miles is quite steep on both a side slope, as well as the front pitch. The trail below get covered in ice then snow, in huge swaths, the upper is just snow, which may call for snowshoes depending on the drifts and traffic.

This trail does not offer much by the way of view in the approach, but the views from the hut are nice and from the summit, even better. Slogging up Madison requires crampons in the winter. I think some of the vertical sheets of ice will test microspikes beyond their intended capacity. You can scramble down bolders too...

Its super fun but plan your clothing for an intense workout.

This is one of my all-time favorite loops in New England, White Mountains. I approached from the Falling Waters/ Haystack side, walked the ridgeline over Lincoln, and Lafayette. Don't get half way to Garfield before realizing that the Greenleaf Hut Trail goes down the front face of Lafayette.

There are a couple of risky river crossings with minimal markings on the approach. Nice steady climb up with some steep stuff in the last 3/4 mile to Haystack. Once on the ridgeline, there no little to no cover as you are above the trees for the entire time your hiking over Lafayette and even .6 miles down the face. Winds can pick-up out of nowhere so be prepared for anything.

At the Greenleaf Hut going down, starts the gradual incline picking up to some steep sections .7-1.0 mile down. Near vertical rockfaces are frozen with ice in the winter so microspikes/ crampons are necessary in areas, during the winter. The rest of the movement down is at a moderate grade.

This trail is super fun in the winter, just be prepared. Its not easy, and anything can happen.


6 days ago

This was a nice little hike, hard to find, go on old rindge rd. and you'll find a couple parking spots right before the road turns, trail is right there. follow until you hit a yard and house, and cut through back up into the woods, and follow that trail till you hit the power lines and you follow that for a bit then you get back on the woodsy trail, there are signs and the trail is marked with a yellow triangle. there are 2 beautiful views, one right before the summit and the other at the summit. we hiked up before sunset, watched the sunset at the top which was GORGEOUS 100% worth it, and hiked down in the dark with a flashlight. good hike and good view.

lovely day hike. did on 1/5/18. definitely watch out for the upper section of old bridle, super icy in a few spots. broke out my crampons for that. fantastic views. I did the loop clockwise, which i would reccomend, although I think it would be great either direction!

This hike uses the ski slopes of the resort. It is not safe to follow during winter, and would be dull during other seasons.

Champney in the winter was great. Enjoyed seeing ice climbers at the falls and crossing the river over ice bridges. My dog had a blast!

8 days ago

One of my fav hikes in the Whites.
I was even lucky to see a moose on the top.
The view from the top is stunning. You should be able to see the presi’s if it’s a clear day.

Hiked up to the hut at the base of the ravine on 1/06/19, ended up in a mini blizzard but that was the best part, the beauty was breathtaking. Of course we had the right clothing and used spikes for the fresh snow. Lots of people to the hut, but most opted not to go on due to weather conditions, 105 mile winds reported at the top. Even at the hut they were about 30, the air changed right there and the temperature dropped to felt like 20 below. That was far enough for us!

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